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Auctiva Multi-Channel 101 Webinar

Hi everyone,

The Auctiva Multi-Channel Webinar starts at 11:00am PT (that's 2pm ET).

These webinars are highly recommended for new and returning sellers. Those attending receive a guided tour of the Auctiva website, complete with feature demonstrations that explain how to use the multi-channel listing, inventory, marketing and order management tools. Plus, at the end there will be time for Q&A so be sure to bring any questions you may have. 

Find out how to get the most out of your Auctiva Multi-Channel account and register here for our free webinar! 

Happy selling 


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Hi Parry12,

We are not asking you to remove any sort of protection to access your account, we're asking you to clear the cache of your browser as it seems to be holding the page from the maintenance message.

Browsers typically cache some parts of website data to allow them to load pages faster if you return to them, and it sounds like your browser is holding that message page instead of allowing the site to load as it should.  If you clear the cache of your browser you should then be able to have the site load properly as we have been up and as usual for a week - since we resolved the issues we were contending with last week.

If you are uncertain how to do this you can use your favorite search engine and search by the name of the browser you are using and add the words "clear cache" and you will be able to locate steps to take this action.  It shouldn't take very long and in no way compromises the security of your system or your browser.  If you run into difficulty you can also reach out to our support team directly by emailing and our agents can provide you with instructions when you let us know which browser you are using.

 - Craig

parry12 posted:

cannot access auctiva construction site message but billing still arrives

Hi @parry12,

Sorry about that! Our site is actually up and running, that "construction site" message is just a little sticky.  If you clear your browser cache or use an incognito window you'll be able to access the site. 




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