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Guest ·
Welcome to the Auctiva Education forum. In the next few weeks we'll be adding an Education tab on our site, which will host how-to articles covering best-practice techniques for using eBay and other online auction and e-commerce platforms; exclusive "from the trenches" editorials by renowned eBay experts; and analysis of e-commerce news, trends and events. Use this forum to discuss individual articles, of which each will have its own thread for comments.

Contact Phone Number For Auctive

bunnie ·
I am a newbie and just trying to launch an Auctive Ecommerce Store. Is there a way to reach the "host" or someone at Auctiva????

can you use auctiva for auctions on Ebay UK??

ntegragsr93 ·
can you use auctive to host auctions that i want to list on EBay UK??

Can't put price in???

shinygear ·
Hey all - FInally starting to really move my auctions over here in hopes of loosing my other host for good, but I seem to be having a glitch. I have several very similar auctions, so I created one and am using it as a template for the others - all well and good, but for some reason it has the price box grayed out so I can't put it in there, and I know an auction won't launch without a price - nor would I want it to! The Buy it Now box is working, but not the regular field. Any suggestions?

Can I use my Store to host .pdf files?

tjmonty ·
Ok, Let's see if I can ask this in a clear way. I want to offer free guides from my eBay "About Me" Page to generate traffic and hopefully income through affiliate links in those guides. I need a server, or host to have this guide available for people to download from. Eventually I would want to sell other types of information or eBooks, but for right now just want to take baby steps. Does Auctiva have any services for what I want? I appreciate any help. Sometimes setting this stuff up gets...

Can free members still list?

gadawgsfan19 ·
i havent listed anything on ebay in a while. i just got done with making my listing and did my error check just to make sure everything was fine. i then clicked post to post the listing on ebay like ive done a million times before. im not brand new to auctiva but im not an expert. i know they have the new plans. they sound great. dont get me wrong, but i dont list enough to need those right now. maybe one day i will be listing so much stuff i will need the plan. i cant afford the pricing...

Instead of uploading to Gallery...

rarebookspaper ·
Hi. I host my own images and upload them to my own server. I include them as part of the description. I would like to know if there is a way to just paste the URL of my pic for the gallery. All I see is the upload option, so I essentially have to upload that picture twice, as it is already on my own server - I don't need to upload it again to Auctiva's server... Do I? Thanks!

Image Host Space?

retrorave ·
(cross posted on "Getting Started") Hi! I'm new here and still trying to find my way around. I'm not new to eBay or chat boards, but I'm a little rusty. After a 3 yr. sabbatical, I've decided to return to the wonderful world of eBay. Even though a lot has changed in that time, I figure it's like riding a bicycle. So far, I'm very impressed with most everything about Auctiva, but I can't seem to find the answer to one of my questions. I'm sure it's been asked a hundred times, but ... how much...

Image Hosting????

guinness1up ·
Alright this may seems like a stupid question...But here it goes...Can I use Auctiva as my primary image host and cancel image hosting with ebay? (save the fees) Thanks for any help...And for anybody with advice on how I can improve my listings or store please check it out...I appreciate any help or advice even criticism...Thanks again My Store

Image hosting & the scolling gallery questions

kraig ·
Hi like many I find the image hosting fees excessive so will no longer be using Auctiva to host my images. But how will that effect the scrolling gallery will it still work? Does it take the images straight from the eBay gallery images normally or does it load them up for the Auctiva site? (If you get what I mean) And will I need to change any account settings. Also whilst I am here, My gallery never seems to have more then about 20/25 items in it. Now I am not one of these guys with 10,000...

Image Hosting limit.

realitydesigns ·
What is the mazimun number of images auctiva will host for free? When I try to upload images I get limit of 100 reached when I try to upload more images. Thanks.

Image sizing - what's the deal?

phoebe7 ·
Hi, I'm new here and don't understand how the image sizing works if I'm using Auctiva hosting. It sounds as if any pictures will be resized to 400x300 ... is that right? Does that mean if my original photo did not match those proportions, will it be stretched or squeezed or cropped automatically if (when reduced) its new size ratio doesn't match 4:3? I'm not sure if my question is clear but hope that someone understands what I mean. I don't want to spend the time loading pictures and...

Image Uploading Issues

kariskollectables ·
Anyone else having issues with image uploads. Everytime I attempt to upload images, I constantly get failure notices and/or little red x's. Have been using the basic uploader for years without a problem or any changes. Spending more time with my finger up my nose waiting. I filed yet another support case, but we all know the response time for these. Looks like a good day to shop around for another host that supports consignments.

Is Ebay now completely Socialist?

barparts ·
Here is the Auctionbytes article: eBay is introducing a host of changes it hopes will improve the site in time for the holiday shopping season. Most significantly, eBay will change its Buy It Now (BIN) fixed-price format, making it more like eBay Store-inventory, but with exposure in the main core search results. It will also make changes to Finding (search), Shipping and Seller Standards. And in a move that was expected by many, it will change to an electronic checkout system,...

I require my store domain to be

futurology ·
On 6 Jan 2009 I added to my domain list in <STORE>, which I host eleswhere. I want this to be the site where my auctiva store is. The <A record> has been changed as requested to point to the number provided. At the moment (about 21 hours after changing the A record), is still inactive. I have three questions: 1. Do I need to alter the nameservers to ones that auctiva provides? If so, where can I find them? 2. Do I need to make it the default domain, in...

I want to transfer images from Auctiva

adriana ·
Stupid me, transferred from my PC to Auctiva, then deleted PC images. I need (at least I'd LIKE to) transfer images from Auctiva to... somewhere else, back to my PC, to a different photo host. Can I do this? I feel like I can't bail out fast enough. I've wasted far more than enough of my time here.

I'm the culprit causing the Image Failures....

crabby ·
Yep, I've finally come to realize, it's me... every time I come back to Auctiva to list & use the photo hosting, within a week, the images servers crash completely. I know it's me. It must be something about my photos that the servers can't handle. Maybe too big, maybe too many megapixels, maybe too colorful...? I don't know...happens every time though, so it MUST be me. Wanted to apologize to all of you. Guess I'll go back to the other host for awhile so things can get back to normal here.

Auctiva Mike ~ WHY no announcement?????

gio ·
How long until the image hosting problem is resolved? Cannot list & current listings have no pics/ take forever to load. I am not the only one with this issue...check the forum. Besides the listing/hosting problems, what I really want an answer to is WHY no announcement? I have completely stopped using the scrolling window because of all the recurring issues and the lack of open and honest communication about that I need a new host too? I truly do not understand why you'd...

Auctiva customer service???

charmedcreationsandmore ·
Over the past few weeks, our email import has not been working. At times we were unable to send out store emails to customers so Auctiva was manually sending them for us while the techs work on a solution. Auctiva has created several new import lists in an attempt to resolve the issue that has been going on before black friday (NOv. 25th) however, when I send emails, I'm getting hate mail from customers who have previously opted out from receiving our are a few from today...

Auctiva Hosted Images Not Showing Up for Some Users

auctivamiked ·
Hi Community, We are receiving reports from a number of users indicating that they are unable to see the Auctiva hosted images in their auctions when the images actually are present in them. Based on this, it appears there is most likely a network problem that is preventing users with certain ISPs and/or geographical locations from connecting to our image host. If you are experiencing this problem, please run a trace route to and paste the results into a reply to this thread.

Auctiva Image Issues

Admin ·
Hi Community, We are currently experiencing an issue with user uploaded images. We host those images in Amazon S3. They are experiencing issues right now. This will affect images on the Super Sized Image pages on ebay, recalling user images through the site and the ability to upload images. We will keep you posted as the situation evolves. Auctiva IT Team

Brand new member with lots of questions...

loretta-jo ·
Fortunately I've found most of the answers myself, except for ... My default domain is set to "Loretta-Jo", is this an actual bonafide REAL domain? What I mean is can I put a simple "About Me" web page in here? Is this where my pictures go? I never liked using my email server to host on eBay since my address shows up in the image URLs. Does Auctiva host email accounts? Also, to let you know, I'm not crazy about the Sellathon feature, but I'll leave it in because Auctiva is just so darn free...

Attn Firefox user

roamer ·
I started using Auctiva a few days ago with the Firefox browser and have discovered, much to my chagrin, that choosing some of the templates means having your written description dissappear. I have eight active auctions with no description. I switched to IE when I first noticed the problem just to use Auctiva but it gave me trouble in choosing images and choosing a template--it just stuck and showed blank. I am now wondering if I am going to have to find yet another auction host.

Auctiva Store Question

kryptoknight ·
Hello, I'm new to the whole Auctiva experience although I did have some success using the picture host feature over the holidays. Now I'm ready to go deeper using templates and such. I was wondering if it's possible to host your auctions at other venues beside ebay like Ioffer, Ubid, and others? And if so, is there any way to do this automatically or is copy/paste the only way? Like many others, I'm tired of ebay's high listing prices that are only getting higher. It would be great to be...

Here I present you, the eBay Millionaires!!!!!!!

zameera ·
Hi, As you all know, I'm Zameera, the host of the 'eBay Millionaires' newsletter. By subscribing to the newsletter, you'll get EXCLUSIVE special offers on mystery products (just for our subscribers), FREE e-books and tips, tricks & secrets to sell on eBay effectively! We won't flood your inbox with junks & useless emails & informations. Our info's are valuable & we don't send newsletter daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. We send out newsletter when our mind light up with...

Here's the deal...

karen 2 ·
I'm so frustrated with Auctiva's listing problems, I'm almost ready to change to another host. After spending days trying to list one item, I found Auctiva's notice that said I would have to change browsers. After installing the recommended browser and spending another hour trying to list that one item, I clicked save and the entire window disappeared. Now I've uninstalled that browser and am trying to decide whether I want to install the second recommended browser, or is that also just a...

hello x RWer's

catspoiler ·
I know we are MANY! I like my new 'host-home' here at auctiva but do you? The 'old place' is basically a discussion board now, sad waste. MUCH more for us here. RELIABILITY being the foremost thing!

How can I access a template already being used in an active listing, to "sell similar

kellijean ·
I am new to Auctiva, not to eBay. We have a professionally designed template that I thought I would try using in Auctiva, since we will now be switching to Auctiva to host our photos instead of eBay Picture Manager. When I copy & past the HTML into the custom template box, I get errors about having too many tags. It would be much easier if I could access an existing listing and "create similar". How can I get an existing listing (which I can see in Auctiva on my account) to the "saved"...

How Many Photos is one user allowed to host for free with Auctiva?

blackporche ·
Hi, just wondering how many photos are allowed to be uploaded on Auctiva. Is there a limit?

How to host my own images?

womandi ·
I remember seeing a link in Auctiva where I could host my own images and not have to use their space, but now I can't find it for the life of me. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.

help turning page source from into a template

frenchyvnh ·
i think i have a start on this after reading a post by Auctiva Tom. i went to one of my typical listings and grabbed the page source for the part that auctiva poster puts in the body of a listing. reference; my usual layout has a banner at the top. the red text right below it comes from a theme i have set up for the different types of items i have. the YELLOW text is from a filled in "headline" field. if there is white text next it comes from tagged font...

A way for buyers to see pics!!!!!

ebliss ·
Images are viewable for some strange reason if you go to the VIEW SELLERS ITEMS link, even the new enlargements! Put a notice on you auction and store home page that reads: ATTENTION SHOPPERS! OUR IMAGE HOST IS TEMPORARLIY DOWN, TO VIEW PRODUCT IMAGES UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS FIXED, PLEASE GO TO THE VIEW SELLERS ITEMS LINK TO SEE THE IMAGES. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE

Accessing Images Bug

tusk ·
Hey all, I use the images that I host on Auctiva to advertise elsewhere on the net. I have run into some strange behaviors of some of the images I use. When I try to access the URL of the image, it instead forwards me to the the image stored temporarily on my machine. This happens even when I click on the image IN Auctiva. For example, when I copy the URL of a hosted image and paste it into a new tab, it downloads the image to a temporary folder on my computer and forwards me to that address...

Annnnouncement from facebook re FORUMS DOWN & I am not sure about tomorrow?

lookandbuyme ·
Just read on facebook that forums are down tonight. Here is cut/paste that announcement: Just a head's up for our forums users: The forums will be unavailable tonight (9/12) until 7pm PST/10pm EST for scheduled downtime. We look forward to seeing you back on the forums after they are back! Auctiva announced on 7th the following announcement so not sure if it will down tonight and tomorrow...I figure prepare for both until we hear different. Posted September 07, 2012 12:18 PM Hi Community,...

Adding MP3 to Ebay

agv ·
Does any body out there know how to add MP3 to your listing. Data zap host my MP3 files

1st Listing Through Auctiva - No Gallery Photo

rogerb218 ·
Hi All, I host on Photobucket if that makes a difference. I selected the option for external hosting. In the image selection screen to the right of the Image 1 of 24 etc section I entered the URL of the image I wanted in the bit that says Gallery Image. The thumbnail shows ok there, though I have to click view to see it. So I thought it was ok even when the image next to the saved listing said no thumbnail. Anyway the listing seems to have go up without the Gallery. Any idea what I have done...

Forum Maintenance

auctivachrise ·
All - Just FYI we heard from our forum host that they will be doing maintenance tomorrow from 9 am to noon; Eastern time. The forums may be down periodically during maintenance. Thx, Chris

ftp address

tier ·
I am a ebay powerseller yet new to auctiva...this is all greek to me...I have created an awesome page that I would like to download somehow to do I do this..I thought using this web studio everything would automatically turn to html but they are asking me for my "host ftp address and my host directory-I thought I could use this but it is coming up error...please help!

EXTERNAL link in Lister isn't working

susanfairhurst ·
I use an external host for my pictures and don't want to upload 800 images. When I click on the link External Image in the Lister nothing happens. What do I do?

"File a Support Request" Link Not Working (11/3/09)

auctivamiked ·
Hi Community, We experienced a power related technical problem where we host the servers that power our support site this morning that is causing users to be unable to connect to the "File a Support Request" page. Our IT team is currently working on this problem and we will have this issue resolved as soon as possible. I’m not quite sure when this issue will be resolved quite yet, but I will post further updated on this situation as additional information becomes available. Once this issue...

email address change in paypal??

aj ·
I signed up for the Auctiva scrolling photos, or whatever you call it at the bottom of my auctions. When I did that, I had another email address. Now that I have signed up to use Auctiva as my host and lister, it has the old email address showing for my paypal payment, and I cannot see how to change it.

Embedding Video

earthy ·
Hi! I'm a newb in Auctiva, and it now feels in my listing capabilities as well!! Bang-head-wall...Why is it that I can upload a video (host is YouTube) in my Seller Preferences but I try to do the exact same thing in the listing details and it won't take?? I'm using a standard Auctiva free template (mostly). Any help, a crumb, a general sense of the obvious that I'm clearly missing, would be um...great. Save a head...please help a fellow seller out.

designate listing as new item?

kitchentablestudio ·
I've been using Auctiva for a few days now, and now that I'm getting more familiar with it, I'm blown away by how fast I'm able to list things! So nice to have everything in one place--my photos, preferences, templates, etc.! Sure saves time as opposed to switching between 4 different open browser windows--one for ebay, one for photo host service, one for notepad to cut and paste html from, and one for MS word where I write my descriptions. One thing I'd like to see added--just my 2 cents.

Directing my website to my auctiva store

replacementsterling ·
I was trying to have my website directed to my auctiva store, was following the direction and when I get to the step that says "Near the bottom of that box is a plus mark that says "Total DNS Control". Click that plus mark. 6. The box expands showing 2 links. Choose the link that says "Total DNS Control" My page is showing Total DNS: (Not hosted here) It just says not hosted here after total dns, I purchased the name through godaddy and host is powweb....any help please

Do I need to host images here to use the gallery?

naturalmystic ·
Hi, Just wondering if I need to host my images here for the gallery to show up? I don't have a problem with that. I just am wondering as I have these particular images in photobucket currently, and nothing has loaded yet (it's been at least 4 hours I think). Anyway does it work that way as I was planning to use photobucket sometimes? Thanks Autumn

Do I need to host my header somewhere

lneesbye ·
I have a custom image that a friend made for me that I want to appear at the top of every listing. It is a simple GIF. I have posted it into the HTML as described in other topics, but I'm not sure if I need to upload the image anywhere. Currently, it is just local on my machine. Thanks. Lene

Do the store and scrolling gallery still work with external image hosting?

kraig ·
I still quite like the Auctiva gallery and the store could prove useful in the future. But there is no chance in hell I am going to pay to host images So do these features still work when hosting images elsewhere? If it does, does the store/scrolling gallery collect it's images from ebay or from the hosting site? And would I need to change any settings? Thanks

Does anyone know how much image hosting only will cost in July?

calicovintage ·
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how much just image hosting alone will be once July 1st roles around. I recently just had a template designed for me and I had planned on using it with the "thumbnails layout" (the layout with the mouse over enlarge. I signed up at a few free image hosts sites, but I can't seem to get the images to look right when I use another image host. They are smaller. It only seems to look right with images stored in auctiva and I do not know enough HTML to due the...

Does Auctiva Host Images for other sites beside EBay

sukie ·
We sell fishing lures on a site called Joe's Old Lures. He has a Message Board and it is possible to upload pictures to a web site to your ad on his message board. Can I use Auctive to host the pictures that I want to transfer to his web site? I have been trying to use Picassa and I am not having much luck? Thanks!!

Domain Forwarding Issue

juicyjools ·
Hi All, I’ve got an issue with my Auctiva Store not associating with the domain address which I have set up forwarding on. The domain is and I get the same error message each time.. “Your domain is currently directing to Auctiva but is not yet associated with your Auctiva account. After purchasing a domain from Auctiva or setting your personal domain to point to, please allow 24 hours to pass. If you are still having problems after 24 hours,...
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