Just wondering what everyone thinks is the best ebay alternative. Yahoo, ebid, bidville, overstock etc..
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Yes, yes, yes and yes.

As a footnote, I signed into my Overstock account that had been sitting for half a year to find a nice credit on my account. Several I know are having success there.

Yahoo is rumored to be joining with MSN. Could be good..never know. It's free to list on Yahoo..that's a big plus.

Bidville it appears to have the most items up..more visibility to your items.

Yahoo accepts cvs files as does bidville. Overstock is getting ready to use cvs files which is a big help!

There are several others..I'll place here tomorrow.

It's late in FL.

Hi There - have any of you guys visited Tazbar? I see that as a real alternative to eBay. The guys who started Tazbar have dumped the worst bits of eBay and kept all the best bits then added a whole bunch of stuff after asking us what we wanted. The community there is very friendly and the staff drop by to chat in the forums and are always their to help us out.
depends on your items...ex. we sell sports cards and several of the big sites (amazon, yahoo, etc.) aren't really geared towards our items..but several other (naxcom, beckett, sportlots) are. maybe look for smaller yet more active venues to sell your goods? a lot of people seem to enjoy etsy
Remember alot depends on the kind of items you sell...I have some items on iOffer and not even so much as a view yet. And Bidville isn't much better than ebay so far...needed help with my new account and since they have locked down all their community boards I had to email them. The answer I got might as well have been from ebay, it had nothing to do with my problem Confused
After checking out about a dozen other places I've settled on online auction.com http://www.onlineauction.com/index.php
They're no ebay as for as traffic goes (at least not yet) but IMHO they seem to have the best chance to become a real alternative . Many plans to choose from , most are a flat 8.00 per month with no insertion fees OR final value fees. If you become a founding member you get a free store for a year. check out their news link at the top of their home page, there's some good reading in there.One thing I did notice, as I'm sure you will...at first glance you'll see all these auctions..but no bids....but because there is no insertion fees, people are starting their auctions at absurdly high prices ,I deal in coins, I saw one auction where a seller STARTED the bidding at 349.00 for a 20.00 coin, trying to catch an inexperienced bidder I guess. if you'll start the bidding at a low price and make a true auction out of it , you'll get action. check them out
Originally posted by chevescreek:
if you'll start the bidding at a low price and make a true auction out of it , you'll get action. check them out

Or you'll get ONE bid and loose money. No traffic typically means no sales or low sales. These other sites are just getting clogged up with items because they have no listing fees. People think they're "sticking it" to eBay. Since they have no traffic, they will fill to capacity, then you'll start having service issues as servers become filled or overloaded. Then follows downtime, etc. eBay went all through this in the late 90's. The simple fact is, eBay still has the traffic, and the others don't.
I agree ebay still has the traffic, I acknowledged that early on, but you've got to start somewhere, if ebay is EVER going to have a competitor
they're probably going to come up through the ranks, take their lumps, experience growing pains etc. In the absence of someone new than we all have no choice but to tuck our tails, return to ebay and quitely accept whatever fees they intend to impose. I think there's more spunk in our community than that.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead
You HAVE to have PATIENCE and you have to KEEP FIGHTING! Don't be CYNICAL! Stick with these little guys like OLA.com and ecrater and ioffer. Monopolies are illegal. There needs to be healthy competition to keep prices down and the ballgame played fairly. Yes, ebay went through all those service issues in the late 90s and they still have all sorts of service issues now (godawful customer service, netflix ads bogging down search pages and so many more etcs). And ebay emerged triumphant then turned into a big black shapeless cruel corporate monolith. Hopefully these companies won't get to that last stage if there is enough competition. Just don't give in and don't give up! OK?
I have signed up with Ebid - $49.95 for lifetime membership - and am going to try OLA as well. I have been reading stock boards as well as the discussion boards and they also seem to think that ebay is changing direction and wants the high volume sellers. They are going completely away from what the original business was alienating the original buyers and sellers. Now is the time to start directing traffic to new sites and give them time to grow.
Hi guys,

I tried ebid when the problems with shop visibility caused a lot of people to 'leave' ebay the last time.

I put some loss leaders (sold) and full price items - unsold!

It didn't work for me, I may give it another try as I signed up for the lifetime thing too.
I'm a small time seller on ebay & I'm looking for another venue to sell antiques & collectibles. With all the ebay fees increases and now the mandate we must accept electronic payments, I must leave ebay.

Any suggestions as to a good collectibles auction site? Thanks.
Good luck people! Honestly, you're going to need it. I jumped on the hater bandwagon (understandably so) and went to Ewaey for that awesome no fees lifetime membership for only $1. A lot of good that did me. They just closed down. I consider the founder a scam artist, whether he had good intentions or not. He made some dough and then ditched everyone, and not to mention blamed sellers for not making the site as good as it could have been.

In addition all of these alternative sites seem to be all fixed price powerseller "auctions". They're more fixed price buy it now format than even ebay. And people think there stuff is worth gold. Also, the categories are SERIOUSLY lacking items. Ewaey had like 5 total items in Home Audio. Pathetic isn't the word.

I wanted something better, and tried something, so far haven't found it. I wish there was as the changes month to month are crazy. The strictly electronic payments thing is bad for me. I just had two items sell and paid for with money order/check.

I could say way more, but that is my quick 2 cents.
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Wes, I'm going to OLA.com [onlineauction.com]. Take a look at it and see what you think. Don't know what you sell, but it seems like a lot of the small sellers on ebay are headed over there. Hope this helps.

Would people quit saying Bidville?? Bidville is CLOSED, as in "no longer" or "out of business". It is now U-BID.
The question here is do you want to list for free and not sell or do you want to pay thru your nose and sell? Having a yard sale at the end of a deadend street with no signs posted doesn't get much traffic! I tried webidz and their search format is almost a joke along with other sites. I have googled other online auctions and didn't see any one selling. The sites that you have all mentioned I didn't even see on Google but I will try finding them and checking them out.
Auctiva should break away from eBay and open it's own auction site, unless they have a contract that they can't break. They have a customer base (us) and a checkout and they are friendly (not greedy) but getting the buyers to log on is key.
We need to step up and kiss Meg's butt while we raise our prices!
Sue B.
Try OLA.com. Many ebayers are starting to sell there. Listing fees are extremely reasonable. And when you do a Google search for online auction it comes up. Hope this helps.
for stamps and postcards www.stampoffers.com is a good completly free site no fees for listing or selling fairly new and not alot of users yet but great for duplication , but list it for what u want to sell for and it works well
I am in Australia, we have a couple of good alternatives. Firstly Oztion and secondly a NZ site that is becoming really popular Trade Me http://www.trademe.co.nz/.
I'm finding Oztion is slow for selling but great for buying. Trade me I haven't done anything but surf, but there is some great stuff on it. Both are much like ebay used to be.
Cheers all Marian
Hi--I have just signed up at BONANZLE.com

It is like a breath of fresh air--like eBay was years ago. It is growing very fast and many PS have joined the site....the fees are great and it is friendly and positive.

I am waiting for Auctiva to have a site of its own---Auctivia Jeff said it will happen when the weather gets cold. That will be soon.
Another great site to list is Online Auction. $8/month is the fee. No other listing fees and no FVFs. Lots of new sellers and buyers. OLA.com [give it a look].
I sell albums. Has anyone had success with GEMM? I would love to find an Ebay alternative. I have had some luck with Amazon but if anyone knows of other venues I should check into, I would be most appreciative to hear from you. Thanks Smile
I closed my ebay store and went to EBid.net.

Yes, sales are slow there but you canlist absolutely free of charge so if your item doesn't sell, you don't pay.

When items do sell, they only charge 2% FVF.

Also, you get 5 free stores.

You really have nothing to lose by listing there. And sales are picking up...It is growing rapidly and could soon be a busy sales outlet.

Plus, the forums are very friendly and helpful, not like ebay where you get attacked for asking a question others deem "stupid".
I like many sellers have been looking for alternatives to ebay and have concluded that at the moment there just aren't any. All the so called competitors have plenty of sellers but few buyers so are not viable.
I have read on the ebay discussion boards some success stories from some big time ebayers who have started their own sites selling the same goods.
One in particular stood out. He has over 50,000 feedbacks but packed it in about 3 months ago but now generates sales of between 30 and 40,000 pounds per month through his own website and using google adwords. He spends 1,000 pounds/month on advertising.
I spend about 800 pounds/month with ebay and generate total income (including shipping) of about 3,500 pounds.
I think adwords may be worth looking into.
Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on this forum, but I have been using eBay for 3 years & Auctiva for about 4 months or so & Amazon for a couple of months. I have been doing the same thing, trying to find other places to sell. I like the look of Bonanzle & I just set up an account there. I will look at OLA.com next. I figure it can't hurt to try, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" right? Thanks to everyone for the new ideas!
All this sounds well and good and I hope some can find success... But we need an all encompassing site! I mostly sell music memorabilia, and more than 60% of my sales go overseas. I need an auction site to support this too. Germans, Norwegians, and Britons, and Europeans in general are crazy for the rock and roll! The media rates that are being dictated through eBay are not realistic, especially for vinyl.

Everyone is pissed right now and ready to move on... Auctiva, where are you? Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello...
I should clarify that my wife & I have been on eBay since about 2001. It has gone downhill ever since. We are ready to climb back up. I miss the glory days that will never be on that site again.

Hello, Auctiva Jeff, are you listening? Do you have a plan when the weather gets cold for you? I'm freakin' freezing here!

Everyone is ready to bail. All you need is good advertising!

they have half the price in fees
they let you relist for up to 3months for free, then you only pay a 2cent relist on all your items.
they are now ebay's strongest competition because they are Australian Owned and Run
they have a fantastic friendly community
most items have cheaper postage methods because they dont need to mark it up to cover listing fees

there great!
It is no secret that ebays fees are simply out of this world.

Anyway I found a great new place that has been around for some time now but they just entered the US market place a few weeks ago.

If 0 listing fees and 2% final value fees sounds good to you then come on over Click here and check it out

Featured listings ONLY a Dollar and they can run indefinitely!
i have accounts on bonanzle and on atomic mall. i've had several sales on atomic mall already. they seem to have buyers coming through. they upload all their stuff to googlebase each day or something.

i haven't had sales on bonanzle, but I LOVE THE SIMPLE FORMAT! So clean and easy to shop there, even the most mundane item- i'm tempted to buy!!
If you sell antiques, collectibles, or art, AND want to sell fixed price (BIN or offers, no auction) try Ruby Lane (www.rubylane.com) I started 3 weeks ago and have already sold about $24000 there. I was shocked. They are large ticket items. I don't sell many pieces but have sold 18 items in 25 days. NO FINAL FEE, $39 monthly fee and 30 cents listing fee. My total cost has been about $80.

I used to sell about $40,000 a month on ebay (about 2 years ago) but with all the DSR crap and their ties to search engines, and feedback crap and fraud on ebay, my sales dropped drastically. I will still sell on ebay but Ruby Lane has been a life saver. Try it.
You might also check out Bonanzle.com. No listing fees, and they copied all my listing from eBay. Saved me the time of having to re-create over 200 listings. Up to 4 pics included per item. FVF are a flat fee depending upon selling price.

Haven't sold anything yet, but it has only been 2 days. In those two days, they have picked up over 100 new sellers and my store has been viewed 40 times.

Check it out!

Hi All,
I just posted to the following to the Suggestion board:
Numbers would speak volumes......

Are you supporting ANY other sites besides Ebay?
I love the ease of using your site BUT CAN NO LONGER list with Ebay. It has become unbearable.
PLEASE hook up with another site.
I believe if all the sellers who already use your site were to go to ANY OTHER site you would support the sheer numbers would be just the thing to knock ebay off their perch.
had a really bad experience on ola. once they get your credit card, you cannot shut it down. they just keep charging you. finally, I had to close my credit card to keep them from charging me again.
I had an OLA account. Closed it as a seller. I just sent an email to their support and asked for account to be closed before next billing date. I also asked for an email confirmation from them that they would do that. Got the email, cc was not charged next month. Smile
Originally posted by florida.granny:
I had an OLA account. Closed it as a seller. I just sent an email to their support and asked for account to be closed before next billing date. I also asked for an email confirmation from them that they would do that. Got the email, cc was not charged next month. Smile

If you don't mind my asking, why did you close your OLA account?
OLA was just not the venue for me. I had some problems with their omail system & was not crazy about their listing system. I was trying two different sites at the time [OLA & ebid] and found ebid a better site for me.
Seems to me it would be an excellent time for Auctiva to take it's user base and start an auction solution of it's own. With the e-commerce kicking in next month and all... just sayin!
Originally posted by liphartstudios:
Seems to me it would be an excellent time for Auctiva to take it's user base and start an auction solution of it's own. With the e-commerce kicking in next month and all... just sayin!

Don't look now but that's a done deal.
Auctiva is launching it's own stores FREE from ebay.
eBay and its associated companies have bled sellers dry with high charges, they have killed the goose so to speak. The sooner an alternative appears the better.

Lately there are many Ebay alternatives popping up, the latest is Finds it they have Google Base feeds similar to Bonanzle and Atomic Mall. I signed up but haven't listed anything yet.
I get a forbidden message when trying to log into www.ebid.net

I found http://base.google.com/ Anyone tried it?

We need a payment alternative to Paypal too.

Ebay and paypal monopoly allows them to rip us off and treat us shabbily. In the event of any problems we are presumed guilty until proven innocent. Loss, loss for Sellers, Win , win for Ebay.
Don't know why you would get such a message for ebid.net. Site is up and running.

I have used Revolution Money Exchange as a replacement for paypal but I'm a small seller.

Hope this helps.
Originally posted by florida.granny:
Don't know why you would get such a message for ebid.net. Site is up and running.

I have used Revolution Money Exchange as a replacement for paypal but I'm a small seller.

Hope this helps.
I checked and this is not accepted on eBay though.
True, Revolution Money Exchange is not accepted on ebay, but I no longer sell there. It is accepted on alternative ebay sites which is why I mentioned it. Smile
If anyone is into goth or alternative fashions you can list on gothauctions.com. Absolutely free and no listing or FVF fees. I love the community on there! If you are a new seller it's probably better to get your feedback going on there some how so people won't think you are a scammer. The only bad thing about the site is that there are lots of deadbeats, but at least you aren't paying for anything...beware of scammers as well and always check for feedback. By no means you are going to rich on this site, most people look for a bargain...so if you do not mind listing your items real low to mid range than this site could be for you. Oh and server can be slow sometimes, but hey it's free!
eBay is a totally dysfunctional organization that knowingly and deliberately facilitates sophisticated shill-bidding fraud on buyers by unscrupulous sellers (eBay is a ‘criminal facilitator’), and PayPal’s ‘clunky’ payments system encourages fraud by unscrupulous buyers on sellers; between the two of these dysfunctional organizations, eBay has become an unsafe place for sellers; it has always been an unsafe place for buyers; eBay’s introduction of masked bidding aliases has simply made it that much worse.

The details at: http://www.auctionbytes.com/fo...wtopic.php?p=6502877

eBay: ‘Dead man walking’—and deservedly so.
PayPal: Systemically dysfunctional to the core.
I'm doing okay on ebid. Have been there a little over a year. Fees are great. Sales picking up. Have sold many more items then I've received feedback for, but that's okay. I also sell on Bonanzle but have only had 2 sales on that site.
I am a small, obviously unimportant (to Ebay) seller. Ebay used to be a fun way to make a little money on items from my cluttered closet....it didn't cost much and most of my buyers paid by check...never had a bad check nor problem with them.

Gradually I've been elbowed out of the market. I had just opened an ebay basic store, and with the $.03 cent listing was beginning to actually show a profit....then March arrived and that ended.

I opened a store on eBid which I hope will take the place of eBay and Paypal....eBid sales haven't been great but has been steadily increasing. I sell new and used clothing, dishes and many other miscellaneous things. I would really like to partner with a company and sell their items....but as yet haven't found one that fits me.


BigCrumbs Big Payback
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I like mvptraders. They keep things simple with multiple ways of selling plus skype integration so I don't have to be sitting at my PC to answer any questions. They just launched so business is a little slow but I already sold 3 items! Free listings too.

I sell mainly shoes. Mostly used but some great new western boots as well. I am so irritated with ebay. What is the alternative? I think I need my own site. Ebay's new absurd seller policies are a shame for the buyer.
Originally posted by vincentferrari:
I sell mainly shoes. Mostly used but some great new western boots as well. I am so irritated with ebay. What is the alternative? I think I need my own site. Ebay's new absurd seller policies are a shame for the buyer.

So sad. I have been selling with ebay for 10 years w/o problem until the dsr's. Now bc I get a small % of low dsr ratings I am in jeopardy as a seller. Frown
eBay’s many Donahoe-induced problems are hardly worth discussing any more. Clearly, the headless turkeys have taken over the eBay farmyard and, in particular since the sociopath John Donahoe has been given a key to the larger “disabled” cubicle in the executive wash room, eBay has every quarter, in relative terms, been flushed further and further down the toilet.

Since April Fools Day (how apt!) and the dumping of “store” items into core, eBay’s new Utah data center appears to have been effectively crippled or, if it is functioning as planned, it’s a very strange plan. Regardless, it would appear that for many users the eBay whale is high and dry on a beach somewhere, has died, and is now starting to stink. I suspect that eBay is now generating more revenue from re-listing fees, for items that remain unsold, than from any other of their fees on genuine sales.

By the way, how can an established, publicly listed, commercial entity, that is supposedly making so much money, manage to never pay its stockholders a dividend? It appears that the only people that have ever gotten any of eBay’s stash of overseas cash are the senior managing executives, and even they have been recently selling their eBay stock: eBay’s Chief Headless Turkey and Bain & Co shill, Donahoe, is dribbling out his eBay stock sales on a monthly basis, probably hoping that no one will notice—how naïve can this man and his advisers be?


Methinks that these guys are provisioning their personal lifeboats for the undoubted coming announcement that the Donahoe “turn around” is indeed turning around, and around and around, and eBay is not going forwards but, as everybody in the real world already knows, eBay is going backwards at an ever-increasing rate.

Shill Bidding on eBay: Case Study #4
This latest study demonstrates eBay’s current utter desperation for revenue and, once again, eBay’s effective aiding and abetting of this criminal activity, at


eBay/PayPal/Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.
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Originally posted by vincentferrari:
I sell mainly shoes. Mostly used but some great new western boots as well. I am so irritated with ebay. What is the alternative? I think I need my own site. Ebay's new absurd seller policies are a shame for the buyer.

Try some of the sites that don't have listings fees and all the other stuff e*ay lays on seller's these days. Perhaps you will find one that suits you. Sales are slow everywhere but can be made. As for the 'bay', I still list when they have free listings days, but I have found I'm not getting many sales there either. So I'll stick with the sites that only charge me a fee if the item sells.
I just love your posts Philip! Cracks me up every time.....well done man, well done. I needed a giggle this morning. More power to you.

PS I like your "turning around" comment but I think it's more like turning around and around down the proverbial drain is more like it. Wink
Can't believe nobody has mentioned the #2 auction site on the web.


eBid.net is #3.

Webstore is fully free, and a similar to ebay layout. Can't beat free. They make their money thru ads.
I will be limiting my sales on eBay and shifting more of my items over to Bonanza. It is easy to use and I only pay fees (low ones) when something sells. For the items I sell, the fees at Bonanza make more sense. The buyers seem to like the interface so it works for me!

I have calculated that the new eBay fees are a 29% to 59% fee increase on my items. That just won't work for many of my items.

Here is my booth at Bonanza. Check it out.
I'm happy with ebid. I tried OLA and Bonanza but after one year only sold 2 items on each site.

This past week I have had 10 bids/sales on items on ebid. I hope that keeps up. Smile
What is wrong with ebay? They get lots of traffic and people that feel safe to buy. I have an ebay store and Auctiva store and my ebay store out sells 2 to 1.
If you're happy with ebay, great. I just got tired of all the BS there and the outrageous fees. I only buy there if I absolutely can't find the items elsewhere because of the way they treated their small sellers...myself included...and believe me those purchases are few and far between.
The following quotes are from the transcript of John Donahoe’s rambling Legg Mason Forum presentation on 26 September 2007. Note the date: it indicates that Donahoe’s “three year turnaround” was underway prior to September 2007—therefore we are now well into the next three-year “Great Leap Forward”. Regrettably, just like in Mao’s case, there has been effectively no forward movement.


The whole of this 2007 Forum transcript really is required reading for anyone wanting to know the direction this headless turkey thinks he is taking the eBay farmyard. I particularly like the accompanying photo of the chief headless turkey, and you have to wonder why so many publishers appear to select such unflattering photos of the “eBafia Don”. Of course, once you have read these following quotes you will understand why: they obviously understand that this man is a fool.

“By using a real focus on the customer, we embarked on a series of fundamental changes that will ultimately span a three year period. We started by creating a future vision. This was critical because not everyone felt the impetus to change, given the amount of success we were experiencing. There’s a real push to keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.”—John Donahoe (26 Sept 2007).

“We have such volume that many of our buyers said that there was too much abundance. They just want to buy a Nike watch and instead they get 12,000 results back. That’s too many. They want to get to what they want, faster. We agreed.”—John Donahoe (26 Sept 2007).

“We talk and listen to customers, but for this kind of innovation, customers don’t always know what they want.”—John Donahoe (26 Sept 2007).

“Even though people think I’m an expert at technological innovation, my own instinct for technology was frozen in place in 1982.”—John Donahoe (Sept 2007).

“Today we’re dealing with phase two or phase three [he can’t even remember which one] of disruptive innovation. We’ve had the disruption, now we must disrupt our own disruption.”—John Donahoe (26 Sept 2007).

“Based on our experience, here’s how innovation at the core worked. We had to create a mind shift at our company—we had to think bold and not just incremental. We had to create a vision of the future so people could let go of a very successful past.”—John Donahoe (26 Sept 2007).
@Achtung T Shirt bill

You sell mass quantities of cheap stuff? Then, there's probably not a lot wrong with ebay. That's who they cater to. They have geared up to reward sellers of mass quantities of cheap junk and jettison low volume sellers of higher ticket items.

If you sell low volumes of higher ticket one-of-a-kind or collectible items, Ebay and their gangster partners at Preypal are a death trap. You won't be able to average out the low DSRs from the buyers with Napoleon complexes, who get their jollys that way.

You won't be able to survive the monthly fraudulent and/or naive international buyer who opens an "item not received" case against you 2 weeks after you've shipped something to Germany via USPS 1st class or international mail because the alternatives are too expensive.

You won't be able to survive paypal giving the above crybaby buyer a refund, on your dime, within a week of his opening the claim, even though you can prove the item was shipped and is most likely sitting in his country's customs office waiting to be delivered to him.

Once he is paid off by Preypal, he will go pick it up and get it for the price of the duty. Meanwhile, since he's already gotten his refund, and his merchandise, he will neglect to cooperate with you when you ask him to sign and return the forms required by your shipping ins. company.

Then, to add insult to injury, Ebay will allow this scammer to give you low DSR's. But they will keep their FVF. So, you will be out your merchandise, Ebay and Preypal's fees, and the charges for insurance and International postage.

If each month you sell hundreds or thousands of T-Shirts, even internationally, you can probably absorb 10% of your sales ending up this way.

If you sell a couple dozen $100-$300 items per month, you can't.

But, if you rely on auctions to return a much higher price, and you rely on international sales, you don't have much choice in the matter. You are in the same position as a dependent but abused spouse. And like a wife who has seen her husband change from a nice guy to a monster, you look for an escape. But it's a lot easier said than done. And you will probably, in the long run, die due your lack of options.

None of the alternatives get even a fraction of the buyers that ebay does. How many sellers they have, or items that are listed, is irrelevant. I would rather list on a site with 5 sellers and 10 million buyers, than list on a site with 10 million sellers and 5 buyers.

The problem is that 10-20% of those buyers are stupid, naive, malicious and/or scammers. Perhaps that is true of any venue. But the difference is, unlike other venues, they are aided and abetted by their accomplices at Ebay and Preypal who's policies absolutely encourage fraud and abuse. If you sell mass quantities of cheap junk, 10-20% might be an acceptable loss ratio. For the rest of us, it's not.
eBay, PayPal, Google, Schmoogle, whatever

The rusting old hulk eBay is presently being kept afloat by PayPal so it’s good to see these boys squabbling and threats to the clunky PayPal coming thick and fast. It’s interesting times for all we eBay “haters” (oops, I mean “watchers”). I hope that someone has remembered to bring the popcorn.

PayPal is mostly registered in various places only as a “money transmitter” (like Western Union), and PayPal actually claims that they are not a “payment processor”, and there is a minute degree of truth in that claim because it could be, nonsensically, claimed that they do no more than facilitate the transmission of money by riding on the back of the retail banks’ existing payments processing systems.

In fact, the only thing creative about PayPal has been their use of users’ email addresses as an identifier for online transactions. PayPal is otherwise no more than a blood-sucking parasite on, and in the main cannot function except via, the retail banks’ existing payments system (via their banker, GE Money Bank).

PayPal, outside of whatever will ultimately be left of the Donahoe-devastated eBay Marketplace, will undoubtedly eventually be consigned to the history books by all those same banks/Visa/Mastercard once those players get their “online” act together.

Some people may not like the “banks” but all those participating banks at least supply a professionally run payments processing system; even PayPal concurs with that assessment: except for transactions between PayPal “accounts”, they use the banks’ existing payments processing system all the time and simply could not exist without it.

Regardless, all the above comments apply equally to all of the other third-party “payments processors” that are emerging out of the woodwork and wanting to have access to your banking account. Unless they have formal arrangements with all the participating retail banks, as do the likes of Visa/MasterCard, then the result is invariably going to be as potentially problematic as is PayPal’s clunky operation for its merchants.

All anyone needs to know about the clunky PayPal:

Is that PayPal’s blood in the water, and are those “sharks” (oops, “banks”) I can see circling?

Enron / eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.
RME was sold about a year ago and I closed my account then. I think it was bought out but I don't know by who. It definitely was not a scam and I used it several times. I just found that buyers were reluctant to use it so when RME was bought out I closed my account.

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