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after looking close again at wagglepop..... from a buyer standpoint enjoying looking for items .. the site is the best of all.!!! will it be safe???? if it is.. the site may indeed take off!!! this site is so vibrant and strong and clean and easy... the best for buyers to want to go look and stay and look some more.. if they get the items and if they are safe... this will be the best site by far to compete with ebay until google gets their stuff set up..

and their feedback is so easy and clean also....bidville.. ioffer.... ecrater... blujay and others this site may indeed stop all these sites..... and i bet there will be alot from these sites to try to derail them...but can ray withstand bags of money coming to him to shut the site down?? don't know.... but how in the world did ecrater with a good system make such a weak site for buyers to see items... older folks who has glasses will have a hard time with a site like ecrater...

man talk about making a site so easy and enjoyable to browse... this is IT!!.. now why couldn't all those other off ebay sites do it this way??..and ecrater with a confusing feedback and this so simple and easy.. yep makes ya wonder how these other sites did not make a good site like this for buyers to enjoy browsing ..WOW !!! Wagglepoppers may indeed be coming BACK from the DEAD!!!
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I too like wagglepop alot, it is laid out alot like ebay in every aspect so new customers will find it easy to navigate since they have been doing it on ebay for years. One thing I dont like about wagglepop is the OneBid almost instantly drives the compitition up and the market values down. You will also notice nearly every auction is a one bid style auction. Bah humbug!
yes.. i was also laughing like crazy when they reopened and i heard they were actually charging ..... and charging twice more than bidvilles 5 dollar stores and when so many other places has free stores all over the place... and then that emotion thing too about them pulling the plug last yr....sellers did not make any money and lost their TIME that is harmful BUT the truth is people has wasted their time on nearly all the other off ebay sites and they didn't even pull a plug.... and bidville sold out ... and ebay pulled the plug also with higher fees fast... yep all sellers need a competitor to ebay in the worst way and should analyze how to get this the best way...
and another note.... a long way to go to overcome the hurt emotions??? who were hurt was the sellers... and yes one would think so... BUT look at the real surprise here.... 440 stores paying real money at 10 dollars a store in 2 months...... this then will FUEL a domino effect that will fall and could indeed make this a real competitor to ebay...

yes its all surprising... but it also was very wise of wagglepop going after the ebay sellers and having the SITE set up so when ebay sellers brings their buyers they will be right AT HOME... this was very very wise !! watch for sales to really begin when the inventory gets stocked up from all these ebay sellers about last of sept...
I never used the word hurt, it was negative emotions I used - not the same Wink

I think with so many options out there wagglepop is just another one to add to the list. I don't think any of them are going to get the sellers if the buyers are spread out all over the place.

Speciality sites, free stores that can be marketed like your own website or even having your own site is what will work best in the long run.

Stop expecting someone else to bring you customers, go out there and get them. Look for directories to get listed on, join yahoo groups that are set up for selling, get out and network with other sellers, get your name, your product and your link out there.

This is the way to go, putting trust, time and effort into another auction site will not be the answer.

But hey that's just my thoughts Wink
I'm new as a seller due to my over accomplishments as an excellent buyer! LOL
With this in mind, please enlighten me if my perspective is off through lack of experience.
Wagglepop seems almost too much like ebay...Could they be a front for ebay? To lure in sellers>only to drive the traffic elsewhere> dooming the sellers to return to ebay with broken spirits and feelings of thanks for having ebay to go back too?
Sounds like the perfect set up for the Stockholm Syndrome; having been almost killed, they are allowed to live only under strict rules. They become thankful for not having been killed, and they thankfully and willing obey their captors.
Don't sites have artist design trademarks?Doesn't Wagglepop come very close to infringing on ebay's registered layouts, designs, etc?
With all of ebays legal clout doesn't it seem odd that Wagglepop is allowed to so blatantly mimic ebays format?
Just wondering if any of the computer savy people could find out through source, etc? LOL
I know, I know...I know nothing! OR basically just enough to confirm that I know nothing! LOL
But I've come a long way! Just ask Auctiva CEO Jeff who enlightened me as to cookies, cut/paste nightmares with font, etc...
Just an interesting thought though...
Any input?

Additionally, is Auctiva tied soley to ebay, or could they, as an "Independent Third Party", strike agreements with other auction sites?
I've seen many comments as to how people would like Auctiva to either start their own independent site, or at the minimum collaborate with other sites.
Hi JeffS!
I'm not usually paranoid, but having seen my wonderful corp. go from A+++ to bankruptcy due to upper management greed, I don't trust just the surface presentation anymore. Frown
I know that it sounds kind of funny, but after someone in the internet biz, (vastly more internet/computer savy than myself), mentioned the possibilty of Wagglepop being a front to me, I started to wonder...? Confused
This person could have had agendas; a disgruntled exuser, or to promote the sucess of other sites maybe?
But when I heard someone mention that Wagglepop had begun and then suddenly stopped service a while back it caused me to ponder why have they come back now? And what happened the first time?
I also have read that ebay bought and has a stake in Craig's List as well. The later, Craig's List, I can't figure out as there are no fees, but ?
But does anyone really doubt the long reaching tentacles of these huge corporations?
Please enlighten us newbies as to any info on Wagglepop, or any others, that you think is worthwhile.
I for one had just begun to get the grasp of Auctiva, and love it, only to get kicked to the curb by ebay before we have a chance to begin!

On an entirely different note, while reading several posts to educate myself, I ran across 1 that had been deleted? Then the next read something about spam being posted? Then Jeff the CEO mentioned that 2 people in 2 days had been suspended for spam?
As I'm not sure what would cause this infraction, and I certainly don't want to accidentally make an error causing a suspension, what does this pertain to and what should I NOT do?

And if Jeff CEO is listening, thanks for the info on cookies and cut/paste issues! I have learned how to avoid these pitfalls-thanks again! Wink
And PLEASE consider either your own auction site or, at the minimum, partnering with a few of the larger options You certainly have a growing fan base to spread the word! Big Grin

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