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IF you have shoe listings that are older check your auctiva notifictions. I noticed I had lot of shoe ones dropping HEEL height appaently for quite awhile now as unless it is a total failure I rarely check.

Come to find out ebay changed heel height from " to "in."

Therefore heel heights are being totally dropped when relisting from saved page.

After speaking with ebay rep was told that the transition was carried over using their system if you list through them...but auctiva system did not do this. There is no fast change you have to go into each listing and do.

Then to top it off...Auctiva manages to scramble the order.

Auctiva, WHY scramble order??? (this is same when listing from ipad but IN ALL AREAS makes ipad useless for listing through your ap if you list in lots of categories)

I guess I do not understand HOW much more diffcult it would be to put things in same identical order ebay has them. Seems you could open an ebay selling page and get this? I just can't imagine doing your own thing being easier.

Please, please please USE ebay as guide when doing categories, sub-categories, etc. CONSISTENCY between the two would be GREAT!! Especially for people just starting to use auctiva system.

Ebay DOES not need to comply to auctiva system, auctiva needs to be same as ebays.
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They will relist..but the heel height is GONE!! I found this in 2nd notification box..going right to left. (would be lovely if those had a small label above them)

Auctiva rep said it is because ebay changed their specific from


Ebay says this is AUCTIVA issue, that on their system sellers did not need to go in and fix the heel height when relisting from their saved listings.

Apparently on auctiva it is set up so you have to open saved listing and correct it as there apparently is no bulk fix tool for this.

A total waste of time to re-do what was done. I do not blame auctiva for an ebay change but do wonder why every time there is an ebay change it is a fruit basket turn over for auctiva that costs us time.

What a pain...and auctiva WHY can't you notify of such changes. These went through holidays with all info in it to make buyers searches easier.

Here is part of reps response which appears he is NOT up to speed on what it takes for buyers to search for items. First I was fully aware they had listed and told them that, but WHY would one want to IGNORE Warnings that affect seller searches???


I found that your this listing was successfully posted on eBay with item #190789532162. You can safely ignore the API Warnings as long as your listings are posting on eBay.

Note this is not just ONE listing it is on quite a few and I would guess for lots of sellers.

Auctiva, please address I want to make SURE your rep is giving me correct information BEFORE I spend hours changing listings.

Also, please address ORDER issue?? That just adds to the frustration.

Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for helping to bring this to our attention. I reviewed the API warnings in your account and, as you mentioned, it appears eBay changed the accepted values for the Heel Height attribute within the Item Specifics section since the last time you had posted the product and the value you had selected in the past was dropped because it was no longer valid.

As was explained through the support case you filed on this topic, we do not offer any tools that can be used to update Custom Item Specifics details in existing saved listings in bulk so you would need to update any of your saved listings that contain invalid values of this nature individually to avoid encountering the same issue next time you post them.

Although we do make an effort to notify our users of significant changes eBay will be making when we have advance notice, unfortunately, it is not always feasible for us to notify our sellers of every eBay change that may impact them.

Also, I looked into the ordering issue you mentioned using category # 55793 as an example and I was able to find a few attributes for which we are not displaying the eBay recommended values in the same order as they are displayed on the eBay Sell your Item form so I assume that is the behavior you are referring to.

I have forwarded the details of that issue over to our technical team for further investigation and will contact you when any additional information on that topic becomes available. It appears that our system may be forcing the values into alphabetical order, even though that does not always produce the order which makes the most sense.

We apologize for the inconvenience these issues have caused you, but we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us.


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