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Hi Honest,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. I just reviewed your eBay search results page and I was able to see Gallery Images for all your listings, so I suspect that you should be able to see the main images for each of your items when reviewing your list of active listings from within your eBay account once once again at this time.

Ebay occasionally experiences delays or failures when attempting to create copies of the images we send them for display in the Gallery either and I suspect that is most likely what happened in this case, especially since your Gallery Images all seem to be showing up at this time.

For future reference, if eBay is unable to generate the Gallery Images for one of your items, you should be able to force their system to try again by opening up the eBay Revise your Item form and stepping through the entire process without making any changes OR using the form on the following page of the eBay website:

I also reviewed one of your items that does not contain the Auctiva scrolling gallery and found that our system was unable to add a scrolling gallery to the listing because there are remnants of old scrolling gallery code within the description HTML that is causing our system to *think* a scrolling gallery is already present in the listing.

If you contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option, we will review this situation with you in further detail and go over how you can get the scrolling gallery added to those listings once again.

Hey Mike. The gallery images are there because I manually went into Ebay and downloaded each of them from my desktop. But if I were to list and try enabling scrolling gallery, no pictures would show up and I would have to go back to Ebay again and download the gallery picture manually, but no pictures to scroll over would show up, just the one gallery picture. I am unable to use this feature through Auctiva. Can you tell me how to correct it? I've never had this problem before. I'm sorry, but it's really frustrating that I cannot use this feature. Thanks again for any help.
I also reviewed one of your items that does not contain the Auctiva scrolling gallery and found that our system was unable to add a scrolling gallery to the listing because there are remnants of old scrolling gallery code within the description HTML that is causing our system to *think* a scrolling gallery is already present in the listing.

This sounds like this might be the problem Mike. How do I fix it?? thank you
Hi Honest,

If you would like to include multiple Gallery images in the listings you are creating through Auctiva, you just need to check the box next to “Optional eBay Gallery Image”, which is located under the Auctiva Image Selection section through Auctiva, and make sure all the images you would like to include in the Gallery are selected there.

As long as you place your images in the Auctiva Image Selection section first, those images should automatically be prefilled in the Optional eBay Gallery images section when you enable the use of that option.

However, in order to make it so all of your Gallery images show up on the eBay's search results pages, I believe you would need to select the Gallery Plus option, which you can read more about on the following page of eBay's Help index:

You can find the option to enable the Gallery Plus option by clicking the “Maximize” link just below the Marketing Tools section on the Auctiva lister page.

Also, the easiest way to get the scrolling gallery back in your listings it is not currently present in for the reason identified previously would be to go to the eBay Revise your Item form for each item and delete any instances of the following snippets of code from the HTML version of the description editor:

1) <!--ASW-->
2) function passpara(){return

Once you have revised the listings in question in this manner, just contact our Customer Support team and ask us to run a command on your account to add the scrolling gallery to your listings based on your current Account Preferences and we should be able to do so successfully at that time.

I hope this helps.

Hi Mike. Still does not work. I've been using the "optional ebay gallery images" without any problems up until now. When I click on it, the pictures appear, but up top, next to the title, I only get the one picture with 2 what appears to be white little pieces of paper underneath. When I go into Ebay to check on the listing, there are no pictures at all except in the template, but not in the thumb or the scroll. I'm not concerned about the listings that I have done, because I know how to go in and fix them. I'm more concerned about how to get the optional ebay gallery working again. Any ideas at all? I didn't do anything different, it just stopped working for me. Thank you Mike.
This is what I posted in Ebay:

I feel like I have been researching all day. Suddenly, without warning, I am no longer able to "check" the box to use optional Ebay gallery images. Auctiva says it an Ebay problem, Ebay says it's a Auctiva problem. If I want the "gallery" of pictures, I have to go into Ebay manually and download the pictures from my desktop. Please, is there anyone out there who has experienced this before.

It did seem to start after about 70 auctions ended and I placed them all back on auction using the "sell similar" button, so I could get the sale. Not sure if that would have anything to do with it. I've never had any problems before this. My picture size is fine. Thanks for any help at all.

Mike...can you please, please look into what this might be? It will truly hurt my sales if I cannot use the gallery. Thank you....
Hi Honest.

To answer your question.....Yes we have all experienced this at one time or another....some even multiple times.
This has been an intermittent "AUCTIVA" issue for the last 6 months or so. Auctiva does a fix and it holds for a short period of time and then the issue reoccurs.

You can go and read back on threads here on the boards about it...there are several of them.

Unfortunately your best work around for now, considering the time restraints on the promotion that ends tonight, is to revise the listing in eBay and reload the gallery picture from there.

Get your listings up first...that is where you have time constraints. You can revise on eBay after all the listings are done and up.
At least this way you are getting the free listings for all of them or as many as you can get up tonight.

You can also relist right from your unsold listings on eBay.
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ok, so now I just tried to list without using optional ebay gallery and the only pictures that download are the ones that go onto the template page. Its impossible for me to edit each listing through Ebay. It takes about 4 mins. to do each one. I'll be there all day. dragging my pictures to my desktop, then uploading them all over again in Ebay. Auctiva...please help me with this. I have to list. I have been on the boards all day long trying to figure this out. I am convinced it's and Auctiva problem, not an Ebay problem. Pleeeesse.....
Hi Honest,

Thanks for the clarification. Although I am not aware of any issues that would prevent you from using the "Optional eBay Gallery Images" under normal circumstances, I reviewed the support case you filed on this subject and it appears the Gallery Images were not generated for these items because of an error that occurred when the images were uploaded into Auctiva.

We have seen this occur in some other cases and our technical team is currently looking into what we may be able to do to prevent this from happening, but I am not certain when we will be able to put a solution in place at this time.

As the representative who responded to your case indicated, this issue does appear to be intermittent in nature so you most likely will not encounter this issue if you were to upload the same images into your Auctiva account once more.

If you would like to whether a listing you are creating has been impacted in this manner, just click the “Preview” button, click one of the images in the description to get to the supersized image page and then scroll through the full sized versions of the images there. Any images that exhibit this issue will not show up properly on the supersized image page.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue has caused. If you need any further assistance with this particular situation, please follow up with us through your open support case and we will be happy to continue working with you.


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