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I am trying to upgrade an auction ad from an older template to a newer one, but I keep getting the message that due to active content the ad can't be saved. I thought all my items (over 400) of them had been automatically upgraded by Auctiva. I need to be able to save this specified ad as now so I can continue working. Please help.
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Hello gemutti -

I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you've run into within your account. Please note that the Active Content tool we've been running only operates on Active Listings on eBay that are eligible for revision. This tool continues to run for accounts on paid plans approximately every 48 hours, however it would not have had any effect on the data in your saved listings.

While we are in development of a tool that will operate very similarly for Saved Listings, that tool is not yet available, but I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding that becomes available.

In the meantime you would need to remove any active content from already saved listings or Seller Details profiles to be able to save or post them to eBay. If you are uncertain what active content may exist in a listing, you can use the Get HTML button for that listing from the Saved Listings page and copy that HTML to be pasted in the tool available HERE , and if you then view the Markup tab on that tool you will be able to identify any active content.

Alternately, if you are just concerned about the description portion of a listing, you can copy your description text from the editor and paste into Notepad and then delete your description completely - then copy it back from Notepad and paste that back into the description area of the editor, which will strip out any additional content. You are likely to have to reapply any formatting if you do this, but it should remove any active content from a description.

Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

- Craig
Hello member_8880,

that depends - if you have a template and a Seller Details profile added to the listing it is possible that there is active content in the Seller Details profile.

If you are unable to locate an issue within a listing getting such a message, please feel free to file a support case with us and let us know the listing or listings in question as well as the details of your experience and we'll be happy to take a look into it.

- Craig
Hello again,

Without being able to look at the HTML of a specific listing that is running into difficulty, there is no way for me to be able to say what might be triggering the response in your account. Please continue with the support case you refer to and be sure to include the title of a listing or listings where you are running into this so our support team can look into it.

- Craig

I am following up on this thread to let you know that the tool for Saved Listings to have active content removed is now available within accounts.

You can find the tool under the Advanced Edit option on the Saved Listings page of your account. You select it by clicking on Advanced Edit after selecting a listing or group of listings; it is the last option in the Item Details section of the pull down menu.

Please note that this tool will operate only on the description area of your listings - this does not include a listing template or seller details profile you may have added to the listing and also note that there are no backups made of listings that have had the tool run over them.

- Craig
You can't get Advanced Edit when you are forced into using the old Saved Listings page!!! After doing a listing it often gets the error message:
"STOP We are sorry, but an error occured while trying to process your request. Please try again and if you continue to have trouble contact support."

So how are we supposed to get to the New Listing Page with the Advanced Edit section to look for Active Content in our descriptions???!!!
I have been using the same template for over a year with no problems. I started getting messages that it was the "old" version and needed to be upgraded. I followed the instructions in the email that said to copy the html to the new template. It then said I had to replace old tags with new ones. Then I found out all my pictures were gone. Auctiva support told me I had to copy new image tags in. Then nothing would justify properly. Then I was told that the old templates don't' "auto-adjust" to the number of images inserted like they used to. So I tried a new template because the one I used previously isn't offered any more. It also has justification issues. I've been back and forth with support and getting no help. They're not even trying to solve my problems. I've lost 3 days trying to just get my template to work again and am still dead in the water. My template is my brand on eBay. Why don't you people understand that? Since I have to start from scratch I'm looking at other listing management software now. We pay you so we have time-saving, consistent methods of listing on eBay. As small business owners we can't afford to have days being unable to list. You've really created a giant mess.
Hi Eric,

I'm sorry to hear about these issues you've been facing Frown Please continue your conversation with our Support Team. Sometimes it may take a few back and forth conversations to identify the problem and resolve it but we are dedicated to finding solutions and are here to help resolve them.

Building new mobile-responsive and active content-free Listing Templates that are compliant with all eBay policies took some time to build, but don't worry we want to expand the template themes available and are continuing to add new template designs to the new system. Please check out our Feature Center where you can add feature and listing template suggestions.


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