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So, if a potential customer contacts you to talk about an item, and they are a total a-hole, do you block them to prevent future problems?

I was contacted by a past customer, looking for a particular product. She was semi-rude in the first email she sent (where is this item, blah blah blah). I just ignored her tone, gave an explanation (they had just ended), told her the items would be relisted today, etc. She emailed me right back, snapped my head off, told me that she was going to buy from someone else because "time was of the essence." I had told her about some Easter items that I will be getting next week, and she made some rude comment about how Christmas is also coming up, but she doesn't care.

I deleted her emails and didn't respond. Grumpy lady. My husband thinks she is just trying to stir up trouble. Do you think I should block her?
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Tough question.

Alot of my decisions are gut based. I can have a cranky, majorly pain in the patoot customer before they make a bid and then they bid, win and are sweet as pie. But then I've had those be majorly pains in the patoot before they bid and it turned out that yes, they were pains to deal with for a month or more even after the transaction was done and finished.

So now after these many moons of selling..if I get a gut feeling this is worth more to me to not have the aggravation than the money.. I block em.

99% of the time, you're gut feeling is right.

Good luck,

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