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It's a bad thing. I am a power seller right now but I don't see how I can keep those numbers up.
The power sellers forum on ebay won't take a stand. I think when ever possible that other sellers need to be warned off when people don't pay. Ebay doesn't show us how many non paying bidder claims they have against them. Every time we have an auction we are flying blind unless we see bad feedback in the buyers account. Another trick is to check the kind of feedback they give others. In my case even others who sell the same items I do.
Hi Irish Gal -

This is what I have been trying to tell people. eBay is stacking the odds against ALL but the top 200 power sellers; I take it you aren't one of that top 200. And they won't take a stand? Of COURSE not! They are sitting firmly on the fence, the better to fall one way or the other when they finally make a decision, IF that ever happens. But one thing is very, very clear: they are trying to run off the "flea market" sellers - many of which ARE power sellers.

And in the past the risk sellers have taken with buyers has been bad enough when we could look at honest feedback left by other sellers who have had bad experiences with these buyers. That has really been the only protection we had. Now we won't even have that - except, as you say, to look at the type of feedback those buyers have left for other sellers (I too have relied on that in the past).

The buyers on eBay have gotten much worse over the years. I never had a non-paying bidder until Nov-Dec 2007. Then I had 3 in a row! I had to file on them, and none of them ever paid. And policy at that point was bad ENOUGH; if a seller were to leave neg FB for a bidder (they aren't a buyer when they haven't paid), they could turn around and do the same against us, even though if they had paid, NO NEGS would have been left!

eBay has never really protected the seller. Their stance has always been that they are just the middle man. But now - on that issue, anyway - they have fallen of that particular fence, squarely on the side of the buyer.

I wish you well in the future.

Originally posted by JustaCrazyMom:
But one thing is very, very clear: they are trying to run off the "flea market" sellers

What is your PROOF for this claim? You and many others are claiming this. What's the proof?

What do the "Top 200 PowerSellers" have to do with ME? Me, the one that sells 20 items a month that does not compete with this group in any way, shape, or form. Me, the one that could care less if these sellers succeed or fail.

It's really getting monotonous.

I've just spent the entire day, again, looking at alternate auction sites. The only one that seemed to have any credibility was ( But I'm not ready to move yet. I'm not ready to put money up in front of the sale and hope I make it back (they want $8 a month to sell). I saw tens of thousands of items listed there (they claim 12 million items listed), yet most of the sales I see are for a couple of dollars and are junk. More stuff listed and unsold than sold. Nothing I'd want to buy, and nothing, I don't think, anyone would be looking for of mine.

When all you have to pay is a flat fee up front to list unlimited items, you can "afford" to post a thousand items and hope one or two sell. I don't work that way. I'd rather "pay as I go".
Originally posted by ChooChooGuy:
Well JeffS why don't you ignore all these posts on this subject

Because I'm getting sick and tired of seeing them.

Everyone's doing so well at their alternate sites? Why don't I see it that way when looking at the actual listings on these alternate sites?

These sites are flooded with the same "powerseller drop shipped" garbage that's on eBay. Nothing different. I don't see how everyone's getting rich off $1.25 sales.
These sites are flooded with the same "powerseller drop shipped" garbage that's on eBay. Nothing different. I don't see how everyone's getting rich off $1.25 sales.

If I could find the right dropship garbage - that is stuff buyers will fall over each other to snap up I would sell it too.

One has to sell what is wanted whatever garbage it is if one is to make a fortune, I just haven't found the right garbage yet.

Alternatively sell up market goods and get stung by greedbays heavy handed VERO police lurking around every corner, can't win !

And I would also be happy selling $1.25 items by the thousand if it was cost effective in time and effort. Smile
Hi Jeff -

The "proof" is the statement out of John Donahoe's own mouth that he wants to rid eBay of the flea market atmosphere. That is basically all those small sellers who sell "junk" - unique items that you likely don't see everywhere else. I call it serendipity - a happy discovery - which is what so many have found to be the fun of eBay.

The top 200 power sellers DO have something to do with you. They are the ones who will be left once eBay has rid itself of the small sellers, of which you are one.

I know it is monotonous. I have been extremely discouraged myself. But the consensus is that most of us are moving to OLA. Not all - but a huge majority have decided that is the best option. I personally don't mind paying $8 up front as long as I am listing consistently. I sell well under the $24.99 category most of the time, and my fees will be higher than any other category. Last month I paid $70 in fees to eBay, and that doesn't include the fees I paid PayPal. So I'm more than happy to pay $8 for unlimited listings, and not a penny more when they sell (or not).

There isn't a single auction site out there right now that has the traffic eBay currently does. But I have seen other posts by you yourself complaining about the low STR on eBay as well, so you ARE aware that they aren't doing much better. Hands down better than other sites right now, but the other sites are beginning to grow.

I have already stated to you that if you can do better on eBay, then by all means that is where you should stay. But while you do, keep your eye on the other sites, in particular OLA. And before you ask, yes, I have opened an account there, but have not listed anything yet. I have also opened accounts at Etsy (where I currently have listings), iOffer, eCrater and Like you, I am researching my options. I plan to list a few things on each site just to see how it goes. I haven't had time yet to list on any others because I have a full time job that prevents me from listing as much as I would like to. Fortunately, eBay was just extra money for me and not my living like it is for others.

I really don't want to argue with anybody about this. I DO stand strong on my convictions, as should everyone. But each of us will make our own choice, and that's how it should be.

Thanks for the "debate". I have enjoyed "sparring" with you; you make very valid points that make me think harder about my reasons for doing what I am doing.

Choo -

I know what area I want to get into selling - and have searched for quite a while to find who supplies it - but haven't been able to locate anybody at all. These ARE items that often sell for for .99, or 1.99 - at least starting price. And they sell hundreds of them every month (there are 2 on eBay selling these items, and doing a booming business every month). It's all very frustrating when you know there's a market but can't locate the product!

So you're right - you can make good money on cheap (or let's call it "less expensive") items if you know what's going to sell AND can get your hands on it.

AND can get your hands on it

Yes Debbie that is what needs the most research, can get a clue from buying some though Big Grin

I bought an electronic widget a while back which was ever so cheap and it seems it was originally packaged by a manufacturer incorrectly, that is wrong power supply type for the country with respect to the language of the instructions sealed in the blister pack.

So the seller must have got these as a large auction job lot very cheap added the correct power supply and sold them off on ebay. Excellent widget too !

I think a lot of these items are generally only available via actual clearance auctions and not from online auctions. Smile

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