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Hello all, I hope I can get some answers here. Sometimes I post and get nothing. OK, I am 'cleaning up' my store and I have been using Comic Sans MS for all of my listings, however I would prefer to use Lucida Calligraphy.
Now I know for a listing already created I can go into the HTML editor and replace the font names, and I know that for a new listing I can add the Lucida Calligraphy using the HTML editor.
I don't want to have to change 5-10 Comic Sans to Lucida per listing using the HTML...
Is there a way to permanently add it to my editor? You know where I can just highlight the entire description and use the drop down?
If the editor is only capable of holding 6 fonts can one be removed and replaced.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks All
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Kallisonmik. .

I am not 100% sure this is what you are looking for but will give it a stab since it is week-end and may be Monday before you get answer.

If you are trying to change your listing from one font to another you will go to the listing grey area under item description. Go across top row a little over 1/2 way over 2 things past the bincoulars, and you will see what looks like a little square patch or picture frame it is blue greenish with little black things around it when you hover over it it wills say SELECT ALL. Click that and it will select entire listing making listing blue. Then there is little eraser next to that looks like chalkboard eraser. You click that and it will make your entire listing to small with no html in it. (it does not erase the text, just the html) After doing that listing is still highlighted in blue and you can do entire listing on whatever font you want and size. If you are using assorted sizes, you will need to highlight what you want of each size and it should work.

***To do the first one I would do create new from an old listing and try it from that one so you do not mess up one you love. (or if you think you messed up original you could back out of it without making changes at all). I usually just do create and then when I am happy delete the old one, especially on first try.

I think. . ??? this is what you are asking if not I am sorry if I wasted your time.

Vickie, thank you for the detailes description, however that's not quite what I was looking for. Let me try to clarify.
In the 'description editor' there are 9 different fonts to choose from (times, cosmic, etc...)I would like to use a different font NOT listed. I want to use Lucinda Calligraphy. I want to know if there is some way to add Lucinda Calligraphy to the drop down already provided so I do not have to go into HTML mode and replace the correct font with lucinda calligraphy over and over again.

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