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I realize this is in the wrong place and the best place is under 'checkout' not 'listings', but I posted there and no one responded yet -- so I figured I might have a better chance on reaching some 'experts' here in this more active thread.

I'm frantic at the moment. Don't know what/how, etc. to do: someone who bought an item I listed on ebay (via auctiva) has elected the optional shipping insurance, the Auctiva insurance, and I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to get the insurance onto their package before I ship it.

Someone please can you help me. I've read the info. on the insurance on the website here, but I still am confused.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So much in advance for your help.
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Hi Deana,

Don't panic.

I use the Auctiva Insurance, but I don't use Auctiva checkout. Whenever I need to buy insurance, I use the Sales Tab and locate the ebay transaction following the Transactions link under the Manage group (on page left). You should see all your current ebay sales with the ability to "Add Insurance" to the right. If you are using Auctiva checkout (I think, but not sure of exact settings) you are able to pre-select settings in your Auctiva profile to automatically buy the insurance when customer checks out, i.e. it's automatic. If Insurance has been automatically purchased, you should see a "View Insurance" selection for an item instead of the "Add Insurance".

Also, you can check balance and examine activity for purchases in My Account tab and "Auctiva Shipping Insurance Settings". You can pay or add money to your account there too. Use "View Transactions" and "Find by Date Range" to look at all priors.

Hope that helps, or at least gets you started in the right direction.

Hello! Smile

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I realize how stupid I sound about this -- but what's making the matter all so much for is: I've just been listing/selling things for apprx. 2 weeks. Not only am I new to using Auctiva for listing, but also new to selling on ebay in general. (been a user/buyer for years, but never listed/sold anything).

Anyway, all has been going well for the past 2 weeks -- until this hiccup. The person has already paid invoice and paid for the insurance on it. (They checked out on ebay -- I think that's how anyone who buys any of my auctions must be using ebay checkout, not auctivas).

Anyway, as soon as I got the paypal receipt re: buyer's payment and ins. on this item, I automatically got an email from auctiva on my next steps re: the insurance. I'll copy/paste the email I got from them below.

BUT here's where I'm sure how really stupid I sound. I do not understand what happens with this, why, etc. I don't understand why I'm paying auctiva for this insurance and I don't understand how the post office will know that this package/item has insurance. I know, probably really stupid questions.

Anyway, below the red line is the email I got from auctiva:


Auctiva Shipping Insurance has been purchased by the buyer of the item below. In this first transaction, you have increased your revenue for this listing by $0.25.

Item Number: 380003537907
Listing Title: NEW Panasonic 5.8 Digital Cordless: Nice Features

The payment for Auctiva Shipping Insurance will be included the total payment to you from the buyer.

IMPORTANT: Auctiva has purchased shipping insurance for this listing. You do NOT need to buy shipping insurance from your shipping carrier.

Here's what to do next. Go to and sign in to your Auctiva account. Then make a payment for amount you owe Auctiva to cover the premium associated with the shipping insurance (we accept PayPal and major credit cards). The minimum amount that you can add to your account for Auctiva Shipping Insurance is $5. Any amount over the balance owed will be logged as credit towards future shipping insurance purchases. Once your balance owed to Auctiva reaches $5, you will be restricted from offering Auctiva Shipping Insurance. If you are a high-volume seller or often sell high-value items, you may want to add additional funds to your account. This will help ensure that you are always able to offer Auctiva Shipping Insurance to your buyers.

Still have questions? Find out more.

See how easy it is to supplement your revenue by using Auctiva Shipping Insurance!


Auctiva Customer Support

Links to pages referenced in this email:
Sign In:
Find Out More:
Item on eBay:
Listing on Auctiva:

There's no stupid question (in my book). We've all been newbies on this stuff at one time. Actually, I think intelligent folks are the ones that ask questions or seek advise.

Look's like my suggestion about "automatic" is in fact what's happened.....and you made 25 cents on the "deal". I've seen similar EMails.

Auctiva's Insurance Plan is with a provider named UPIC. They actually have their own website and are an established shipping insurance provider. You don't really need to deal with them, just Auctiva for purchase under their plan.

Long-story-short, when you buy insurance from Auctiva, you get it at a discount and the actual provider is UPIC. Your buyer pays the typical USPS rate (like $1.65 for a $49 item including ship) and you pay Auctiva $1.40, making 25 cents for the deal. The plan covers 100% of the ebay transaction including the shipping. That's actually better than USPS insurance (or other carriers), which only covers the item's final value.

When I buy Insurance for one of my sales, I also click off sending a copy of the policy/coverage to my BUYER. That's something that's done on that Transaction page I mentioned. Do the VIEW INSURANCE. That way the Buyer knows they are COVERED, as no insurance info is on the actual package (like the USPS sticker for theirs). I'd also check your account to see if you now owe Auctiva $ for that purchase (guessing $1.40 since you made 25 cents). You now get billed monthly, but can deposit money and/or pay from PayPal.

If you haven't looked at all the details on the Insurance Plan including how to file a claim, it's just about all there in the FAQ section from HELP link (top of any Auctiva page).

See....told you not to panic. Looks like it's all done but the shipping. Wink

Danno .... You are THE BEST!

I got it now: got the 'entire concept' and the details that I think I'm going to need to know down now. Thank you Smile


I'm going to go the transaction page then view insurance, make the purchase that I need to on this + be sure to also send the buyer a copy. (Thanks for the info on that too re: being sure to send the buyer a copy: I probably wouldn't have thought to do that)

Have a good night. And again, thanks for taking the time to help ... good karma will surely come your way for your kindess (and patience!).

Best, Deana

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