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I've been using Auctiva for a few years now. I've searched everywhere I can think of and have found nothing on how to make FedEx display as a selection for shipping in my listings. USPS and UPS display, but not FedEx.
Just tried to create a new shipping profile, and USPS Parcel Post is still an option! I really thought it would not be an option since it is no longer available via USPS.
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Are you talking about on the shipping labels or on listing page.

If on lables, I do not know about Fed Ex but ebay has Fed on labels but no longer has UPS. If you are printing labels today lst class at least you may want to hold off as auctiva has not updated the rates.

Our postal worker said they have been told to RETURN ALL PACKAGES with INSUFFICIENT postage on them.

I do not want to hi-jack your thread but am putting examples of increase on another thread. The increase is BIG so fed ex will sure be getting more of my $$ on larger items within US.
Thanks lookandbuyme.
I'm talking about as a shipping option on the listing. So it will display as a shipping option, just as USPS and UPS does, so I can select the way an item may be shipped. And the buyer has the options to select how they want the item shipped when purchasing.

For instance:
Under Domestic Shipping Services, I can select:

UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air, etc.


USPS Express Mail, UPS Priority Mail, UPS Small Flat Rate Box, etc.

The same for International Shipping Service:

UPS Standard, UPS Worldwide Express, etc.


USPS Priority Mail International, USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope, etc.
I got ya...was not sure which you were talking about since I am still picking my body off the floor from postal price increases so had brain on that.

With Postal increases this is VERY, VERY important feature and much needed, ebay offers it so would think auctiva would be required comply at some point.

Since some of us will be redoing shipping for price increase, perfect timing for auctiva to add that feature, so we do not have to do this twice?

A good friend sent me to Fed Ex for heavier items...and most of the time I save a nice chunk using that service.

*** may want to put suggestion in Feature Center. If you do let me know and I will go and do vote and feel others will do same if you post on here.

*** Auctiva, when will system be updated to reflect this service? Would appreciate a prompt response, as hoping to do postal updates soon and this would save going back and redoing again. Hoping this was some of the behind the scenes work Rebecca mentioned in update earlier this week & will be put on fast.

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Moredeals4you, sounds like you are selecting calculated shipping for your listing. I found that the Fed Ex shipping methods are available if you select flat rate shipping, but not calculated. This seems to mirror what is available on eBay, so looks like Auctiva is up to date with eBay in this regard.

Hope that helps, one forum newbie to another! :-)
Well, if you make the mistake of clicking on UPS as a shipping choice and they pay for that, you can't go thru ebay and make a label. You have to ship it UPS meaning the inconvenience of going to their webpage seperately and hand loading the tracking. It's inconvenient and there needs to be a calculated fed ex shipping choice. Ebay doesn't use UPS anymore so please get with the times, Auctiva.
It is not eBay's fault or Auctiva's fault if you make a mistake on a listings and use a carrier you really didn't want in your listing.

If "YOU" make a mistake and list UPS and your buyer selects and pays for UPS, then you ship by UPS. It may be inconvenient to go to the UPS site to print a label but that was the method "YOU" chose to offer in your listing....but with that being said it is also a lot less inconvenient than having to go to the UPS store to purchase the shipping there.
The big inconvenience you speak of is maybe an additional 5 minutes....but that inconvenience would be due to a mistake YOU made by listings UPS by accident.

It is always best to double check your listings even after you post them to eBay. That should eliminate having the wrong shipping method listed as you will be able to revise and choose whatever other method is available. You have the responsibility to check your listings to make sure they are correct.

Auctiva cannot offer methods for eBay listings not supported by eBay. Calculated shipping for FedEx is not an eBay option nor is it an option for eBay listings at this time.
That has nothing to do with Auctiva.
You have the option of flat rate shipping using FedEx. That is what you will need to use of you want to list using FedEx.

You can only choose the options available on eBay for your listings.
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