How come the counters don't work for us in the UK?
I have 'Counters - Hidden' selected in Account Preferences and either 'Sellathon Counters' or 'Hidden Sellathon Counters' selected in the lister. No combination of these settings will produce a working counter.
I have to then go into eBay and edit each listing in turn in order to have a visitor counter.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this some kind of Auctiva 'Feature'?
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The counters are in fact working like they are supposed to work for UK users.

When the "hidden" counter is selected on Account preferences, no counter will be visible on the View Item page BUT the hits will be recorded in the "Hits" column on the Auctiva Active Listings page. The converse is also true.

Hope that helps.
OK, so I've changed the setting in Account Preferences to 'Counters - Visible' and I do indeed have a Sellathon counter at the bottom of the page.
If I edit or revise my item in eBay, I notice that the visitor counter selector is just blank. I guess that Auctiva is using the Sellathon counter instead of the original eBay counter.

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