Just wondering what everyone thinks is the best ebay alternative. Yahoo, ebid, bidville, overstock etc..
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Yes, yes, yes and yes.

As a footnote, I signed into my Overstock account that had been sitting for half a year to find a nice credit on my account. Several I know are having success there.

Yahoo is rumored to be joining with MSN. Could be good..never know. It's free to list on Yahoo..that's a big plus.

Bidville it appears to have the most items up..more visibility to your items.

Yahoo accepts cvs files as does bidville. Overstock is getting ready to use cvs files which is a big help!

There are several others..I'll place here tomorrow.

It's late in FL.

Hi There - have any of you guys visited Tazbar? I see that as a real alternative to eBay. The guys who started Tazbar have dumped the worst bits of eBay and kept all the best bits then added a whole bunch of stuff after asking us what we wanted. The community there is very friendly and the staff drop by to chat in the forums and are always their to help us out.
depends on your items...ex. we sell sports cards and several of the big sites (amazon, yahoo, etc.) aren't really geared towards our items..but several other (naxcom, beckett, sportlots) are. maybe look for smaller yet more active venues to sell your goods? a lot of people seem to enjoy etsy
Remember alot depends on the kind of items you sell...I have some items on iOffer and not even so much as a view yet. And Bidville isn't much better than ebay so far...needed help with my new account and since they have locked down all their community boards I had to email them. The answer I got might as well have been from ebay, it had nothing to do with my problem Confused
After checking out about a dozen other places I've settled on online auction.com http://www.onlineauction.com/index.php
They're no ebay as for as traffic goes (at least not yet) but IMHO they seem to have the best chance to become a real alternative . Many plans to choose from , most are a flat 8.00 per month with no insertion fees OR final value fees. If you become a founding member you get a free store for a year. check out their news link at the top of their home page, there's some good reading in there.One thing I did notice, as I'm sure you will...at first glance you'll see all these auctions..but no bids....but because there is no insertion fees, people are starting their auctions at absurdly high prices ,I deal in coins, I saw one auction where a seller STARTED the bidding at 349.00 for a 20.00 coin, trying to catch an inexperienced bidder I guess. if you'll start the bidding at a low price and make a true auction out of it , you'll get action. check them out
Originally posted by chevescreek:
if you'll start the bidding at a low price and make a true auction out of it , you'll get action. check them out

Or you'll get ONE bid and loose money. No traffic typically means no sales or low sales. These other sites are just getting clogged up with items because they have no listing fees. People think they're "sticking it" to eBay. Since they have no traffic, they will fill to capacity, then you'll start having service issues as servers become filled or overloaded. Then follows downtime, etc. eBay went all through this in the late 90's. The simple fact is, eBay still has the traffic, and the others don't.
I agree ebay still has the traffic, I acknowledged that early on, but you've got to start somewhere, if ebay is EVER going to have a competitor
they're probably going to come up through the ranks, take their lumps, experience growing pains etc. In the absence of someone new than we all have no choice but to tuck our tails, return to ebay and quitely accept whatever fees they intend to impose. I think there's more spunk in our community than that.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead
You HAVE to have PATIENCE and you have to KEEP FIGHTING! Don't be CYNICAL! Stick with these little guys like OLA.com and ecrater and ioffer. Monopolies are illegal. There needs to be healthy competition to keep prices down and the ballgame played fairly. Yes, ebay went through all those service issues in the late 90s and they still have all sorts of service issues now (godawful customer service, netflix ads bogging down search pages and so many more etcs). And ebay emerged triumphant then turned into a big black shapeless cruel corporate monolith. Hopefully these companies won't get to that last stage if there is enough competition. Just don't give in and don't give up! OK?
I have signed up with Ebid - $49.95 for lifetime membership - and am going to try OLA as well. I have been reading stock boards as well as the discussion boards and they also seem to think that ebay is changing direction and wants the high volume sellers. They are going completely away from what the original business was alienating the original buyers and sellers. Now is the time to start directing traffic to new sites and give them time to grow.
Hi guys,

I tried ebid when the problems with shop visibility caused a lot of people to 'leave' ebay the last time.

I put some loss leaders (sold) and full price items - unsold!

It didn't work for me, I may give it another try as I signed up for the lifetime thing too.
I'm a small time seller on ebay & I'm looking for another venue to sell antiques & collectibles. With all the ebay fees increases and now the mandate we must accept electronic payments, I must leave ebay.

Any suggestions as to a good collectibles auction site? Thanks.
Good luck people! Honestly, you're going to need it. I jumped on the hater bandwagon (understandably so) and went to Ewaey for that awesome no fees lifetime membership for only $1. A lot of good that did me. They just closed down. I consider the founder a scam artist, whether he had good intentions or not. He made some dough and then ditched everyone, and not to mention blamed sellers for not making the site as good as it could have been.

In addition all of these alternative sites seem to be all fixed price powerseller "auctions". They're more fixed price buy it now format than even ebay. And people think there stuff is worth gold. Also, the categories are SERIOUSLY lacking items. Ewaey had like 5 total items in Home Audio. Pathetic isn't the word.

I wanted something better, and tried something, so far haven't found it. I wish there was as the changes month to month are crazy. The strictly electronic payments thing is bad for me. I just had two items sell and paid for with money order/check.

I could say way more, but that is my quick 2 cents.
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Wes, I'm going to OLA.com [onlineauction.com]. Take a look at it and see what you think. Don't know what you sell, but it seems like a lot of the small sellers on ebay are headed over there. Hope this helps.

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