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It's now 6.40am EST and I was wondering when exactly the site will be back online???? I have LOTS of work to do and the sites been down for almost 5 hours now....

Please UPDATE US as to when we'll be up and running please.

Thank you Smile
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I totally agree...they should do their updates at the beginnig of the week as most of us do listings towards the end of the week to prepare for weekend shoppers....

i typically work on ebay, well 24/7 actually, but I'm prone to be on here from say 7pm until noon the next day or so....i actually skipped sleeping yesterday all-together cause i was working on love these "energy drinks" Monster I'm drinking right now is gross though....ANYWAAAY....

the updates during the 'off hours' or whathaveyou kill me...cause that's exactly when i'm online working....i'm pretty much online ALL day as this is what i do for work and the down-time kinda plays havick on paying my bills if i don't get things listed on time....normally i'm going to sleep when auctiva "finally" comes back online...figures doesn't it!? LOL

oh well, hopefully everyone here is dumping their junk pictures and ended auctions on more of a daily basis so that these weekly database 'purges' won't take so freakin' long....i know it upsets A LOT of folks on here...
from the home page, "...If a portion of the site is not responding please come back in a few minutes and try again. Most maintenance is completed within two hours. Thank you."

Most? but clearly not all. I did my part and deleted the few past listings with pictures last night. I had my morning planned for listing, who has the time to keep coming back every few minutes?? Getting frustrated. GGrrrr!
Everyone: let's keep in mind what we're paying for this service: $0. Zilch. Nada.
When you realize that, and how much the same service costs over at Andale and others... this weekly downtime is, for me at least, tolerable. Not enjoyable, but tolerable. Concerned about not being to list? Plan ahead and design & schedule your listings the day before the weekly maintenance. That's what I do. Seems the scheduling servers are not affected by the weekly maintenance downtime. Last week there was some extended downtime that DID affect those servers and even my scheduled posts did not go in time so I missed posting about 30 auctions or so.

Deal with it, live goes on. If you're making your living on eBay and depends on it to pay your bills, you should not rely on a free service where you have NO leverage to do your bidding. Step up to the plate and invest in a more robust solution and get the 99.99% uptime you need. For those that do not rely on eBay for their livelihood: deal with it. We’re all getting a free ride on something that would cost you anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on your listing volume.

I say to the Auctiva guys: "You're doing a great job, putting up a great service and please keep up the good work!"
spoken like a person who does this part time, for fun. I do auction descriptions every day of the week, not just Friday morning. I also subscribe to another listing service (which I pay for) already. Just because we're not directly paying for Auctiva (although Auctiva derives income through us, without a doubt) does not mean that we should not get the service that is promised.

Auctiva is a great service and the guys are great too. But there is WAY too much downtime, and not just during the Thursday night/Friday morning maintenance period.
SAVE TIME. Auctiva offers world-class reliability with distributed architecture, allowing better auction management when eBay servers are down.

The above from Auctiva's home page. Seems like false advertising to me. In the past 3 months I can only remember EBay being down twice maybe? Not sure tho. But then Auctiva I’ve waited hours for their site to come back up! So that’s what world-class means? I think Auctive needs to look up the definition of “World-Class”!

I agree with dmhcollectibles, this is a great site, and when it works, I love it, but we must figure out a way to shorten this downtime!

And yes Windmill, I did plan for this, hence my comment of 'skipping a day of sleep' so that I could bust out as many auctions as possible!! I am not trying to be "ill" here or anything, but regardless if we pay for this site or not, we should receive the service and "timeframes" that are set forth by the administrators.

Auctiva and the crew do a very good job, however, the functionality of the site needs to be brought up a few notches, and yes I understand they are working their way towards that by being 'down' so that we can have a better site and I am very appreciative; however, it's been well over 8.5 hours or not, that's too long.

I've been to paying sites and I list on paying sites as well, and I expect, for the mostpart, the service to run a good portion of the time, that's all.

And the "notepad" idea doesn't always work properly....I've tried it and the fonts and colors, etc don't copy over properly and it literally takes me more time "fixing" the description than it would be to do it directly on Auctiva...I don't spend a lot of time on descriptions anyway....we all know people don't actually READ them...LOL. I do one listing and every one after that stems off the first....easy -peasy!

So, *fingers crossed* we'll be up and running again soooon.... Smile
Hi Community,

I'm sincerely sorry that our database maintenance took much longer than expected last nigh. The site was back up at about 7:30 AM PDT. I apologize for not posting to this thread sooner.

We will be changing the message displayed during maintenance to more accurately reflect the amount of time the site will be down before next week's maintenance.

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