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There's a new selling package for canadian sellers, it's 50.00 and it allows as many gallery pics as they want with no extra charges.

Canadians can post on or .ca
This is ONLY for Canadians.

I wanted all of the Canadian Sellers to know bout this.

Do I think this is fair as an American Seller? *^#%$ No!

My thoughts? It's got to be illegal to discriminate one country eBay against another country eBay.

It would be one thing if this were just for eBay Canadian use.. I understand that.

But they're allowing eBay Canadians to compete and sell on the eBay US using this package.

Good Luck,
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I read on the Stores Board and a couple of other selling forums that many US sellers are filing civil suits over this issue.

I'd have to think long and hard bout giving 50.00 to eBay..that's alot of money in the long run for smaller sellers. (one of which I am, too)

If memory serves me, weren't you selling well on Wagglepop?

I didn't have much luck on WP and wish it would've done well. At least eBay would've had some competition. I only had two sales. I'm getting more sales from my ecrater stores than anywhere else I've got items up and running.

I've been thinking of doing Overstock Auctions again for the holidays. Persons I know that sell there are having some luck.

Take care,
I agree Rowsofclothes.

With so many stores closing on eBay US due to the fee hike...I think eBay was hoping to get more sellers using gallery.

With stores the price is pretty neglible for a gallery pic. I closed one store under another ID last year and this year..I went from over 600+ auctions in my store down to around 100. Quite a drop. And only one of the 100 is a store item that shows gallery.

Now if they put the 50.00 in installments stretched over 12 months..I might consider that. But one fell swoop of paying them? I don't have it and couldn't justify it either.

Here's an interesting blog in regards to the new package and how some sellers think this will play out.

Take care,

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