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I'm using an Auctivia template. How do I get rid of the image that displays on my eBay listing below line at the bottom of the template section and just above what looks like the hidden counter? (Right below the hidden counter, if that's what it is, there's a link to "Protect your credit score - monitor your credit. Learn more," and then the eBay section heading "Shipping and handling.")

It seems like the image I'm referring to is just a repeat display of the eBay Header Image.
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Originally posted by member_8880:
It IS a repeat of the Ebay header image. I don't think you can get rid of it...I don't recall ever seeing an auction listing without that pic...

Thanks for your response and for confirming what I suspected.

I'm curious tho, why would you want to get rid of it?

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, the reason is because I still have a LOT to learn about photography and using a digital camera. I'm not a total novice (I'm a Realtor, so I've gotten fairly good at taking the sort of photos one would use for a real estate listing), but taking good photos of smaller objects is an entirely different ball of wax! It's so much more technical, and it's definitely the most challenging part of the eBay listing process for me right now. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually...was just hoping there might be an easy way to adjust for some of my goofs in the meantime (in this case, I must have had the resolution set too high because the repeat Header Image is HUGE--I mean, it's annoying to ME when I'm scrolling down the page, and I'm sure I'm not alone).
You're NOT camera is incapable of taking a clear close up of a small object so I gave up even trying Smile
I have a couple links I have found useful:

The second one has given me alot of help...this guy really knows his stuff. If it's not what you need, go to Ebay's Discussion Boards and do a search for 'taking pictures' or however you want to word it. You should be able to find some great info. It's probably not you, but rather your camera, same as me Smile
Thanks all for the helpful replies.

member_8880, I will check out those links. I have a lot to learn about photography and cameras. I can usually get pretty good closeups of small objects with my camera...eventually, but remembering how I did it is still a challenge. SO many variables...the thing itself (2-D or 3-D, matte or gloss surface, or glass (2-D or 3-D), then lighting source and side/top/backlighting, hand shake, etc., etc. Such an adventure!

Taz, here's the link:
(At least that's the link that shows when I mouseover the title and also when I right click and click Properties; there's a few more characters at the end when I actually open the listing.)

I already fixed one of the problems I was having with the images on this listing. I had the template set for the slideshow image display. The photos I took didn't all use the same camera orientation plus they're high res. I didn't realize until after posting what result all of that would have. I couldn't bear looking at the thing--all the text below the slideshow kept bumping up and down as the images cyled and resized (same thing happened with another listing, but it's not so bad on that one and I can live with it). GEEZ! So I managed to fix that by changing the HTML to point to just one image (rather than the four I originally uploaded). Couldn't find the HTML for the repeat header image, though, to delete it.
Hi this is the HTML to remove or modify to change the size of your header imageDo not remove the "END DESCRIPTION"remove or modify the code following that
<!-- End Description -->
</div><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"></table><hr><center><table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"><tr><td valign="top" align="center"><table width="502" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td align="center" width="100%"><a name="ebayphotohosting"></a><br><img src="" name="eBayBig"><br><img src="" width="1" height="10"><br></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></center><script language="Javascript">
If you replace that code with this
</div><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"></table><hr><center><table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"><tr><td valign="top" align="center"><table width="502" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td align="center" width="100%"><a name="ebayphotohosting"></a><br><img src="" width="320" height="427" name="eBayBig"><br><img src="" width="1" height="10"><br></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></center><script language="Javascript">
I resized the image in the code to a more presentable 320 x 427 resolution.
I tested this in a saved auction I marked test so I can experiment with things like this, and it looked good.

I just went and looked at your other auctions and they load painfully slow on my DSL connection I would be frustrated if I were using dialup! You can resize those images by inserting this into the image code. <img src="" width="427" height="320"
Of course you will want to use the appropriate image URL not the one for your tree
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Hi, Taz (Steve),

Well, that was interesting.

First thing I tried was to resize the header image as you described. I did try this both by revising from eBay and from Auctivia, just to see if it made any difference. From either place, I couldn't get to the code that references name="eBayBig" (I'm sure because that part of the page code isn't in the Auctivia template portions of the page). If I open the listing and view the source code for the entire web page from there, I can find that string--can even edit it either in WordPad or also if I open the file with an HTML editor (I've got Arachnophilia), but then I get stuck. Saving the revised file just saves it in the editor; it doesn't upload it to the server. ('Course, then this all got me thinking that, well, if I should theoretically be able to make these changes so easily, couldn't anyone else? But that's another issue entirely.)

The second thing I tried was your suggestion about resizing the images because of the slow loading. I figured this was probably happening (although I can't tell from here; we have a lightening-fast DSL connection--wired to the junction box and the combo workstation/server and then wireless to me and the third workstation on the LAN and still, like, instantaneous).

Now, I can get to the code for those images (at least for the slideshow display) from either eBay or Auctivia. But when I insert the resizing info and re-save the listing, I lose the image display (turns into that little red X box). I'm not sure if that's because of how the syntax is formatted for the image links in the code generated by the Auctivia Item Details Profile page. When I view the HTML in both the eBay and Auctivia editors, I can only find all of the images in one place--in the code for the slideshow images, and there the links are expressed as (e.g.):
aucpics[1].src=''; (with the URL in single quotes)

Since the tag also doesn't start with the phrase, quote, <img src=", quote, that's probably another meaningful distinction.

Anyway, I went ahead and tried adding the resizing info: (e.g., ... .jpg' width="427" height="320"<img src="/static/images/graemlins/icon_wink.gif" alt="Wink" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin:Wink--> and also, just for the heck of it: (e.g., ... .jpg' width='427' height='320'Wink, but just ended up with that darn little red X box in the revised listing again.

(And what's the deal with that silly little X box, anyway? Used to plague the heck out of me. I know it has something to do with file associations and plug-ins...)

Once again, with the second thing, if I view the source code for the full page, I can see the phrases I should be editing (they're not at the same places they appear to be at in the template editors, but I doubt that makes any difference), but I can't get to them from the template editors and don't know how to upload the saved changes from a full page editor.

How did you DO that (when you fixed it in your test auction)? Are you running eBay and Auctivia with all the paid ad-ons?

Edited to add:
--not sure what's up with the emoticons--I didn't put them in there! (substitute with a ";")
Thanks, Steve -- Lisa
Hi Lisa the test auction I tried is just an Auctiva saved listing I use for previewing my work. I am not paying for any add-ons, Unsure as to the editing process as I cannot of course actually go to your eBay revise item, however by pulling the source and searching for " end description" you should pull the HTML I am referring to.
If you open a new listing from Auctiva as a test and paste the HTML I posted you will see that it is a better sized photo when you preview it.

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