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I want to use Auctiva Insurance, but I confuse about it.
I'm eBay seller in Thailand.
If I sell itme value $500, and sent this item by register airmail by Thailand Post.
If I offer your insurance option to customer and his accepted his will add pay $ 6.5 for me, Right?
And will I pay Auctiva $5 ?
If during transfer the item lost.
How much I claim for this case?
Or you insurance only domestic.
Please easy explain to me (I'm not good at English.)
Best regards.
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Hi, using auctiva insurance you can insure international and domestic. The customer does pay the fee for insurance to you. You are then billed through auctiva to pay that. The advantage is the insurance costs you a little less than actual cost if you set it up properly.
Example: insurance through your post office is $5.00 for the value of that particular item. You buy it through auctiva for $4.75. Then when the customer pays you the $5.00 you have made $.25 profit.
To file a claim you go to your closed items. Then scroll to that particular item. Click on view insurance. It will then come up and you will see you can file a claim.
Part of the process is that they will email a form to your customer to complete then the customer returns it to you. You then send it on through to auctiva after completing your portion of the form.
I hope this isn't too long and helps.
Thank you for quick answer.
But I still confuse.
Then easy to my understand I will show 1 example.
My item sell $500 and I must to send it from Thailand to England or USA.
I charge shipping for this case $10.
I will send it by register airmail by Thailand Post.
1. How much Auctiva insurance customer will add pay this case.
2. I must pay Auctiva insurance domestic & international together or only one.
3. If item lost, How much Auctiva pay back to me?
4. How long I claim for refund.
Thank you.
To answer your questions:
1. Your customer will pay what your post office will charge so you must know that information to enter it as the cost of the insurance in your listing or store
2. You pay auctiva insurance for either domestic if it is within your country or international if it is outside of your country, not both
3. If the item is lost or damaged, file a claim and you will receive what you insured the item for, in your example that would be $500
4. You must be sure you purchased the insurance within a day, typically this is automatic when they pay through auctiva checkout, or and you have 90 days from shipment to file the claim

I hope this clears it up. If you still have trouble, go ahead and post, then I can help or someone else may come along.

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