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Has anyone else felt like eBay thinks your an idiot? I have only used the help email twice and both times have been made to feel like they think I am stupid. It's like they don't even read my question. My question was "Why can't I add a subtitle to my listing when trying to revise it?". The email I got back was a direct link to the eBay Site Map. Like, OHhhhh that never occurred to me. That was the first place I checked. If I had found the answer there, I would not have needed HELP. Any kind of personal answer would have worked. I would have taken a "Hey, I just don't know" answer over an "implied idiot" answer. You can add any other promotion except a subtitle. Is my question really stupid? Does it make me sound like I have never read directions in my life? The Site Map doesn't even mention subtitles when revising. My 6 year old could direct people to look it up themselves. Really, has anyone had any real help from the Help Center?
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Oh boy, you got one of the e-bots! Many of us have come to the realization that emailing ebay for help is useless because:
1. You get a canned response that doesn't ever address the question you asked
2. We think they are computer generated emails, relying on any keywords that you've provided in your question.

I don't even bother any more. You can try Live Help (pretty much live-helpless) yellow button top right on any ebay page but half the time you lose your connection, and any answers you get will entirely depend on the person you get. I STRONGLY suggest going to ebay's Answer Center and ask your question there. (I don't know the answer or I'd be glad to help you). The folks there are 1000 times more knowledgeable than any of the ebay staff. You'll get quicker answers too!

One suggestion if I may....I don't know what you sell, but usually a second category is a waste of money. I think the majority of people usually just search by keywords not categories. I doubt it would hurt your sales one bit if you skiped the second category altogether. As long as your titles are good, and FILLED with keywords, people should find your stuff easily enough.

Just my 2 cents....Good Luck
It seems like everyone uses some kind of computer response these days. I cannot even fill a prescription over the phone without getting a computer. I guess I was being naive to believe I would actually get a real person through eBay help. I gave up on revising the listing. I only list twice a year anyway. I have never used a second category. I always look things up in the search too. I usually list kids clothes. Takes forever, but it's worth it.
Here lately, everytime I try to use the Live Help, it gives me a message that they are experiencing long delays, then redirect me to the email help. I have noticed a ton more activity on eBay this month. I think it is from the free insertion for the whole month and everyone is taking advantage of the savings. Wonder if they will do that again?
I find replying in ebay again and again saying they didn't read or give a related reply helps. Eventually they answer. Don't send a duplicate until you get an answer or they disregard it and always say you're resending because of the bad answer. People used to be able to send 5 emails to ebay and get 5 different answers but no more.

Blockbuster online is kinda like that -- auto-answers and you can send up to two emails and get two people answering, though sometimes only one work. With Blockbuster online, most the time their auto-answers are that their computer systems are down so they can't do anything -- that's their way of clearing out email backlog so they can keep their 2 hour answer record. And their website is so high bandwidth and thus slow that it's a pain to resend email

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