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Amazon Simple Storage Service (US) Elevated error rates less
9:05 AM PDT We are currently experiencing elevated error rates with S3. We are investigating.
9:26 AM PDT We're investigating an issue affecting requests. We'll continue to post updates here.
9:48 AM PDT Just wanted to provide an update that we are currently pursuing several paths of corrective action.
10:12 AM PDT We are continuing to pursue corrective action.
10:32 AM PDT A quick update that we believe this is an issue with the communication between several Amazon S3 internal components. We do not have an ETA at this time but will continue to keep you updated.
11:01 AM PDT We're currently in the process of testing a potential solution.
11:22 AM PDT Testing is still in progress. We're working very hard to restore service to our customers.
11:45 AM PDT We are still in the process of testing a series of configuration changes aimed at bringing the service back online.
12:05 PM PDT We have now restored communication between a small subset of hosts. We are working on restoring internal communication across the rest of the fleet. Once communication is fully restored, then we will work to restore request processing.
12:25 PM PDT We have restored communication between additional hosts and are continuing this work across the rest of the fleet. Thank you for your continued patience.
12:51 PM PDT The restored hosts are stable and we are moving forward in restoring communication between additional hosts.
1:17 PM PDT We continue to make incremental progress and communication between additional hosts has been restored. We are continuing with the plan to restore communication across Amazon S3's large fleet of hosts.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Color Me New Resale:

I dont use pay pal I have my own merchant account to accept credit cards--with Auctiva I can link the processing FREE without having to pay for an integrated shopping cart/checkout. QUOTE]

How would I go about doing this? Sorry, I have never used a merchant account here..(I used to in my shop), but how do I connect all it together?

Thanks for any help.
Meanwhile, I wonder if I should list my unsold listings (unsold due to no pics). If I relist and I send them to auction or my store, either way no pics, right? So I might as well hold off on relisting. Man, at least if the economy was OK it wouldn't be such a nightmare! But bad economy + no images = an eBay seller's "DEPRESSION". I hope this is resolved soon!! I wonder what the heck takes so long to fix it and HOW it got "broken" so badly in the 1st place....
Sadly, I can't recall a Sunday in recent memory where there hasn't been a problem on Auctiva big enough to block me from listing anything.

Sunday is a bad, bad, bad day to list through Auctiva, because the smart sellers know that stuff goes for more money if it ends on Thursdays or Sundays, so you have both the 7-day Sunday enders colliding with the 5-day thursday enders for one hell of a bottleneck trafficjam on Auctiva's desperately-in-need-of-revamping servers.

I've started listing on Thursdays for 7-day, so it starts on a quiet(er?) day on Auctiva and ends on a busy day for eBay, but quiet day for Auctiva. I know that if things get really insane, I can switch the Auctiva lister over to html, cut and paste the html right into eBay, and pop on photobucket to upload my pics instead of being forced out by Auctiva's lack of ability to handle images at the moment. More steps? Sure it is. But if you really care about your work, you "work" for it!

Auctiva higher-ups - I hope you're catching on to the recurring theme here amongst your serious sellers and dedicated users. We like free, but we are willing to pay for a modestly-priced subscription upgrade *alternative* to run alongside your free service, in order to free ourselves of these (at this point) permanently recurring critical issues on the largest listing day.


Hey All,

No matter what I have found auctiva to be one of the best sites for listings. Must main frustration with this is that I keep getting can't retrieve gallery image messages in my email from ebay. The problem with this is that I have over 5000 listings on ebay and it is crushing my email. Oh well...The thing that scared me was that all my old pictures would be lost...looks like that wouldn't be an issue, so I am happy.

Originally posted by womandi:
Why is everyone "guessing" what the problem is? Usually an Auctiva employee will post a comment to let us all know. Apparently no employees around today? Hmmmm....maybe they can't sign on (locked out?)

Thanks very much for that, works, but as mine has bids and a short time til ending it has copied underneath the original, but pics on there at least.
Thanks again.
Originally posted by ophiucus13:
I joined Auctiva because Andale failed to provide a reliable image hosting service particularly on Sunday evenings which is the vital listing / end time for auctions. Looking at my blank image boxes I wonder why I bothered. PEOPLE DO NOT BID IF THERE ARE NO PICTURES..... If you cannot provide the service, get out of the business.

OR, you can invest in your own server if you need the money from listings so desperately. Obviously you now know from experience this sort of thing is likely to happen no matter what service you use. When are the whiners going to get it? It happens, no matter what, when or when. Maybe if you cannot have a guaranteed format to ensure your listings are up and running and flawless YOU should get out the the business or consider another way to bring in income. Not to be harsh, but it is the reality. I depend on ebay to pay my bills but I don't fall apart and point fingers when it was my choice to use Auctiva instead of investing in my own server or keeping backup images on my computer. accept responsibility and stop complaining
okay, they posted the eta for us to be in about an hour and that was 10 minutes ago. Seriously, this will all pass. I have learned to just breathe. It there is a solution why worry about it and if there is no solution, why worry about it. it all works itself out. I just don't think that having such harsh complaints and demands on auctiva will change anything. IN fact, if all the complainers leave I'm sure it would free up much of the servers! LOL! JUST TEASIN' PEOPLE! . . .
Does anyone know how to post something without doing a "reply to" on someone's msg??? I have had a store on eBay for 4 years now, listed only thru Auctiva but I have NEVER been here! Sad, huh? The only reason I am here is because I cont. eBay about no pics and they gave me the link to this thread. Otherwise I would still be in the dark...Thanks..barb05130
To mydream I am new also and trying to reply I started a new subject near the top of the page there are buttons with icons first go then new,find,notify,tools & reply hit new and choose your option I think this will get you what you want. I have a question for you can you list in auctiva stores without there being a live ebay auction I cannot seem to get that answer. thanks and good luck

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