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Hello Community,

eBay has also announced enhancements to their feedback and buyer protection to help sellers. You can read that announcement here.

One specific aspect that I want to draw Auctiva Sellers attention to is the topic in the announcement entitled “Automatic 5-star DSRs for free and fast shipping. ” One of the requirements to get this 'Automatic 5-Star DSR is that a seller must upload shipment tracking numbers to eBay ‘by the end of the next business day after they buyer’s payment clears’.

There is more detailed eBay information on shipment tracking information that you can read at this link.

As eBay indicates, Auctiva already supports entry of Shipment Tracking Numbers on your sales transaction page. (You must be signed in to Auctiva use this link.)

When you enter the tracking numbers in Auctiva, we pass do the information back to eBay. You can read our FAQ on this topic here.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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After reading this and forums it appears that
Item has to be there in 4 days after you put in the tracking. Sometimes post office does not get items delivered in that length of time, especially across country, or Hawaii, Alaska, etc. Unless I am reading note and forums wrong.

Their suggestion is to upgrade shipping method. They do not realize that post office even on priority says it is ESTIMATE of time. Yep, guess now they want FREE SHIPPING (Overnight of course) and we get 5 stars for free ship AND for it getting there within 4 days.

More improvements. . . they need to have some of their executives sell for awhile and know their system and what works and why it does or does not make sense.

Side Note:

That is one GREAT thing about auctiva, some of their people DO in fact list. (I find Rebecca in particular, is able to explain reasoning for something, and understand the need for things) to make listing easier. I am sure others on auctiva list, but seems she "really, really" lists.

Thanks for info Tony, I am NOT shooting the messenger.

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Yes, Rebecca does 'really, really list.' She is a Top Rated Seller and has sold on eBay for many years.

I didn't think you were shooting the messenger, Vickie. My purpose in posting about shipment tracking was to to let people know that Auctiva does support posting the shipment tracking numbers to a listing as eBay has begun to seriously push sellers to provide shipment tracking numbers now.
I totally agree with you Vickie about the "new & improved" dsr scoring system for a seller I like *most* of the changes (duplicate listings, new catalog, etc) but this one baffles me...

We sellers have known this for awhile, now it's even more apparent... sellers are not only responsible for shipping within 1 day, but they also have to make sure the carrier delivers the package (sometimes across country) within 4 days of payment date. So if a buyer pays on a Monday evening, I ship on Tuesday via Priority Mail, and if the package doesn't arrive to the east coast by Friday I won't automatically get the 5-star rating for shipping time. In fact, a buyer could leave me a 1 or 2.

And I would also like to know when they are going to add more categories that are eligible for multi-variations! Kinda defeats the "no duplicate listing" policy if they aren't going to expand that, right? Confused
Rebecca, you said that perfectly. I mean, this is insane that 'we' the sellers are 'responsible for the package until it arrives @ buyers door' so I've been told. Like I told Ebay, whoever made these rules sux(sorry) because there is NO way we can 'control' what happens to our package(for instance, what if PO crushes it?)or the timing of it getting there. It's impossible. I understand shipping within a certain time, but dang, this is insane.

Oh and oh dear goodness, I still need someone's help for this one listing that KEEPS relisting itself. Ebay said it's on Auctiva's end and one guy I spoke with even said that I should regenerate the Ebay token but if I did that that I can't list through Auctiva(hence costing me more $ listing through Ebay)until Auctiva accepted the token. How long does that take? Help, help, I'm at my wits end here and filed yet two cases, none answered yet. Frown
Rebecca.. I have written, called, chatted, many times and they will not give info or even say they are working on more.

It is like they just moved onto other changes and dropped the old changes like a hot potato.

When I call they ask for category and say, we have it.. .I am like DUH, you don't. They then look it up and say, "oh, we do not have for that category yet". We will send to support and get back with you. Of course, they never get back.

I feel like I am talking to the wall with them.

Frankly, will be glad when the duplicate takes effect in a way, because right now some of the things I have looked for have 100's and 100's by the same seller so people are throwing them on until October 26th. Normally these items may have 100 listings period.

Hopefully they will keep moving on that.. as I would sure list tons of cosmetics multiples if they had.

BTY Auctiva thanks for your activity on the boards!!! It says a lot!!


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