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Cant load images to add to my variations, and then i get the spam message saying sorry  the site is busy?  How is that helpful ?  Funny how every other area of the site is working.  I have taken the day off to upload loads of listings only to have auctiva stopping me.   i hope we are all going to get a refund for the days this is down.  not happy at all.


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Hello Steve on eBay -

We are sorry to hear you encountered difficulty uploading images. 

There was an issue that occurred yesterday that caused difficulty with the image management area for some accounts.  However, the issue has since been resolved and the image management area is operating as expected again.

If you are still encountering difficulty, please clear the cache of your browser and try again.  Should the issue persist, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site so our agents can have a look into it for you.

- Craig

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