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Originally posted by dawnblue:
They are moving servers today and doing their best to fix the problems they have been having.

I panicked and forgot they were doing service work and we'd be down for awhile. I left a message earlier complaining, I guess i just wanted to make it right by leaving this one, lol, I understand these upgrades need to happen, so I'll just sit on the sofa with the others and wait patiently, good things come to those who wait...right? thanks all
some of you need to get a grip on reality......
I'm afraid it is you not in reality if you think you don't pay for this service. If you use any of the services they get referrals on, you are paying. If you had down images, auctions ending lower than they should or with no bids at all that normally do, you are paying. If you can't list due to this mess or rearranged your week several times last week to time out the move with your listings, you have paid for this service. You are wrong to say this has been free, so no gripes. 'cause last I checked, over the last few weeks, this site has cost me quite a bit. The nerve people have to tell anyone when & if it is ok to gripe or be at the end our patience.

The move needed to come, but could have been better planned. Without gripes, Auctiva wouldn't be able to learn from their growing pains, so they don't have to repeat the same mistakes. If no one voiced their opinion on it, then how do they guage customer satisfaction? It isn't realistic to assume everyone wants to be a cheerleader.

Pete, where are most on the weekend? Well, I usually don't come onto Auctiva on the weekends. Only reason I realized the move was changing to another date, was that I had some auctions I wanted to throw on for 5 days since I missed Thursday listing due to the move was supposed to initially be Thursday. So, I see Friday, then Friday turned to Monday. With the exception of this past weekend, I spend 99.9% of the time with my kids, husband & family Friday thru Sunday night. Most people have families that keep them offline all weekend. Only to return on Monday expecting the change to have happened & find out it is still in limbo & all their listings for the 10 cent fixed price special would end all day without photos.

We all expected some issues, but week after week this last few weeks has been a mess. I have hung on because swithching listing services is a pain. I tried a few & didn't like them. I did find one to use that I do like. They were always reliable in the past, but I still like Auctiva better. But, after today, I don't feel so sure about that.

I look like a fool explaining to my husband why we are going to have our worst week ever on eBay. He told me weeks ago to find a reliable service. I sung high praises of Auctiva, only to be let down.
Originally posted by dawnblue:
John - actually - it was 11:25 when they posted it would be 1-2 hours - and that was only about an hour and a half ago - check the board time for the post.

Therein lies the rub - with all this other garbage, I was lucky to make out that much.

I have issues with Auctiva, but moving servers isn't one of them. As a Powerseller I SHOULD subscribe to Ebay Picture Services and not depend on a third-party like Auctiva. I turned off Auctiva insurance (they screwed up the cost factor), checkout and that unimaginably laggy store window - AND, the Auctiva listing form does NOT correspond to Ebay line for line, I have to edit my Auctiva posted listings on Ebay if I want to restrict my listings to bidders with a Paypal account.

You get what you pay for of course, but I'm not inclined to transition to the pay version of Auctiva as long as these issues keep popping up.

Okay, that's my vent, now where's the bloody update and real NEWS?? Wink
I do this part time. I work midnights, so i don't mind sitting here waiting. I have been patient!! Razz All I did, was went to eBay, loaded up a new pic for the auction, and BOOM !! There was a pic !! The ones that I couldn't add one to, I put a note in the description. I've had 4 requests in the last 10 min for a pic.
I do believe that we should be patient, and the best is yet to come !!
attire4less, like you, I value my time with family and rarely let anything interfere with that. That said, if EBay was my livelihood, I'm quite sure that my husband would've been right beside me at the computer if I had to revise my schedule due to expected server downtime.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My gallery photos were still there during this entire issue and I still got bids.

Hope everything works out for you. I'm sure Auctiva had their reasons for changing their schedules.
Originally posted by annkate:
Originally posted by edenmoseley:
I never lost my gallery pics? just the ones in the auctions????

I had never checked the gallery, actually. Someone on another board said her gallery images were back up. I just assumed they were down. So, never mind...

Gallery pics reside on Ebay's servers, NOT Auctiva's, thank God. It's a tough sell with only gallery pics, but it's something at least. Now, if someone at Auctiva would actually post some friggin' NEWS, I'd rest a little easier and not add to this clutter.
Boo, I appreciate your response. I didn't say my husband didn't help me revise my schedule. However, if you don't realize the need for it because you are busy with the new plans, not much help can be done. Some things in your life you can't change to accomodate a move that was postponed several times. No amount of resheduling or help on my husband's end can change the fact that by not listing Thursday to avoid this issue cost me lots of money. And by having anyting end today has cost me big too. When I listed items last Tuesday, the plan was Thursday. I planned to skip Thursday, so I had to take all auctions on Thursday that ended without bids & I re-listed them to end on Tuesday on 5 day auctions rather than end on Thursday without bids. Just realizing that I did that...what a headache. I would have NEVER ended a single auction/fixed price listing on Tuesday KNOWING this would happen.
Hello Joe,I started to have problems yesterday with my ebay listings.Then today I woke up to NO pictures & customers wanting to know whats going on.With further investigation, I found that you were moving your servers.I was not told & knew nothing of this at all, otherwise I would have left listing some of my things untill you had it all taken care of.How much longer is it going to take? Not happy, I have lost money & inconvenienced customers. UTAH
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