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My sales too have dropped this past week on ebay after opening my ebay store, so I think I am going to close it after the trial month is over. So...
1) How do you close your store on ebay?
2) How do you end your store listings? Do you have to let them run out? Or can you go in manually to each listing that is in your store and end it? If yes, how do you do this?
3) I have just discovered ecrater and have opened a store there. I haven't put any listings on there yet, I have to figure out how to do it first. Is it hard to list items on ecrater? Do you use a specific site to upload (like Auctiva)? Or do you use ecrater to do this? Is this site user friendly? Can you use Auctiva to upload your listings there? Or is Auctiva only ebay compatible?
4) Does anyone out there have an ecrater store? How are sales on this site?
Sorry, so many questions, I can't stop thinking of all this ebay/ecrater stuff, I am going mental!! LOL!
Thank you so much!!!!
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Hi there,

1.Q. How do I close my Store?
A. You can close your eBay Store at any time by signing into the site, and going to your My eBay page. Then on the left side of the page, click on the "Subscriptions" link under My Account. You'll be taken to a page where you can Unsubscribe from your Store.

2.Your listings will automatically end when you close your store.

3. Ecrater seems fairly easy. There is no html involved so you can not use templates. You have to enter each one by hand unless you have more then 100 items. If you do then you can use their bulk lister. So no auctiva on Ecrater.

4. I have not really messed with ecrater that much. I only have 1 item on there. It seems nice. There are people who do get sales on there. Im sure someone else can comment on this.

Hope that helps.
My "day" job is for a fortune 100 Retailer, I've been in the field for 20 years, and the sales patterns in August that people have been talking about are completely mirrored in stores as well. It's ALWAYS about the weather this time of year. For instance, some noted that sales in the second and third weeks of August spiked up then tanked into labor day, this corresponded to the heat wave that swept the country and than the fair weather that followed. Now that we have passed Labor day, patterns start to return to normal day to day routines and builds to the holidays starting about Columbus day. So don't fret, it WILL come back around again, it always does. I have seen both hits and bidding activity
increasing in the last 36 hours, hope you all are as well!
Wow, I too have felt the slow sales and lower auction final sales amounts... I'm very relieved to hear that the sales come in cycles like regular retail stores. It makes sense especially since I sell what you buy at upscale retail stores.

I was slammed at Christmas this past year and got spoiled to sales being so great. Right now it's plain depressing. I just started last October so this is my first year Ebaying. I certainly didn't know what to expect. It's been a serious learning process. Roll Eyes I don't know what I expected... but apparently it was too much.

But, I'm not throwing in the towel yet! I just blasted about 50 items into store inventory and to auctions in the last two days and I am doing more this week. So, I'm really hoping sales pick up soon!

Did I mention this is a great board? What a friendly place to post. No one is here to attack you like over there!

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