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Hello itsjustme -

We’re in close contact with eBay regarding the potential changes relating to active content planned for Spring of 2017 and will remain in contact with them regarding any updates they share to make sure our listing tools align with their goals.

At present, we do not have sufficient detail regarding the technical implementation on the eBay side to have a clear explanation of the potential impact this may have on our customers, but it is our intention to continue to provide such tools once changes have been implemented on eBay. It is our goal to make any potential adjustments in advance of the Spring 2017 deadline in order to make this update as smooth as possible for our sellers.

We will provide updates to our sellers regarding this as more information becomes available.

- Craig
Hello end of the world books,

Our engineers are continuing to work towards solutions to any of the issues that may arise as a result of the planned changes that eBay has announced. At this time, we are unable to definitively state how the solutions may evolve, but we remain in contact with eBay regarding their objects and are continuing to work on resolving this.

Rest assured that we will be providing updates on this as they become available.

- Craig
To provide a little more details of what Craig stated, it is our complete goal to ensure the level of tools and functionality (including the scrolling gallery, counters, and templates) you have today will continue in spring 2017 or whenever eBay starts to roll out changes. We meet with eBay almost weekly and are discussing options we can take to continue to provide great tools for Auctiva sellers that meet the goals of eBay. Currently eBay is not completely sure how they plan to implement these changes from a technical perspective, but we continue to stay involved in conversations and provide our input with Auctiva sellers in mind.

Our understanding of eBay's main goals with respect to active content, are around site security and a great mobile experience for consumers. Auctiva was already aware and in-line with these eBay goals when we released the new scrolling gallery, which is HTML5 compliant, and looks great in a mobile environment. If you're not using the new scrolling gallery in your listings, you should; it will improve the viewing experience on mobile for your buyers and will help increase your conversion rates.

At this point, I would not recommend any changes (other than removing the old, flash based scrolling gallery). As we continue to work with eBay we will keep our sellers informed, especially as we finalize a direction. Again our complete goal will be to ensure you, as a seller, will continue to have access to the tools and functionality you currently have in Auctiva with little or no impact to you.

We see these changes on eBay as an opportunity to improve the Auctiva product, and find new ways to solve problems for online sellers, and ultimately provide value to you.
Thank you gentlemen for your quick and detailed reply ! The question which we need to answer is twofold

1. For our existing 1200 listings is there a way to easily / bulk update all to the new HTML5 compliant version ?

If not, I read on the FAQ that you can remove the old style bulk remove the old flash based scrolling gallery anyway as this is likely to be banned by Ebay ....I can do so manually for each listing but this would be a big job for all 1200 !

2. For new listings we could add the new html5 version as of now .....excuse my ignorance but could you point us in the right direction to action this ?

( And if we do this , can you confirm if we can bulk remove it at a later date if Ebay still say no ?).


Hello again,

to answer your questions:

Yes - you can file a support case at any time from under the Help tab of the site if you do not already have your account preferences set to use the "modern" gallery. That setting in your preferences shifts the gallery being appended to your listings to the HTML 5 version, which does not use Flash.

If already have this marked in your account preferences, your listings will be using the HTML 5 version of the scrolling gallery. If not, you can file a case letting us know you wish to change this on your Active Listings and we can run a command to remove the old version and replace it with the new version on Active Listings that are eligible for revision on eBay.

Yes, for listings that are eligible for revision on eBay, we can run a command for any account that has a valid eBay token to remove the gallery from those listings.

So, after logging in to your Auctiva account please select "Acct. Preferences" from the My Account menu and in the "Listings Enhancements" section of the preferences there is a checkbox for "Enable the Modern Scrolling Gallery" which you will want to check (and then save the changes) if you have not done so already. Listings posted after that will use the HTML 5 gallery.

If your listings are not already using this, you can then file a support case letting us know and we will be happy to run the command to change the gallery on the active listings.

- Craig
Thank you again for your prompt answer ! We have filed a support case , however two things come to mind

1. We typically list / relist directly through Ebays Selling Manager Pro ..... can you still update / delete the scrolling gallery function in this instance ?

2. How can we check which HTML version we are using on individual listings ?

3. How can we get the HTML5 coding to paste it into our existing templetes ?

Thank you

Hello Martin,

if the scrolling gallery is on your listings, yes, as long as the listings are eligible for revision on eBay and there is a valid token in your Auctiva account linking it to your eBay account.

You would need to look for the HTML in the page source for your listings on eBay to see which version you are using - if you find: <!--SG INDICATOR START--> in the HTML of the page, that is the current modern gallery. If you find <!--ASW--> near the gallery code, that listing is using the older version, which uses Flash. You would also see this readily in the Chrome browser as the gallery would require you to use a "Play" button to scroll when viewed in Chrome if it is the older version of the gallery.

In your Auctiva account, under the Gallery tab, there is an option "Get HTML" which has the HTML of the gallery available as well as steps on copying it for use on your listings.

- Craig
Sorry, ignore that. The active content was still in there, I just couldn't find it because it was in a separate iframe (is that a recent thing?), so couldn't find it in "View Source" for the main page.

It just wasn't being displayed on our listings for some reason... transient Auctiva problem perhaps?

ETA: Apparently so, all working fine again the following day.
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Hello everyone,

Today we released the new mobile-responsive and active content-free Scrolling Gallery!

Complete with customizable settings, this Scrolling Gallery allows you to promote your brand and increase traffic to your listings all at once. This new design also ensures you can continue cross-promoting your listings as always, even when eBay’s Active Content Policy takes effect.

How You'll Benefit:

  • Increase brand awareness by customizing the text, color and style.
  • Attract more mobile shoppers with the responsive design.
  • It's compliant with all eBay policies including the upcoming policy.
  • You'll experience a smooth transition–current Scrolling Gallery settings and customization's will be transferred and upheld in the new design.

How Do I Use It?

  • To automatically apply the Scrolling Gallery to all listings, ensure the "Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings" preference is set to "Yes."
  • Then, customize the Scrolling Gallery to your liking.
  • You're set! All new listings posted to eBay will now contain the new Scrolling Gallery.

What If I Have Listings That Contain the Old Scrolling Gallery?
Don't worry, we are here to help with that. In the near future we will begin to update the Scrolling Gallery within active listings automatically, so that you don't have to spend hours making manual revisions. Here's what to expect:

  • Any listing eligible for revision and containing an older version of the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery will automatically be updated to the new version.
  • The old Auctiva Scrolling Gallery code will be deleted from the listing, and the new, active content-free version will take its place.
  • All customized Scrolling Gallery settings will be upheld in the new version to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Once all Scrolling Galleries have been processed, you will receive an Auctiva Account Message where you’ll be able to confirm the results of each update.

Please Note:

  • To receive automatic Scrolling Gallery updates, verify you have a valid eBay token in your Auctiva account and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • We have millions of Scrolling Galleries to update, so this process may require a little extra time to complete. Once the update has completed, you will receive an Auctiva Account Message (located on the “Account Dashboard” page) where you'll be able to verify the results of the update.
  • If a Scrolling Gallery cannot be updated due to eBay’s listing revision restrictions, you will receive an informative Auctiva Notification for that particular listing.

This is just the first way we're helping prepare for eBay's upcoming policy change, but we have a lot more on the way! In the near future we'll be releasing the new active content-free View Counters, and soon after that will come the new active content-free Listing Templates.

If there are any questions please contact us anytime, or read our FAQs.


The Scrolling Gallery and View Counter auto-upgrades should all be completed by June 2017. You will see a Confirmation Auctiva Account Message which will be shown on the Auctiva Acct Dashboard once the upgrades have completed for your account. If you haven't received the confirmation message its because many of the auto-upgrades are still being processed.

Again by June 2017 all upgrades should be complete. But if you aren't already aware please note, come June 2017, even if an eBay listing still contains a piece of active content, the listing will still be live and purchasable on eBay, the only thing that will change is that piece of the item description that contains active content will not render.

If the old version of the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery is the only thing you need to update, you can contact our Customer Support Team and they'll be able to run a command that will update Scrolling Gallery in your listings.

Hello All -

The new scrolling gallery has a small down arrow on the lower right of it which you can click to show it as a multiple or single row of items (or an up arrow if your default is for the multi row gallery). If you can click on this to change the gallery between one scrolling row and a static multiple row of items it is the new gallery.

Yes, the new gallery has the text: "Mobile Responsive and Active Content Free" beneath it.

If you find that you have listings that still have one of the older scrolling galleries on them, please feel free to file a support case with us and provide some item numbers of active listings where this is occurring and we'll be happy to help with that.

- Craig

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