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Hello Community,

Since there has always been a lot of confusion for many of our users about what the "Auctiva Store" and "Auctiva Commerce Store" are, we have decided to rename the Auctiva Store (just for references' sake around our site) that showcases your eBay items. What is your Auctiva Store? See here: Auctiva Stores landing page.

How should we refer to the store that showcases your eBay items? Some ideas that have been tossed around: Auctiva Emporium, Auctiva Plaza, My Market, etc...

Thoughts on this topic??? Ideas??? Suggestions??? Post'em here!
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Did notice one post on here recently that is no longer here, so will not say this is not of interest to anyone, but appears from this thread that most people do not care if name is even changed and no huge demand for it that I have seen.

Perhaps time/money may be better used on other items that people are more concerned with that helps with functions of stores. This seems to be a a cosmetic change, not something to help them list better or for most sell better/more. In all honesty, I have never accidentally run across my auctiva store and am not even sure I have ever ran across anyone else's for that matter in search engines. Without link you I am not sure I could have even found mine without researching. Seems to be quite a few suggestions in feature center that most would love to see addressed and some in forums also that have sure been hanging around for awhile.

Just my thought and others may not share it. . but just thinking this appears not to be high priority for most people.

I only write because you asked for thoughts and no one has posted (except the one that is no longer on here).

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Thanks for chiming in Vickie...yes, we realize it isn't a "high priority" for most sellers. We would've just changed the name without asking for anyone's input (yes, there's a good reason for it--hopefully we can share more about it later this summer) but we know from experience that even changing the slightest little thing without at least giving users the opportunity for their input often results in a lot of hurt feelings Wink .
Thanks for update and explaining. I guess if we knew reason there may be more interest??? But since I assume this is a top secret mission guess we will have to wait???

I am not sure changes without input hurts feelings, frankly I save feelings for my personal life. I think for most it is change that just pop from nowhere and slows our work down that causes problem, especially when the changes do not really give hints on how they make our listing easier. As mentioned before.. sell IT!! If you got it flaunt it, if a new feature comes out. . flaunt it and sell it!! (Can't wait to see summer flaunted hope it is BIG!!) Big Grin

Thanks again for update!
(yes, there's a good reason for it--hopefully we can share more about it later this summer)

Is it later this summer yet???? When is later this summer???? Fall begins September 22nd???

Any news...could this be something in update next week that was announced? Should be have a contest guessing what this is???

Any idea when we may find something out???? Just thought I would ask.
Ok....summer has passed, fall is here.... Is this whatever it is a forgotten child?

(yes, there's a good reason for it--hopefully we can share more about it later this summer)

If this was/is a hoax how about telling us, so I quit asking. (I realize it says hope but perhaps an update since summer is gone may be nice) I am getting not so fond memories of being baited along with the we are going to get system so you can list on other sites that we begged for answers on for months and were baited along forever it seemed...with it was going to happen and months and months and months later and MANY posts on forums were told NOT GONNA HAPPEN NOW!

Just saying, don't put teasers out and then not respond when asked. OR if this is a forgotten thing, then just say, we no longer have plans to do this...the end!
I think Auctiva needs to concentrate more on getting bugs fixed on rollouts over the last 12 months and also getting some badly needed enhancement projects off the back-burner and into development.Also the money would be better spent on putting some testers on staff that will test the rollouts instead of using us as the Beta Testers.

  • Auctiva rolls out MyStoreRewards. BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY. Auctiva support responds gee sorry about that but that ain't us contact there support by email. Their support? It's being promoted as an Auctiva great accomplishment and you don't have support methods in place? Worst of all your promoting something that appears to be untested? Really?
  • Bulk feedback capability on new look Sales page has been broken for months. ETA? Nope but they will get to it one day...maybe after changing the name.
  • How about getting the project to allow Custom Labels to be created in Auctiva listing creator instead of having to go back with a ebay tool to fix the things Auctia can't do.
  • Auctiva rolls out product Item Specifics when creating a listing months after eBay makes it mandatory for maximum exposure. Was it tested before roll out? Apparently not since only 5 or 6 countries listed on dropdown and no way to add without resorting to a eBay tool. Oh it did get fixed..about a month later but still not perfect. You can't jump to a country by typing first letter. Have to scroll complete list.

There is more but Auctiva should get the picture. Guys you used to have a good eBay tool but it seems to me that development and getting issues fixed is a low priority for the eBay side. I am also on the Commerce side and that side seems to have it together. Things are tested and not rolled out until perfect, support issues are handled in hours instead of months, useful enhancements just keep coming too.
Auctiva get your act together on the eBay tools or just give it up because the competition is going to gobble you up.
Thanks for allowing me to sound off.
BELIEVE ME......While I fully agree, and have said that many, many times, in many forum threads, do fixes, do not reinvent a wheel that is working. Just fix what is there..I have said till the cows come home.

Auctiva is on their own mission, seems as though this is something being worked on that is/was already in the works before February 2012 when post was made, and was before auctiva stores became auctiva emporium.

It is not like I am asking for new things...if they are working on something ANYWAY, which I would assume by post that they are...and put it out there...then tell us what it is.

Believe, me...I am hoping it would have something to do with improving what we have.

Just if they put it out there then update...follow up! It only takes minutes for them to at least give us the courtesy of a response. Appears this could have been a teaser and if that is case...they should just say it and close it - end it? Not to difficult! Been done before.

As far as commerce, frankly I am glad they separated it from it use to BURN me all the support and forum and attention that side got while the ebay side was a house slowly falling apart.

Seems to be that ebay would be a way to get more people on commerce (a stepping stone) feeling if ebay is not smooth, then I would not imagine wanting to do commerce assuming it would be more of same.

As I have mentioned, I am not asking for MORE than commerce, we are just asking over and over that they KEEP UP with eay and keep system working.

The ONE thing I would like to see done or enhanced, and I do not think this would require a rocket scientist to do OR very much time, is to update the feature center and try to make it more they know in one place what we need want.

Right is on forums spread out everywhere it would take someone weeks to go through and pull it together, few on feature center, some on facebook, and who knows where else. I would also like if they would not censor the posts and comments I have asked for progress on there...and others have told us they put comments of why they wanted something and they did not get through the censorship

All in one place would be nice, so everyone could see it. Everyone could comment, and give their thoughts as to their priority as we all know we are all looking for different things.

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Believe me...I could sure add to your list. the phone ipad ap being one of them that comes to mind fast...categories scrambled to heck an back. I got ipad specifically to use for auctiva listings...oh, little did I know..the sub categories are scattered no order at all. OBVIOUSLY NOT TESTED AT ALL or someone would have been, wait, this is a mess. I am not sure they even knew it until I mentioned it. Of course, no fix in sight (but honestly while money was wasted, had rather have site on regular computers fixed FIRST!)


DO NOT put teaser notes out if you do not plan to follow up.

Thom...I guarantee I and others could come up with list that would make yours look shameful!! (teasing there)
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I understand lookandbuyme. If I did the same no one would read it because it would be too long. I'm just get pieved that Auctiva just sits back, no response, no date of action no nothing.
Suggest that you do as I and file a support ticket on each issue. If it gets closed reopen it until it gets fixed.
News update on the MyStoreRewards problem.The vendor to Auctiva after 2 days confirmed the issue is on the Auctiva end not theirs as suggested by Auctiva support. Another hash towards Auctiva not testing anything they kick out. Why should they when we can be beta testers for no cost.
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