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First of all i want to apologize to all for my bad english,but i would try my best to explaine what i want to say,lol.Well,i have a problem with relisting items.As i understood,i can use folder "Saved" to relist my items.I was listing t-shirts and every day i had 15 new t-shirts posted.AndAfter one month i started to use relist my items option,using Auctive.I went to the oldest items being post and marked 15 of them and clicked post now.I use to relist one week.And then all of sudden,i found that i am listing sold items.As i found out,unique shirts listed again and i had the only one of it.And unfortunatly this item sold again and i had no it avalable.I started cheking my listing and found more sold items listed as unsold,and they were sold.Can somebody suggest me how rid out of sold items from my save folder? Or where can i check my sold items,using auctiva? Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards
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Sorry to hear of your troubles. When I first started using Auctiva, I also had some troubles.

Your 'Saved' listings are listings that you have created and saved. They could be ones that you have posted to ebay, but not necessarily. You can create a listing and save it, but not post it right away. So, it is in your Saved folder.

When you relisted your items from the Saved foler, you posted another copy of the SAME Listing as the first time. If the listing contained unique information about a one-of-a-kind T-shirt, then you posted that same listing.

What you need to do if you want to re-use a Saved listing, is EDIT the listing first, making changes to the description as you need to, then SAVE that edited listing, and then post it to ebay.

If you want to delete any of your listings in the Saved folder, then just click on the little box next to each one that you want to remove, and click Delete at the top. Once the listing is posted to ebay, you do not need to have any listings in your Saved folder (if you don't want). Every once in a while I go through my Saved folder and delete listings that I know I'll never need again.

Hope this makes sense.

Good luck with your new listings. I think once you have used Activa for a while, you'll have an easier time of it.

May I give some advice too. Auctiva does not really have a RELIST feature like takes you to Ebay and then you are relisting from Ebay. I always just goto Myebay and relist unsold items from there to ensure I get my relist fees back.


And another note just as mzchristy said, you can edit the listing, but I always use the "create similar" feature, this way I have a copy of all my listings in my saved folders.
thank you,guys for reply.I had that problem long time and i thought it was because of my mistake and not keeping track of my items.Then i took pictures of all my shirts again,deleted all old listing and started as new.Now i have the same problem and i see why it happenning.But,when i tryed to relist from ebay directly,at that point Ebay didn't let me.I was receiving an error message.So i SHOULD list them from Auctiva.But now i feel lost.I don't know HOW to remove sold items from SAVED folder,as i really don't know where Auctiva keeps that information.
Hello, again!

About relisting: If you relist in Auctiva, you are actually being directed back to ebay and the relisting is done on the ebay site. If you want to relist and perhaps get the relisting credit that ebay offers (see their website for the details), then you MUST log on to ebay and relist there. I'm not sure if the recent upgrades that Auctiva has done (like the relist option taking you back over to ebay) qualifies a relisting for the credit. Perhaps someone from Auctiva or another member would have that information for you. I usually just log onto ebay and relist there.

About the saved listings: To find your saved listings, click on the LISTINGS tab, then click on SAVED LISTINGS. This should bring up a list of the listings that have been saved. On the right side of each one is a little box. Click on each box for the listings (one or more) that you want to get rid of, so that it has a little checkmark in it. Then up at the top of the list, there are some buttons, and one of them is DELETE. Click DELETE and the listings that you checkmarked will be deleted.

Another thing: Once a listing is posted to ebay, it shows up on your ACTIVE Listing tab. It is also in the SAVED Listing tab. Once the auction closes, it will show up in your CLOSED LISTINGS tab. You don't really need to keep the listing in the SAVED listing tab [after posting to ebay, of course], if you don't need it again. Activa cleans up old listings from the CLOSED tab every so often, but if your CLOSED tab gets too cluttered, just Delete the ones you don't want. Same procedure as deleting from Saved, except you would be in LISTINGS, click CLOSED LISTINGs tab, then checkmark the ones to delete, and click Delete.

Also, if you don't need certain Images, then click on IMAGES tab, MANAGE images, and checkmark / delete the ones you no longer need. {Actually, they are put in a Deleted Folder for you for about 2 weeks, in case you change your mind. How nice of Auctiva to think of this!]

I know this reply may be a little long, but hope it helps!


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