Anyone else having issues with image uploads.
Everytime I attempt to upload images, I constantly get failure notices and/or little red x's.
Have been using the basic uploader for years without a problem or any changes.
Spending more time with my finger up my nose waiting.
I filed yet another support case, but we all know the response time for these.
Looks like a good day to shop around for another host that supports consignments.
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Hi kariskollectables,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been experiencing. We have received a few reports of image uploading difficulties this morning, but we have not been able to find anything amiss on our end that would explain why you may have started to encounter these uploading failures to this point.

We will continue to monitor out image uploading service for potential problems though and I will keep you posted if we are able to uncover any possible solutions for this issue.

Based on what you have described, it sounds like this issue could be a result of a connection problem between you are our image hosting service and I just requested some information from you through your open support case that will help us evaluate that possibility.

We appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention.

I can't get any pics to upload. I have been trying for over 2 hours to get 10 photos uploaded to a listing. It will load a couple and just stop. Then I get a pop up (can't read it all, it does not have a scroll right option) but what I can read says: upload has failed. The image may be too large, an unsupported format, or the auctiva servers may be busy at this time. Account permissions may not allow uploads. If the problem continues, please contact..... (and I can't read the rest)

I have changed nothing about the way I take pics or upload. I have cleared cookies and cache and rebooted. Nothing helps!
Bulk image uploader fails to upload more than 3 or 4 images at a time. It just quits and the failed msg comes up after a couple of minutes. Using Firefox. Switched to IE9. Using IE9, I couldn't download "" required for the bulk uploader.

Please get this fixed right this very minute! Big Grin
try switching browsers...might work. if using mozilla switch to chrome or vice versa.

also suggest you file support request.

i had an issue about an hour ago but i was able to start again and get them uploaded.
I've been having problems all day too, one or two pics upload & then uploading freezes, What's up? I've been uploading pics for a long time so I know its not on my end, additionally, when it freezes I can still use all other internet options even though the connection to Auctiva seems bad. I'm losing a lot of time & getting no work done. Please fix the problem.
I have tried switching browsers, and filed a support ticket early this morning.

Same here with it uploading a few pics at a time then freezing up. I found if I wait about 10 minutes for the error to come up, I can click ok...and those few are I started going in and uploading one durn pic at a time!! that works but takes forever!!
just happened to me again. i had to completely x out of the uploader and start again. pita.

btw i am working in three other programs on the same browser and no not the isp or browser, at this point.
I just give up! I quit for the day. I hope this is better tomorrow. I have not listed through ebay in 5 years or more, but will have to see if I can figure it out tomorrow if this is not fixed.
Hi Community,

Thanks for keeping us apprised of the uploading difficulties you have been experiencing. We believe we have identified the cause of these errors and have just released change intended to resolve the issue, so hopefully you will all be able to resume uploading your images successfully at this point.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. If you continue to encounter difficulties of this nature, please contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the "Help" tab and selecting the "File Support Case" option.

It's still not working. Fails to get a response from Auctiva Server (after finishing the individual upload) and then times out.

Firefox 16 on MAC.
I am experiencing the same problems as everyone else is with the image uploading issues.
This is a lot of waiting around for images to load.
I can get only one or two images to upload at a time. Then I even have a problem getting back to Auctiva. It takes me multiple times trying to get back to the Auctiva site.
Thank you
Hi Community,

We apologize for the continued difficulties. We just made an additional change intended to address the remaining part of the issue. Please let us know if you continue to have trouble uploading images moving forward.

I was able to load the pics to the listing through Google Chrome this time. I am listing through Firefox, and saving, then opening GC to add the pics. The description never comes out right in GC. Too much trouble. I have to type the description with no spaces, then go in and make paragraphs, or else it changes the font size if I try to do it as I go. That is why I always list with Firefox.
I'm having the same issue with uploading photos. A few photos will upload and it will just freeze at random and waste my time for 5 minutes before it times out. I contacted support and mentioned I had tried to upload with Chrome, IE and Firefox and the reply I received was to try to use a different browser such as Chrome and also they were sorry I was having issues. I'm at at loss here! Maybe the should realize the possibility of the problem being on their end?
I still can't upload pictures, maybe one will load & then it freezes. I use firefox, never had a problem until yesterday. This is costing me money as this is day 2 I cannot upload pics. I did file a ticket yesterday, no response yet. Please find a solution, Thank you.
Hi Commmunity,

Thanks for letting us know that you are still encountering similar uploading issues following the change we implemented yesterday. Our technical team is currently investigating what else is necessary to resolve this issue and we will put a solution in place as soon as we can.

I am uncertain when we may be able to address the issue at this point, but I will keep you all posted through this thread as additional information becomes available. We apologize, once again, for the continued difficulties.

Hi Community,

We are still attempting to track down exactly what caused this issue to surface occasionally over the past few days, but I am pleased to report that we have recently put some additional measures in place designed to recognize when these errors are going to occur and alleviate them quickly.

We will continue to work toward finding a permanent solution to the issue as soon as possible and I will let you know through this thread when we have done so or any other pertinent information on the topic becomes available.

If you encounter errors of this nature for any prolonged period of time moving forward, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you all for your continued patience as we work to resolve this issue once and for all.

I'm having the same problem today. Never has an issue before but the bul uploader will load 8 to 12 pics from the ones I have chosen then it just feeeze. I have to log out and start again then it will work again for another 8 to 12 pics and then freeze again. Tried switching browers to IE from Chrome and the active X download does not even start so can not do any on that browser.
I've got 260 images to do !!!
Hi rainonthewindow,

Thanks for letting us know that you encountered this issue again this morning. We have just made another adjustment intended to alleviate this behavior and expect that you will be able to upload your images successfully at this time. Our technical team is still seeking a permanent solution to ensure this does not happen again.

Hi trinkets,

Thanks for letting us know. We did have encounter about technical hiccup with our image uploading service this morning which was most likely responsible for the issue you described. Our image uploading service should be stable once again at this time so we expect that you should be able to upload your images successfully again at this time.

Although we are still seeking a permanent solution that will prevent this from occurring moving forward, we have put some additional measures in place to help us keep the issue from having a noticeable impact.

I'm having horrible problems uploading photos. I also keep getting error messages. This has been going on for days. If it doesn't get fixed I will end my subscription. Really bad time of year for this to be happening.
Thanks but I did and they told me they were not aware of this problem and it must be me. I referred them to this string. Hopefully they will read it and the other one similar to see it isn't just meFrown
Hi anniroc,

I'm sorry to hear that you have been encountering difficulties when uploading images over the past few days. Although the behavior you have described sounds very similar to what those who have been impacted by this issue have experienced, I am not currently certain if you are being impacted by this specific issue based on the timing of your reports.

We did see a few errors related to this issue at around 12 PM PST today and we were able to quickly alleviate the errors so, if you were indeed being impacted by this issue, I expect that you will be able to upload images successfully once again at this time.

If you continue to encounter the same behavior moving forward, please reply to the message I just sent you through the support case you had opened on this subject and I will be happy to continue working with you on this.

Well,same image uploading problems here. Have filed support and followed all their instructions. Sadly my computer is so messed up now after their suggestions I may have to take it in the shop. Comne on auctiva, at least be straight with us. We can all now see its on your end. Very frustrated and you just blew the biggest week of the year for me on ebay. Wow!
Filed support case on this, did all their suggestions, still nothing and no reply to support ticket in more than 12 hours here. I am devistated by the lack of customer service here after all the many years I have been using this site.
Dear myvintagestuff,

I'm sorry to hear that you have been encountering image upload difficulties as well.

Similar to the last user who contributed to this thread, although it sounds like you have been impacted by this image uploading issue, our image uploading service appears to have been stable around the times you reported this so I cannot link the errors you received to this issue definitely at this point.

We did see a few more errors related to this issue at around 7:40 AM PST today and we were able to quickly alleviate the errors so, if you were indeed being impacted by this issue, I expect that you will be able to upload images successfully once again at this time.

If you continue to encounter the same behavior moving forward, please reply to the message I just sent you through the support case you had opened on this subject and I will be happy to continue working with you on this.

Dear Auctiva Responder,
In response to your comments to me and to others, please understand that we are trying to up load photos at different times of the day. Just because you find a problem at a particular time of day and fix it doesn't help us. Clearly you are not fixing the problem. I just tried to upload several photos on 3 seperate browers. I am at my wits end. You are causing me to not be able to do my listing as I have always done.
Please stop responding to us with your "rote" response. It is very clear to me and to others that you are not understanding that this is Auctiva's problem not ours. If this isn't fixed in the next day, then I am cancelling my subscription. Clearly this issue has been going on for quite some time. Time enough for you to first recognize it is you and second to fix it.
I am losing precious time and therefore business.
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