First of all I applaud the efforts to provide us with a super program. I have however discovered a few minor tweaks I think would improve it.

1: I'd appreciate an alert that I have unsent email in the queue, especially before closing the program. I often open it up to discover that I forgot to send my messages yesterday.

2: The customers credit card info should not be on an invoice that you're emailing. Most customers won't like that. At least all but the last four digits should be Xed out.

3: The customer message pad will only accept a few short lines. I feel this must just be a bug
because it's evident that it's pretty useless as it is.

4: Don't know if this is possible but it'd be great if it could pick up the listed shipping at auction's end. I know it does if poster is used to list the auction.

Just a few, don't want to wear out my welcome! Big Grin
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- Items with bids should stay at selected color after next refresh. Useless the way it is now. You don't know what got bids if you come back hours later. Leave selected until program restarted or a reset command executed.

- Fix "ENDED" text for items with no sale.

- Allow selectable bypass of Email queue manager. Or, at leaat close the window (you leave it on the task bar). Task bar is cluttered enough already.

- When clicking send in Email queue manager, get rid of "do you really want to send selected items?". Extra step.

- Why not have Email queue send automatically every "x" minutes so we don't have to worry about it.

- Way to restore sheet quickly in auction end order, and nothing selected, with one click.

- Changing status date on data card does not change date in status history.

- Integrated browser window, or even better go through our DEFAULT browser and dump your browser window. Your browser window has no print option. Unable to print reports or any other items - quite useless.

- Ability to set color and bold state of CLOSED items.

- Restore ability to combine closed items from the same bidder without having to work in bulk. It needs to be like 2.89 was. We don't all work in bulk mode. I don't
Jeffs: are you using the same program the rest of us are????? several things you mentioned are options you can set. You need to set colors to whatever you want.
Also you print reports from the right click menu, mine prints fine.
Yes I am. 3.07d

There is NO setting for CLOSED auction color or bold (there was in 2.89) and I consider it very important.

I also consider all the other items very important but have yet to see any come to exist, or even know if they ever will. I wish someone would just say what is and isn't going to be done with some sort of timetable. I feel like I'm just talking to the wall. Some of these items are so simple and would take a day to get done. Yet I've been asking for some since January.

As for reports. I don't do the right click thing, so I guess I missed that. Why if reports come up in their browsewr isn't there a print button? Like that wouldn't make sense? I would prefer since they are no longer using an intagrated broswer to just send the stuff to my default system browser which is already open and ready. Instead I have another memory consuming task going that has limited ability.

Oh yes, add to the list that AUTO REFRESH still does not turn itself on when the program is started even if you have a time set. These are small simple things. Why not start addressing them?
Jeffs: If you don't use right click menues then you're missing lots of options using windows. Not only in ebud but almost every program has a right click menu.

As for the colors try the row color settings. I think you can change about anything you want.
It doesn't mean anything now. I just lost my computer tonight. Lost Manager 2.89, eBud 3.07, Poster, all my custom listing templates, all my emails, photos, everything. Backups? what are those?

All I have is my laptop to limp along on. Hopefully I can recover some of my data from the hard drive in my IT shop at work tomorrow, but I think I'm sunk.

I have manager 2.89 on this laptop, but the spreadsheet is over a month old, so it's imcomplete.
Yea, who does backups. And yes, I even have a CD Writer in the system that failed. Duh.

I managed to rescue much of my data from the defective drive using it in another system as a slave. I could only get to the stuff under DOS, but I got my Manager 2.89a sheet, which is up to date, my eBud 3.x sheet, address and settings files, digital photos, all my Email from the bad drive, and just about anything else important. Unfortunately since it was DOS, many long file names are now things like DRIBWS~1.EBY and REALDRE~2.JPG. That will make life interesting to restore the names.

Now I have to get the system running again, reinstall applications, and begin to put the data pieces back together
These are my initial comments/observations after installing 3.x, I have updated to the latest version which is 3.07d at the time of these comments.

1. there is some difference between how the work for adding price plus shipping plus insurance between 2.89 and the 3.x version, it seems you have to add both the plus signs and the descriptors to the to get something that looks normal. why not write up a list of the tags and the differences between versions?

2. It is really difficult to debug all the form letter changes between 2.89 and 3.x because you have not provided a directory of the current tags and their definitions anywhere that I can see, nor have you explained differences in tag use between 2.89 ands 3.X

3. it would be useful to provide an easy way to test newly constructed form letters or those imported from the prior version with dummy data, to make certain they are working correctly (especially combined auctions) before sending them out. Perhaps have an option for some dummy data for form letter testing purposes.

4.There is some strangeness in the list of form letters not appearing until you click from within edit form letters, existing form letters, this makes no sense and adds a wasted step.

5. It would be very useful to have a list of ALL 2.89 vs 3.x differences so that a lot of time doesn't have to be wasted figuring this out on the fly.

6. I am not sure if there is any easy way to do an override on combined shipping like there was in 2.89 this is a VERY IMPORTANT feature as combined shipping varies quite a bit from order to order and I need a simply way to handle on the fly like when composing the congrats letter like in 2.89. The suggestion to just use the "highest" shipping amount is not useful or feasible for the items I sell, I need to determine the combined shipping amount after the fact based on the specific items combined.

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