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Seriously folks, I filed a tech support case HOURS AGO and have YET to hear anything. I was hoping by posting here, perhaps a moderator was working and could WAKE UP Eek the tech support team.

This is ridiculous...I'm sure my issue could be fixed in just moments, but they (Auctiva) need to REPLY TO ME PLEASE!!!! ARRGGGG....

And thank you ahead of time for any other veteran auctiva users for trying to help me. I've been a user here for quite some time myself, but I do believe this issue NEEDS to be addressed by the ACTUAL Auctiva EMPLOYEES!!!

Kathleen Smile
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It's my turn the same thing is happening to me which is really quite annoying why do I bother to use auctiva ... actually it initially was a nice feature but since ebay, paypal and now auctiva continue to update it's wreaking havoc on my sales! Obviously Auctiva is also an Ebay owned site since to me all three sites updating and all three seem to be having issues. It's really quite frustrating. Especially as the Holiday season is approaching and my items either aren't getting listed or I am not being notified of payments!

Ok I am done venting
I'm not sure why the support staff that are supposed to be working on Saturdays are not answering your cases. I will look into that.

We had some slowness on our servers tonight that caused listings to not post in time. Your listings should eventually give a message of "Not Posted" on the Scheduled Listings page with a link to "Reschedule Item".

We have been looking into this issue and are continuing to try and bring things back to normal. I'll post back when I have more information.

This is the error (alert) message that I keep getting. The eBay account is actually for my "other" feebay account, buy-it-now_auction-epxress. I don't understand the "different user" message, it's my account.

An eBay account with your eBay username already exists, but belongs to a different user. Do you have multiple Auctiva accounts?

and I have this (auctiva) account and another one for my buy-it-now auctions since I can only post to one ebay account per auctiva account.
It sounds like your browser may have it saved in the session that you are logged in as the wrong user.

Click the "Sign Out" link at the top of the site and the close your browser. Then when you open it up again and go to auctiva, make sure you are not signed in. If you are not, you should now be able to sign in as the Auctiva user you want to list with.

You can verify which eBay ID is associated with your Auctiva ID by going to the "My Account" tab, and hitting the "eBay Settings" link.

Let us know if you are still having problems.

well, i'm having all sorts of trouble with the buy-it-now account i guess. when i click on ebay settings, it says i need to generate a i click the button, it brings me to ebay, i sign in with my buy-it-now account and i click the agree tab...then it brings me back to auctiva with the error message.

also, i cannot sign on to the forums yet with my buy-it-now (auctiva acct) because i still have not received the confirmation email to confirm my email address.

my sell-it-now account (this one) issues...i'm talking about my "other" auctiva account. and i've closed my browsers, cleared the cache, cookies, etc on all browsers and so forth....still doesn't work. this has been going on since yesterday with this token issue.

please help!!
mike was supposed to delete all the eleganthomebykml stuff....that was a very old account....and actually, my buy-it-now account IS the eleganthomebykml ebay account...i just changed the name a long time ago.

what can we do to fix this?

my current ebay account name is buy-it-now_auction-express

current auctiva sign-on name is

my last name has since changed in my oringinal was's now webster...i got married in july.

please help me fix this tonight....PLEASE!!
i spoke with mike on the phone a few times late last year to fix that mess as i was having issues with my current auctiva account because i had multiple accounts for multiple ebay accounts and i think mike deleted or deactivated all the "extra" auctiva accounts.

i have 3 ebay accounts and i have 3 auctiva accounts.

sell-it-now is (was) my main ebay/auctiva account.

i'm in the process of not using that account any longer and am wanting to switch back to my buy-it-now_auction-express ebay account.

i also have a beautiful-in-pink ebay/auctiva account that i don't use.

do we need to close/deactivate the current eleganthomebykml (or buy-it-now) account and start over?

that's fine if we do as i haven't created any listings in this account yet, i'm just copying the html from my sell-it-now listings and changing it manually in my buy-it-now listings. a pain, but it's what i have to do until we can fix this...

please help me!

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