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I can't even log on to Auctiva! My friend out in R.I. is having the same issue; I got to the forums through the 'help' page...hopefully someone else is around that can help me shed some light on this...I imagine it's just a massive crush of people for ten cent day, but I'm hoping it's just something else minor.

A gal can hope, can't she?? Wink

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Angel, more than likely. I find it to be too much of a coincidence that the same exact thing happened on the last ten cent day.

Just the same as eBay will now have a bunch more listings (all the occasional sellers usually list at least a few extra today, the pros much more) auctiva is inundated with a lot more traffic due to everyone funnelling through here to list.

It's a pain in the ass, but I just invoke the old mantra - "It's free."

::sigh:: Still can't log in, nor can my R.I. friend.

Now I can't log in either. I'm getting the same message that I got trying to access different pages earlier:

"An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues."

I sent a help ticket about the pics, slowness and errors just before it went totally crazy - so...

I'm sure they are doing all they can. Now it's just a waiting game for us(and a checking every 5 minutes game for me!)

Good luck people!!
I just kept trying and trying to log in on the main page.

HOWEVER - now I'm logged in, for all the good it does me....if I click the 'listings' tab, go to load a profile, start a new listing from scratch, or rezz a saved listing, I'm awarded with the same freaking error message I got while trying to log in for twenty minutes straight. ::grumbles::

I wonder if all this aggravation is worth it, really.

I can log in and do just about ANYTHING on the site except get to my pics. I too have NO pics showing on any of my Ebay ads! So, I'm spending my time writing ads and SAVING them. Hopefully, the pics will come back up/on this evening and then all I'll have to do is add them before posting! But boy! is THIS frustrating! I thought THIS problem was solved/corrected with the server move the other month????

The common consensus (and I'd be a lot happier if one of the head honchos would pop their head in to let us know what the heck is going on with tryin to SOLVE all this, frankly) is that Auctiva is bogged down severely due to the extra people hopping on because this is a ten-cent listing day, typically, at best, an insanely busy day for ebay and, by association, Auctiva.

From reading what I know, apparently three of the image servers are down (translates as: you ain't seein your pictures, and no one else is either) haven't heard anything from the higher-ups that are usually on the boards by now making a game attempt to soothe our ruffled feathers, and people are experiencing 20+ minute stretches of time where they can't log in, as well as indefinate stretches of can't-post-anything.


I, too, have had problems the better part of the afternoon and evening. I've got listings saved, but no way to get pictures on to them. I filed a ticket, and didn't get much of a response. I was truly hoping that by logging in here, I'd see a response by an Auctiva tech person, to hold our hands, provide information, or even say 'we're aware.' In times of woe, I think it's been proven time and again by the best and worst of companies that communication is the key to getting through murky times.
Originally posted by angelfishvintage:
Hi guys, thanks for your answer fox. Still no pictures here...I feel a game of literati coming on......

or perhaps I should go check out your stores, I seem to have NO problem spending money on ebay....


Jen, you can go shop in my store! at least I THINK that is the link. Smile IF not my ebay id is paradiseoftreasures.

I was able to get several listings going before the snafu. Guess I'll go watch Idol and check back later to see what you've bought! teehee!!

I don't know how to play leterati...
OK, I won the cutest old steroview and appropriately it shows a cute couple in a boat and reads, "going with the stream"...anyone else listen to Dr. Dyer?

Nadine, how wonderful of you to be so aware and involved with your son's conditions. I have several students with Asperger’s Syndrome; you're boys are so lucky that you are home to work with them. You certainly have your hands FULL! I have four little darlings myself....they interrupt my listing as much as anything else!
I wanna be a power seller too!! I suppose that takes a bunch of organization...which I seem to be severely lacking at this point!

btw literati is just yahoo's version of scrabble...

...and Fox, my nic on there is ravenousredhead2002...I'm usually in the intermediate lounges....anytime you wanna play

*Smiles from the SUNNY NW~jen
ConfusedI enjoy using Auctiva--I admit that have been better since the update, but, right now, I am furious!!! I worked 10 hours today-had everything to list for the next 5 hours--can't get into Auctiva. I did my first listing over 5 times before I said "Once again, Auctiva has messed us up on a 10 cent listing day!" I am learning that you can always count on taxes and death, and that Auctiva is going to go down on a special listing day. I know that I will learn to appreciate them again, but, this is truly unfair! I had a back up but because Auctiva was performing so well I cancelled it. NEVER again!!! Oh, well, what is a 25 cents savings on each listing????
Originally posted by angelfishvintage:
Nadine, how wonderful of you to be so aware and involved with your son's conditions. I have several students with Asperger’s Syndrome; you're boys are so lucky that you are home to work with them. You certainly have your hands FULL! I have four little darlings myself....they interrupt my listing as much as anything else!
I wanna be a power seller too!! I suppose that takes a bunch of organization...which I seem to be severely lacking at this point!

I always wondered if anyone actually read the About Me pages... besides me. Smile.....wonderful to be aware, but EXHAUSTING!!! But - treasures they are!

As for the powerseller thing - I think that was a fluke. I had a lady bring me nearly 100 Barbies to sell, several went high dollar - that is what got me to a powerseller. I'm sure to lose it any day now. *sigh*

I'll have to try literati sometime soon.. I LOVE SCRABBLE!!! Big Grin
MadWell, good night. I have let Auctiva make a fool of me long enough tonight. I wrote earlier about working hard last night--pictures, descriptions--working 10 hours today, really counting on doing 10 listings tonight--and then Auctiva breaks. I could have done those tonight because I had all ready done my pictures. Why did I expect any less? I have done my first listing over 8 times--never got it previewed, saved, listed, etc. I said this before--I have learned Auctiva, and, as much as I have enjoyed them, I will never be without a backup again. This is just so disappointing!!! Auctiva just really don't understand!!!!
Ya, Im pretty pissed too. What is the problem? Too many people on the cite?
I was doing good this morning but by 3pm I couldnt get on. I just tryed agian and it was going good untill I tryed to post and suddenly whamo there is an error with the surver and all my info is lost. The only thing it dosnt seem to have a problem with is letting into this useless message board!!
Well people - here's the apparent update, in a nutshell. Won't really make much of a diff. to those of you who may not be technologically inclined.

Jeff came out in another thread and said that the problem was execution; whether of software or business planning it wasn't clear from the way it was written - that they've hired new employees, gotten expensive equipment and so on...

On a personal note, I am very disheartened - I have been trying since six this evening to get a single listing together. It is now midnight and I was not only unsuccessful, but found myself unable to log in save for the space of perhaps a single hour tonight, if that. Even in that hour, I couldn't even look at my stored pictures, upload new ones, or even get to my listing profiles.

I have lost any chance whatsoever in making any additional money from this ten cent day, because I counted on Auctiva. I trusted that they would solve the problem in a timely fashion, and at least keep us properly updated.

Now it's midnight, my D.H. has long since gone to bed without me, we ordered in pizza tonight in anticipation of a long evening listing profitable stuff - and now I'm at a place where I can't even make up 'dummy' listings and sacrifice a day off of a 7 day auction and just tweak them back to what I originally intended tomorrow when I have time, because I can't even log into Auctiva itself.

I'm dissapointed.

Foxfyre, It is 11 here---still getting ready to turn in--why stay up and think that Auctiva is going to get better! I am like you--very disappointed, dishearted--,needed and prepared to take advantage of the special discount listings, etc. Auctiva doesn't seem to understand--and probably don't care--how this effect us! Personally, I am trying to build a business-sell my auctions listings, and add to my income--I am positive that many of you are on eBay for the same reason. I have found that to do eBay right that it is very hard work--and that it is not overnight success, so, this is just a real disappointment.
Auctiva has cost many of us money today not only in wasted time spent, but the missing of the 10 cent listing day. They owe a huge apology to everyone trying to access the site to list tonight. I am thoroughly disgusted. I was on a 3 week vacation, got back on today to take advantage of the 10 cent listings, and it just seems like Auctiva is up to it's same old instability that plagued it before I took vacation. I feel like a total idiot for expecting otherwise. What a piece of junk. Had I allowed software to be released in the same mess this is, I would have lost a job 8 yrs ago. Red Face Frown

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