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I still can't figure this out. I choose my category and then hit custom item specifics. All it gives me to fill out is Detail Name and Value. But through ebay such things come up as Product Type, Time Period, Material, Type etc.
Each time do I need to imput this information myself? Also the first box is not allowing me to put used in the box, it is only letting me check new.
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No I guess I definatly have a problem. Finally got ahold of Auctiva rep. They are taking it to another rep to figure out the problem. The category Salt & peppers. First I can't change the first box to used, and then all that comes up for item specifics are Detail Name and Value. Tried to go to Profiles won't let me do anything. Things like Salt & pepper Type, Time Period, Material, Souvenir and so on should be coming up.
Unless I am not looking in the right place, it isn't giving me any default setting either. Thanks
Hi Pelican, just read your thread. I'm having same/similar problem. When I choose my category (in any craft category/also in any jewellery category) I should be getting 2 choices ie "Choose Item Specifics" and "Custom Item Specifics", I only get the "Custom Item Specifics" choice which doesn't give you the option to choose the condition of your item eg New/Used. Rubberduck and 8880 have tried to help me so I have now put in a support request with Auctiva but no answer from them to date. Just thought I'd let you know you're not alone with this problem Frown
Hi Mumo,
I finally was able to get on line with a rep. When I e-mailed auctiva I don't think they understood what the problem was. I have had to list my auctions and then go in and put in the Custom Item Specifics through e-bay. I get Choose Item Specifics but it will only allow new to be checked. On Choose Custom Item Specifics, it comes up with Detail Name and Value, what that is I have no idea. A rep is supposed to be getting back to me, if I learn anything I'll let you know. See if you can get on line with them. I have already listed in several different catagories and I get the same thing every time. I have tried to fill in Detail Name and Value and it never shows up on my listing. We should be getting catagories like, Product Type, Time Period, Material and so on.
Hi Mumo,
I read it, it can't be true. I just came from using Ink Frog and they had all the Custom Item Specifics coming up. Someone is pulling our leg in the Auctiva Universe. Ink Frog you have to pay for, but they are not associated with ebay either, how did they get the information?
P.S. I am still waiting for an answer from them, so am I to understand everyone else that uses Auctiva is experiencing the same problem?
Hi Pelican, Well that's come from the top, so to speak, auctiva support has given me that answer. A real pain in the you know where, having to go in and revise all my listings after they have been posted. 8880 and Rubberduck are in the U.S. and when they tried it they had no problem, I am in Australia, this must make a difference. Apparently it is not like this in all categories - just the ones I need to use. I had no problems when creating a listing for DVD's. Will be interesting to see how you go!! Smile
Hi Mumo:
Here is what I received:
Dear Pelican,

Thanks for following up with us regarding this matter. The custom item specifics that you are referring to are the eBay recommended custom item specifics that show up on the "Sell your Item" form. We do not import these eBay recommended custom item specifics from eBay, however, I certainly understand how this could be a useful additional to our site, so I have forwarded your comments to our developers as a suggestion for future consideration.

The "Detail Name" and "Value" fields can be used to enter your own item specifics. For example, if you wanted to indicate the material, you could type "Material" in the "Detail Name" field and "wool?" in the "Value" field. Then, when the listing is posted, it would show that the material has been identified as wool in the item specifics.

There is currently a bug in our system that is causing the custom item specifics identified by our users not to be transmitted to eBay in certain case so, if you have entered information in these fields and it was not transmitted to the resulting active listing, you are being affected by this bug. This issue will be resolved as part of our next site update, which is tentatively scheduled to take place in early April.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue is causing. If there is anything further I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask!

Auctiva Support
Hi Pelican,

When you have a minute to spare go and read my post "Where is New/Used when creating a listing". In that there is a thread from rubberduck which shows pics of what he gets when creating a new listing, ie he gets custom item specifics and so does 8880. They are both in the US as you are, so you should be getting the same. None of this makes sense to me and I'm starting to think auctiva has poblems which they can't sort out at the moment.
I am having the same problem and I am in the US. I have asked several times about it in this forum but never received any reply except from Member 8880. At that time (at least 1.5 months ago) she was not having a problem. I have noticed that sometimes it works and sometimes not. Yes, it is really time-consuming to have to go to eBay EVERY TIME I list anything, revise listing so I can item specifics. Evidently, this problem has been going on for a long time for certain users.
I sure wish we didn't have to wait til April to see a fix, but that's just one more will go by fast.
I am an artist listing on eBay. I have been told that with the changes in the Art Category that eBay recently rolled out, the choices of Item Specifics in the Auctiva Listing Form are now obsolete. Worse, auctions created in Auctiva (using Auctiva's form for IS and Categories) may not show up in eBay's Search!!!

I usually sell as a "Self-Representing Artist." eBay has changed that to "Art Direct from the Artist" or some such...

I have been in contact with artists who have had to revise their new Auctiva auctions on eBay. The problem is, eBay is cracking down on those who revise, since some have used serial revisions to keep bumping their items to the front of the line!
Hi Nanartchik,
As I said before I was using Ink Frog and listing items on ebay and paying for it. Auctiva I believe has alot of great things about it that weren't offered else where. Ink Frog was able to get the custom item specifics right from ebay or somewhere in a very short period of time, and I see no reason at all why it should take Auctiva until sometime in April (if ever)to add these additions for us. I guess I thought that them knowing that a competitor such as Ink Frog was up to date, would put a fire under them. I have given them my two cents, but it took about 4 emails to do it, to finally get a response that didn't make me feel like I was nuts. All I can say is that we all need to get on their talk line and email them till it drives them crazy and they get tired of hearing from us. I guess it comes down to the old saying "you get what you pay for" Gee I wonder if we had a "DONATE A DOLLAR TO AUCTIVA DAY" would get us anywhere?
Good Luck
Hi ladies -
I think a lot of people are having the problem with item specifics. Most times I list in the Sports & Mem. category. After I post, I edit my listings on eBay to add the specifics (very time consuming). I also use Gallery plus frequently because some of the items I list really need to be looked at close up.

Ever since eBay completed their major update on the 20th, whenever I go into the edit mode to change something in the listing, the link to the picture breaks and gallery plus stops working. The gallery plus feature just shows "error loading picture" in the search mode.

So.....if you are editing in eBay and you use the Gallery Plus feature, be sure to go back and search for your item to be sure Gallery Plus is still working for you.

If it isn't working, here is the fix eBay gave me to get it to work again:

*Find CHANGE GALLERY PICTURE, near the top in the center.
*Type or paste in your item number & select CONTINUE.
*Just above where you see CHANGE, is Auctiva's link to the picture.
*Highlight that and click on CHANGE
*Then click on DONE.
That should fix it. If you get an error message in red, just repeat the process a second time and it should go through okay.

When eBay first did their "change download" the gallery plus link was broken between eBay & Auctiva. Auctiva's engineers worked on it and fixed it. However, now there is a problem when you go into the edit mode, so be careful. This has been brought to their attention and I am sure, they will have their engineers fix it soon.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share the temporary fix with you since I heard you all talking about going into the edit mode. If you are not using gallery plus, then you probably won't have any problems.

NANARTCHIK, I wonder if what you wrote about eBay cracking down on those that edit might have something to do with this latest problem.

I personally don't think that eBay likes outside picture hosting sites because of the money eBay loses. That is just my opinion. Hope the fix above helps if you need it.


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