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When an item is listed my inventory reduces by one. If the item does not sell inventory then places it back into stock. This is how it has worked for as long as I have been using inventory. However, I have noticed a trend over the last 30 days or so. The inventory is not replenishing when the item doesn't sell. So I am showing '0' inventory on items so I don't relist. But when I check inventory the next month. Lo and behold the item never sold. So I am missing opportunities to sell based on what inventory is telling me. This does not always happen and it happens with different items. Is there something going on with inventory? This has not been an issue until the last 4 - 6 weeks.
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Hello SpunkyBob -

I'm sorry to hear that you've run into difficulty with Inventory in your account. At this time, we are not aware of an issue that would cause the situation you have described, so it is unclear what may be occurring for you.

Please file a support case letting us know the details of this difficulty as well as some examples (in as much detail as you can) of where this has occurred for you and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

- Craig
Same issue here, Craig. Started this past week. Normally, when an item goes unsold, it will be placed back into stock, however, now when an item goes unsold it does not, and with the hundreds of items we have listed each week, and the auto-relist profiles dependent on the exact number of items we have in stock, our weekly sales will be greatly affected. Please help!
Hello All -

We've been looking into this and have found an issue which we have filed a work ticket with our engineers about. We are currently seeking a solution and I will update this thread as soon as we have more information available regarding this difficulty.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

- Craig
Hello Community -

our engineers have reviewed this situation and made adjustments on our end which we believe have resolved the difficulty with inventory going forward. Please continue to check your items under these circumstances and let us know should you encounter any further difficulty so we can look into this further.

If something does come up, please don't hesitate to let us know some example items that display the problem in a support case and we'll be happy to look into this further.

- Craig
Hello SpunkyBob -

We believe that we have rectified the issue, so your inventory should be OK going forward. If you have noted that the difficulty has continued or if you have encountered another related difficulty, please feel free to file a support case with the details and a few example items so we can have a look into it.

Please also file a support case if you need to have your account reviewed for items that were affected by this issue so we can look into that for you.

- Craig
Hello SpunkyBob -

I'm sorry to hear that another issue has come up with inventory. We are not aware of an issue at this time with inventory and it sounds like we'd need to have a look at some specific examples from within your account. If you have not already, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site including the details of this issue and a few listings where the difficulty has occurred so we can look into it further.

- Craig
I did file a support case. I was basically told how inventory works and they can't find an issue with my inventory items. They didn't look too hard because I could list about 20 items that show -1 in inventory when I had 1 in inventory when I listed. All of this happened on the 16th. I am going to watch tomorrows listing end and see if they also take an extra out of stock.
It just really ticks me off when support treats me like I don't know how this works from my end. I just closed the case without resolution. I can't keep going back and forth with support to keep getting the same lame response.
Hello SpunkyBob -

I am sorry to hear that you have had difficulty with a support case. Without specific examples of where the difficulty has occurred for you, we have no means to look into the difficulty in detail, as we have no similar reports of difficulties with inventory at this time.

I understand you are going to review another batch of listings when they end and request that if you encounter any difficulties with any of those items that you file a case that details the difficulty with specific item numbers (or listing titles) where an issue occurs so we can review those items in light of this trouble.

Again, I am sorry that you were unsatisfied with the response you received to your support case and while I hope that you have no further trouble, if you do, please let us know some of the specific listings that were affected so we can investigate.

- Craig
Craig. Thanks for the reply. I am opening another case. I will add this example to the case. Item created in inventory on 03/25 2 in stock. One sold on 04/02 leaving one in stock. Listed that item and sold it on 04/20 should have 0 in stock. My inventory shows -1. I have 91 items that now have a negative amount in inventory. This is not counting items that show a positive inventory. So I cannot trust my inventory count on Auctiva. I will have to do a physical inventory to correct this fiasco. That's a day of my time that I cannot list due to this issue. Which costs me money and of course backs up my workload. This very reason is why I am a bit ticked off at support. Instead of answering my question with a pertinent possibility of any sort of answer. It is (and is usually the case) this is how the module works. We didn't find any problems although we looked at a few of your items. Out of 130 items 91 items show this issue. So the few that they looked at were fine? Now I must open another case, go through this again. I would bet even money, I will still have to do the inventory adjustments myself.

Thanks for the apology Craig. I appreciate it. But honestly I just want this to work like it has for the last 2 years. A few hiccups but it still kept up with the numbers.

I will update here when and if I get a solution.
I KNEW there was an issue... So here is hoping for a quick fix.

This is from Auctiva Support:

Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter.

I was able to verify the reported behaviour. Therefore, I have gone ahead and created a Work Ticket and escalated the details to our Engineering department for investigation purpose. I will get back to you through this support case, once I have an update.

We will update you via same support case once more pertinent information becomes available.

I apologize for any inconvenience this issue is causing. In meantime, if there is anything further I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask!

Auctiva Support
Hello Spunkybob -

thanks for the additional information in your support case, we appreciate specific examples of issues so we can have our engineers look directly into any difficulty.

We've sent this along to our engineers for investigation and resolution and will update you as soon as we have more information available.

- Craig
Okay. It's been over a month and nothing has been repaired. I opened a 2nd case on April 21 and other than it is a known problem. Nothing has been done with any update on info regarding the ticket. Any update, and I have to request. So what gives? I am spending an extra 2 to 3 hours on updating inventory only to have to do it again 3 days later. Are we doing a major upgrade on the inventory function? Are we doing away with inventory? I need to know as it is extremely difficult to run a business when you can't trust your inventory.
Hello SpunkyBob -

We are aware of this issue and remain unable to reproduce it in another account. Our engineers are looking into the issue, but at this time no new information is yet available. At this time we do not intend to discontinue the inventory and I do understand the difficulty you've been having and will update this thread as soon as more information becomes available.

Apologies for the continued inconvenience.

- Craig

Thanks for your response.  When I read in your response that the problem cannot be reproduced in another account.  I thought perhaps there was something that I am doing wrong.  So I looked at the tutorial section.  Under 'Managing Inventory Items' tutorial I started reading.  The tutorial screen shots are very different from what I see in my inventory management screen.  All I can see on my drop downs are EDIT ITEM.  I am not given any option to manage from that screen.

So I am wondering if perhaps there is something different in my account and inventory?  The problem is persistent and doesn't change.  I have to add one item back into inventory after every listing ends.  This is done manually and I have several thousand SKU's. 

This is a real pain and it is costing me in time and money.  I am open to suggestion on how to get this working.  I really don't want to go to the expense and time to move to another platform.  But this inventory issue can literally break me as it is slowing any growth momentum I gain in my market on eBay.  If I sell an item that I don't have in inventory it directly reflects in my metrics when I have to refund the customer.  This is especially frustrating when the platform I list from changes the count to a wrong amount EVERY SINGLE TIME the listing ends.  This is crazy stuff!!  I can't move forward to list when I must manually change the inventory count on every single item.  Counting several hundred items by hand is time consuming and so counterproductive.  So the time I am spending to change the count I could be listing new items.

Any suggestions Craig?  

Hello again SpunkyBob -

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.  I took a look at the tutorial as well and see that it is outdated.  There have been some minor changes to the site since that tutorial was made available and from what I see in my own account, the behavior you are seeing is the correct one currently.  Apologies for that - I have filed a work ticket with our engineers regarding getting that updated.  I will update this thread when I have more information regarding that tutorial.

While I do understand the difficulty you've run into and the time that this is taking to rectify, we have been testing this in other accounts since your initial report and have not been able to reproduce the same circumstance in another account.  Unfortunately, as a result, I am uncertain what the cause is at this point and am unable to provide you with a workaround at this time.

I note that some of the details you have provided here are a bit different than those in the support case you have on file regarding this issue, so I'll followup with you in the case so we can ensure that the data we're providing in the work ticket is accurate so we can look into this further.

 - Craig



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