I was warned by Ebay to remove Active Content of my images. Auctiva said it would make changes to replace its current method of enlarging out images on Ebay. When is this going to happen? I don't want Ebay to take down my listings.
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Hello Grafx,

We have a new version of the scrolling gallery and new view counters already available for new listings that are free of active content and mobile friendly. At this time, I have no ETA on when the update for active listings will occur, but we intend to have such replaced well before eBay makes official changes to active content being displayed. We also have new templates that are also active content free and mobile friendly coming soon. As for the supersize images, the links we use for supersize images are acceptable to the current eBay links policy so there should not be any issues with the supersize links going forward and the pages that the supersize images display on are not eBay hosted.

If you are encountering a specific issue with supersized images or have had communication from eBay that illustrates an issue with the supersize images in particular, please file a support case letting us know the details and provide an example or two of an affected listing and we'll be happy to take a look.

- Craig
I also got the email from ebay today. The message stated I currently had almost 1800 items that had active content that will require editing. Since I don't use the counter or the scrolling gallery I didn't think I would have any problems with the change. All of my listing are straight text no templates or frills. I tried clicking ebay's preview tab on one of the live listing they flagged and nothing seems to change. Maybe it's not a problem. The item number I checked is 172317583343.
Hate to think about editing 1000's of listings with a bulk editing tool that won't handle more that 50 at a time.
Hello Larry,

while there is a chance of there being some form of active content in your listings even if you are not using the gallery, counter or templates, I've taken a look at the listing you refer to and find there is Javascript in it, however, I am not familiar with it nor can I ascertain exactly what it does. For that particular listing, the Javascript does not appear to be related to our service and I have checked several of your other listings and did not find that same script elsewhere.

In checking some of your other listings, I noted several that had no active content. For us to get a better idea of what may be occurring for you, please file a support case with us from under the Help tab of the site and provide a few item numbers that have been flagged as containing active content so we can take a further look into this.

- Craig
Hi Craig -

I was wondering about this too. "Active content" could mean things other than Auctiva Scrolling Gallery or Counters. Do you have a suggestion for discerning more specifically within the listings? I have eBay's email - also mentioning over a 1000 listings still containing "active content", but if some of it is not related to Auctiva, is there a way to find out which listings are affected?

Thanks for your great help. We appreciate you.
Hello wjoycem -

Yes - there are any of a number of things that would be considered active content - this can be an issue especially if you copy/paste content into listings from an external source - that often brings the related code from that source into the listing and may contain Javascript or other active elements.

there are tools available where you can review your listings for active content on eBay.

One of the better ones is: HERE

as it will show the elements of the HTML that are affected. However, if you are not familiar with HTML and Javascript (it is the Javascript that is typically problematic) the results may not mean much to you. However, I am not aware of a tool that will review all of your eBay listings and let you know the ones affected at this time.

Please also keep in mind that eBay is not even going to begin blocking active content in listings until June and we are working towards updating active listings for our customers with regards to the gallery and the counters and will soon have new templates available. Newly created listings on Auctiva and then posted are already using the new gallery and counter (if enabled).

- Craig
Hi Craig,

Thanks for the info. I will check out that link and see if I understand it.

Just to confirm, I also checked my most recent new listings and some GTC that just auto renewed on eBay, using that "preview for active content" icon on the listing that eBay provides, and some html code that was appearing above the scrolling gallery is no longer there. So the new and most recently renewed listings are definitely active-content free. Yea!

Thank you.

Hi Wanda -

our changes thus far would not have affected GTC listings or relists done via eBay. The current status for the new gallery and the counter apply only to new listings posted via Auctiva or relisted using Edit and Relist from the Closed Listings page of your account. We have not yet released the tools for the automatic updates of already active listings so there would not be any changes made to your previously posted GTC listings as of yet. Currently I do not have an ETA for when this process will begin, but we expect to have them available in the near future.

- Craig
Hi Craig,

Interesting. I only spot checked 3 or 4 GTC ones that recently renewed on eBay and they seem to be free of active content. Guess they mysteriously fixed themselves. Smile
Now that would make everyone's job easier if it were really true.....
Thanks again for your terrific support.
I did take your advice and submit the information to support. Never received a response. Also submitted a ticket on listing failures due to "Special Attributes should contain only one value. Remove the extra values and try again." Never got a response on that one either.
In fact when I check ticket status there is nothing in the log.
Hello Larry,

When you say there is nothing in the log, are you saying that when you go to "Check Support Case" under the Help tab of the site you do not see the cases you attempted to file at all, or just that they have not yet received a response from us?

If you do not see any indicator of the cases you've tried to submit, please try submitting your cases again - currently there is a rare, but intermittent difficulty with support cases submitting properly which our engineers are looking into. It may help to file such a case if you clear your browser cache or use a browser other than the browser you normally use. Please note that when you click submit, you should also see a success message after indicating whether or not the issue is related to an already open support case you have.

If you continue to have difficulty with cases being submit, you should be able to respond to an existing case in your account to let us know the details of the other issues you are encountering and we'll be happy to take a look into it.

I'll also post back to this thread as soon as there is any new information regarding the issue with support cases.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Craig
I have not received any reply or acknowledgement that the tickets were submitted. When I use the "Check Support Case" under the help tab there is nothing unless I choose the "all" filter where the most recent ticket was June 2016.
"listing failures due to "Special Attributes should contain only one value. Remove the extra values and try again."

I have experienced a number of listing failures when auto-relisting books that have more than one special attribute such as a book being a first edition and also signed, limited, illustrated, etc. This was never an issue before.
Hello Larry,

As noted there is an intermittent issue with the support site which is being looked into, I have no ETA on a fix for this as of yet, but will update this thread as soon as we have more information available.

Have you tried using another browser or a browser with a cleared cache to try filing your ticket again? We are certainly receiving the overwhelming majority of support cases that are being submit at this time and from your description it sounds like neither of the tickets you have recently tried to file have actually been submit to us, so we have no means to respond. In order to look into the issue you describe, we would really need to have a look into your account at some examples of where you are running into this.

Please try using a browser you do not typically use and/or clear the cache of your usual browser and try filing a support case again with some examples of where you have run into this and once you get a success message regarding the case we will be able to have a look. Alternately, you should be able to respond to an existing ticket you have open and let us know the new issue with those examples and we'll take a look into it for you.

Again, apologies for the continued inconvenience.

- Craig
I also have received a message from ebay stating that 195 of my listings still contain Active Content. Here are the listings they provide as examples: JavaScript
122068897973, 112079654836, 112079669283, 112116244443, 122109927150, 122109931422, 122109936799, 122109944059, 122109984995, 121833186884.

I ran them thru i-ways.net (an ebay mobile friendliness dectector) but don't understand what elements are off or how to fix them. When I see them on the mobile view they look fine to me. I am confused about how to fix this mess! I thought Auctiva was going to automatically fix/replace the active content. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Hello Community -

We are aware of the changes that eBay has been referring to regarding active content in listings. Please keep in mind that no action will occur on the eBay side prior to June as indicated in the messages eBay provides regarding listings that still contain active content.

Please see this thread HERE on our forum.

We have not yet completed the work necessary to update existing listing automatically, so it would be expected that older active listings or relists from such older listing could still contain the older versions of our gallery or counters. We expect to have this work completed and listings updated prior to eBay making any changes. Please note that if you have any of the older versions of the scrolling gallery on your listings, and still have a valid token in your account, you can always file a support case requesting that we update the gallery on your listings prior to the mass update and our support team will assist you with that.

We will let all of our customers know when the updates are ready and rolling out.

We also have new templates coming that are both mobile friendly and free of active content in the near future, so these will also be available prior to eBay making any changes to how listings display on their site.

- Craig
Hello Phunnie1 -

It sounds like you refer to the supersize images page when you have listings with larger images in them. An image is required by eBay to have your listing submit, so there is no way to have no images at all in your listings. However, if you do not wish to have images that supersize in your listings, you do have a few options.

You can upload smaller images to your account for use in your listings so they do not supersize or you can just add a Header and Gallery image on the lister page instead of having images in the body of your description, or you can just use the Optional eBay Gallery images area to add your images, which will then be available under your Header image on eBay but not in the description of your listings.

- Craig

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