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Hi, I'm new, and this may be another stupid question, but I'm trying to learn to create a custom template (like the one brent made for suthernjewl--awesome!) but for now I'm wondering if its possible to just use auctiva lister page, and don't choose a template, just insert my own background html into description (not background color, but background image) then proceed with lister page as usual, images, etc. Will this work? If not, then how do I get my background image into custom template. There's no "tag" for [BACKGROUND]. (Please help me)
Thanks Flipsout
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This is not as simple as you think, nor as simple as inserting the IMG tag into your description.

Basically, if you want to use an existing Auctiva Template but have the text of your "Description" area be on top of an image, the only way I know of that will get you that look is to build the entire thing into a TABLE.

If you just use a standard IMG tag then your image will be in the description area along with your text, but your text will not be on top of the image...

So, to achieve a look where the text is on top of the image, and the image is the background, you'll basically have to build the entire description area in your own table.

Also note that there are some constraints that have to be taken into consideration as to the size of the image within the size of the table. If these measurements are not the same then the background image will TILE in most browsers (and may tile anyway in Netscape).

A quick Google Search on Background images in Tables will yield you some good information.

Ask away if you need more help...

No, this is what I meant, I'm trying to AVOID using a template at all. Just using HTML in the Design editor (where you usually put your description & pics in a basic listing) so that a background appears, then use my own text, fonts, pics however I want WITHOUT needing to create/save a "template". Please look at my store listing:
Now, see the holly leaves/berries in background? See how they "stay" while the template & other stuff just "floats" over it?
My question was, is it possible to have a background like that in a description editor WITHOUT it being a "custom template"? Would it be possible to do this and just put my own text, font & pics on top of it on a "per listing" basis, if the author of that "holly leaf" code allowed me to use it?
I'm obviously out of my league at the moment, I'm just doing "feasability research". If it CAN be done, I intend to invest my time in learning HOW.
Thanks, Flipsout
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Ok, forget what I said about templates...and everything else I said still applies.

I can't look at your listing at this time...but suffice to say, if you have a listing on eBay that looks the way you want it...then you absolutely can recreate that exact same thing through Auctiva...

It's as simple as that. It's the HOW part that will take work... Smile

Hi All,

One way to do what you are asking is to create a listing but only fill in the title, description and choose the images that you want to be displayed inside the listing (do not choose your header or gallery image at this time!).

Save that listing then go to the saved listing page, click the radio button to the right of that listing and then locate the "Get HTML" button at the top or bottom of that page. Proceed to copy the HTML.

Then you will want to create a new listing, filling in the top section of the page until you get to the "item description" editor. On the editor you will switch views to "Text Mode" paste in your HTML and edit in the appropriate background image to the main table. From there you will NOT select any more images to place into your template because they are already in the code you pasted into the editor but you may want to choose a "Header Image" and/or a "Gallery Image"

Continue to fill out the remainder of the lister page. Save and then preview.

There are limitations to creating a listing this way but feel free to explore, this should be enough to get you started.
This was my first time to use Auctiva.

Much the same as Auctiva Brent instructed I placed my own background tag into the description page of the lister. To stay within HTML convention the only work around that I saw was to place the entire description page under a [Table tag] then place the background tag as first item in the table.
In Auctiva Lister page I completely bypassed the selection of any templates and sent to ebay. A sample at ebay is listed below for viewing.

As far as future use the whole thing is saved as a Master Profile.

The HTML conventional way to add background is to place the Background tag directly after the Header tags of the web page.
Seeing that neither Ebay and or Auctiva allow access to editing the Head of any HTML. We can’t do that.

Like others here I’m still trying to get my head around exactly what custom templates actually allows or creates or does. My major design effort is to keep the page as graphically simple and to the point as possible. You can see by my Ebay listing I did not get that this time out. LOL I wish I could assign a background to the entire EBAY page.

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