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I was looking at my items which are listed in express. The first thing I noticed was that they took out the link to ebay stores. Most of my listings say "Please see my ebay store for more great deals", yet the customer has no way of finding my store since the red door is gone. Can anyone tell me how to make a button with a link to my store to include in my listings? Thanks in advance for any help.
According to ebay express I have something like 200 items listed, though I actually have over 300 BIN. I noticed that none of my ladies dresses were included so I went to search for ladies dresses. There isnt even a category for ladies dresses! I know I do not wear dresses unless I have to, but arent there still some women who actually like them? Confused
Thanks for the link. Since this is the only way I knew to get there, who else can see this? How does a buyer find it? How in the world do they determine the shipping cost when it's calculated by zip code? How can you tell there are people using it now. I see where you can tell if there have been any purchases, but I don't see where they tell you how many items you have listed in Express.
Thanks again
To see what items you have showing up on expres try this link but at the end chage moodymama1024 to your name.
The shipping cost is determined based on your zip code. It shows up different for different customers. You get the same information as if you typed in your zip code to the shipping calculator, but it is done automatically. As for how the buyers will find it, the official release is either monday or Tuesday. I assume ebay will send out a notification of some sort when the official roll ot happens. You can find a lot of other info on this topic in the ebay sellers board founbd here
I just sat with eBay Express Live Chat window asking why none of my 400+ items weren't included.

I had the express enabled in my preferences with eBay to import. But nada.

It was stated that because I don't have all of my auctions/bin changed for location from warm and steamy fl to specific location Lakeland, FL that my items weren't placed in express.

Well, it could be worse. I've canceled approxmiately 150 auctions in the last week due to sales dropping after search was changed. I could have to change 500+ auction locations instead of 450.

It's worth a try...for me at least.

Roll out is next week and I'm not sure whether this is gonna fly or not.

I'm still going to focus on getting an auction site up and running during the summer. (separate from my free ecrater stores)

You're right Rosemary..the search is bonkers. I mentioned this to the customer service and she stated it's a whole new concept to shopping. Something about item specifics and zip code will play MAJORLY in the searches.

Good Luck Rosemary,
Originally posted by moodymama1024:
The first thing I noticed was that they took out the link to ebay stores. Most of my listings say "Please see my ebay store for more great deals", yet the customer has no way of finding my store since the red door is gone.

Surprise, surprise. Actually, I'm a little concerned about what will happen with eBay if Express does take off.

I can't enter in a condition for essentially all of my items. I've been trying to do this since they sent out that email months ago, telling people to get ready. When I go through the edit, at the end, it tells me that the item could not be edited due to an "error".

Then also, I have quite a few items which are new but are listed in the collectibles section. And those items can't have a "new" condition, even if they are new. I'm thinking about moving those items (they are candy molds), but that is where "everyone else" lists them, and I want to catch the browsers. And don't know where else to put them.

So I have, like, 5 things on there. Yipee.


I think that I need to start an eCrater store.
We have a winner!
I couldn't quite place my finger on what site the express has the general look of....


I sat with live help for express yesterday and they did know what they were talking about..HOWEVER, I see it as a thumbs down experience for an online shopper. The site is not very user-friendly.

I have pop-ups blocked so I didn't receive any..but even with the blocking..ebay express has a LONG way to go.

I'm outta here. It's late in FL!
if you pull up an item on express and then click to view related, you get totally unrelated results - which is pretty funny Smile

I've decided to opt-in. I initially opted out becuase of the having to set paypal to accept unconfirmed addresses. now that theyre saying you can set it to "always ask" and can turn down orders for unconfirmed, i'm gonna opt-in.

What's bad, though, my website shopping cart cant cope with paypal being set to "always ask". So, in order to do Express I had to drop paypal as a payment option from my site. Kinda ironic that ebay is in a way forcing me to discontinue acceptance of paypal on website - laf!
now that theyre saying you can set it to "always ask" and can turn down orders for unconfirmed, i'm gonna opt-in.

The question now is:
When the buyer finds out they can't buy something they want through this shop interface will they be ticked off at eBay or the seller?

I know that's business as usual for unconfirmed addresses but it seems to me that people may see Express as something different -- a place maybe where they can just shop without all of those little seller requirements.

Which, actually, is why I assumed they were making sellers accept unconfirmed addresses to begin with.

Hey, wasn't this supposed to launch today? I haven't gotten an e-mail or anything.
The last rep I spoke with said they had no definite date.
I'm curious. What happens when a customer puts one of my items in his shopping cart, clicks on the link to my store, finds something that he likes there but it isn't listed in Express; how confused and unhappy is he going to be if he finds out he can't pay for it all at one time? What CS rep is going to handle that for him? Was there an email soliciting opinions/feedback on this thing? I do beleive they need to spend some more time on a lot of issues. I'm anxious for store sales to pick up, but my goodness.
Originally posted by Rick Bradford:


Are you YIKES at the models? Or the template?

I opted into eBay Express, spoke with customer service, altered what needed to edited. And then decided yesterday not to be included with Express until it's a little better established.

You hit the nail on the head when you stated it looked like Froogle. A watered down version of Froogle, I might add.

I think I'll wait a month before mulling it over to sell there or not. Usually I'll try most any and every site...but this one is tied to ebay and I don't want my customers confused when doing searches via internet or however.

Summer is coming up and ebay slows down..almost to a halt. I had thought eBay express would be another way of bringing in sales, but for some reason I can't quite place my finger on...I'm not sure about eBay express.

Good Luck,

Suthrnjewl<---still laughing at Rick going YIKES!
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I'm using FF and the color code for the background isn't working so its using the background image I have on the outside on the WHOLE template Mad

I went and checked it in IE and its working fine cept its centered the text Roll Eyes

ebay is screwing ship up when the move the listings!

I don't think it will matter if I revise them all cause in one browser or another there will be something wrong Confused
I am not very excited about express - I spent a lot of time last night double checking on my items that should have been showing up and weren't no matter how I searched for them - wrote to customer service and they replied:

"I have reviewed the listings and notice that you listed these items using Auctiva. For this reason, the checkout process would be through
Auctiva rather than eBay. Please be aware that if you are using a third-party checkout service, you will need to contact your service to ensure that their checkout program is updated to reflect the new third party Application Programming Interface that supports Express".

Anyone have this problem too? I was looking to see if anyone had opened up a help ticket on this issue - or should I do one??

Also, I had to change my listings that had Levis to Levi's in order for them to show up in express - seems like the search criteria is to strict.

OK - I'm done complaining now! Thanks for listening!!

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