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OK, so I normally use Mozilla Firefox as my browser when I'm using Auctiva as I had a lot of problems with IE when I first started...anyway, I saw a couple of you folks post in here about uploading pixs all at once and thought I'd give it a try...

Well, it's kind of tedious on Firefox as you still have to open, select,, select, ok...etc, etc...

So! I tried the 'drag and drop' feature on IE to see if it would give me any problems...oh my goodness I was so psyched! All I did was select ALL of my photos and then drug (dragged, whatever) them to the pix box and presto! easy-peasy! How freakin' awesome is that?!

So if any of you folks haven't tried that way of uploading your pixs, it is sooooo much easier than doing it "per listing" just go in and select them.

I just wanted to post that as I was psyched about that feature! and after last nights "frustrations" of being 'down' for 6+ hours for the "Thursday night 2.5 hour update", it was refreshing to come on here and say something GOOD and not just vent frustrations Wink
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Yeah, I like using Firefox a lot better when working with Auctiva..I cannot begin to tell you the "frustrations" IE gave me trying to use Auctiva....I think that would solve a lot of people's "issues" on here if they switched browsers when working with this software, for some reason, IE does kinda sucky with Auctiva and makes you want to pull your hair out (figuratively speaking of course Wink) IE would freeze a lot..have fatal errors and have to close on me...all the time, then I started using Firefox and "those" issues at least went away *wink, wink*

Now that I am in the process of combining both my ebay accounts to one...I'll have to try that toggel feature. Before, I had both IE and Firefox open, one working on one ebay account, and one on the other at the same time....I had that 'multi-tasking' thing going....but mainly I was copying templates from one account to the other cause I didn't feel like re-making them all over again.

Anyway, IE hasn't given me the problems it did when I first started using Auctiva, but I'll stick with FF just to be on the safeside anyway...and I'll definitely get that toggle-thing going to see what its all about...
We the few who post suggestions here for others have suggested using FF for ages...if more persons would they'd find that not only does Auctiva work better than IE...

southernjewel - you completely forgot to mention how much FASTER a browser Firefox is compared to IE - those of us out here in the 'sticks' with only 'dial-up' Eek internet can REALLY appreciate that!!!
drunknwitch, I live in the sticks also. Have you checked and seen if anyone in your rural area offers wireless broadband.

The town I live in is less than 30 people . . . there is one company to the north that provides wifi and I can see the nearest town to the north which receives this service - but that is from one of my other houses on the other side of town that I am in the process of remodeling . . . I have contacted this company and before they come out and even look the area over they say that service cannot be provided to me . . .

I am almost done and ready to move into my other house, and when I do so, I will get back ahold of the wifi provider and see if they'll make good on their assertation that "If you can see another town from your house that we provide service to...then you may be able to get our service also." The town is only about 4 or 5 miles away - so I'm gonna see what I can do about MAKING them come down and see for themselves . . . I'd rather be rejected on a 'real life' check than on somebodies assumption!

It would be so GREAT to get broadband . . . dial-up really throws a wrench into the speed of how much I'm able to get done around here -lol!

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