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Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster (so please be gentle Smile

I'm just getting back into listings today after taking a year off. Trying to list some shoes (catg # 63889) but no matter how I create the listing I can't seem to find where to enter the 'Item Specific" info (size, style, color, etc).

This used to be located right under the category selection field but now all I see there is a link to "Add/Edit Variations", of which there are none as each pair I sell are one-off items. As there are no variations, I'm assuming that this link does not apply. Is this where I've gone wrong?

I've search the database for a similar question/solution but found none. Feeling a bit stupid for having to ask but I'm stumped at this point.

Thanks for any clarification and/or help from the community. Cheers!
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Well further testing (on my has been terrible at responding) shows the problem to be Firefox 3 specific. With IE 8, I can see "Custom Item Specifics" in a Fixed Price listing. I absolutely hate running IE but at least I've discovered a way to get some listings up.

Separately, Auctiva support has been very disappointing to work with both in terms of response time and competency. When this was a free service, I was accepting of those issues. Now that it's paid service, the this amateurish support is absolutely unacceptable.
The easiest work around is to simply disable AdBlock Plus while you're on the Auctiva site. Obviously this isn't a great suggestion since any other tabs/browser sessions you have open will be effected by this.

You can see which specific items AdBlock is flagging by pressing "control-shift-v" while you are on the listings page. Blocked items appear in red.

I've tried creating exceptions to each of the rules that AdBlock is enforcing (you can right click on each filter item to bring up this option) on the listing page but can't seem to find an exception (or set of exceptions) that allow the page to load properly.

I'm working on the issue with the folks from AB/Easylist. Thread can be found here:

I'll continue update this thread as I (hopefully) make progress on this issue.


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