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Hello sir_Paq -

that is something we are still looking into - the new functionality will obviously use different methodology than the prior link based system. The new system will supersize images from the templates themselves and will not be calling external pages - the SuperSize images will load within the listing pages on eBay. Once it is in place, any new listing posted using our templates will have the ability.

Our engineers are looking into the possibility of updating listings using our new templates to have this for already active listings, but currently we are still looking into the options. We'll have more information about this in the near future.

- Craig
Something you "are still looking into" - so the function has been removed without letting your Auctiva customers know before hand, and you have no replacement, as you are still looking into "the possibility"!!!

I have almost 1 GB of images in my account or 7,415 images as I have been selling on eBay for over 12 years using Auctiva! I am a long term loyal customer. I relied on Auctiva, and particularly the links between the images in the saved listings and the actual images saved in my Auctiva account! I used the link to update images, and to find old designs that I was going to make active again after a period of just being a saved listing.

But how am I supposed to find the images I need now with more than 7000 to trawl through? Previously, I used the link from either the active or saved listings to the images via the super sized image link, and this worked a treat. Now I can't!!!

And as usual, we weren't informed about the change until after it was implemented! We weren't given warning that the super sized image links had to go plenty of time before it happened. for the last few days I have been trying to edit some GTC images without knowing why it didn't work and only today we get the message when we login to Auctiva:

We’re Here to Help You
Comply With eBay’s Link Policy

Its a bit late to help, after the link has been removed without letting us get ready for it first!!!

So is there no way in hell that you can suggest looking for the images needed other than trawling through 7000 images to find the relevant images?
You are not the only angry man here, I am using about 98% of my image hosting allowance as all my Auctiva images are 1200px wide, so I am force to browse through them and delete ones I no longer need and there are thousands of them, otherwise Auctiva will start charging me extra if I upload more pictures but my buyers are unable to see them in all their beauty as they all become non-clickable miniatures... I really hope that this will be resolved and they will be clickable again...
Hello All,

We are aware of the various difficulties that the change to the supersize images can cause, however, please keep in mind that due to the eBay policy change to their links policy, there is no way for us to be able to offer this feature in the way that we have previously. We cannot offer a feature that has a link to a non eBay page, so the solution that we currently have in development does not rely upon a link or leave the eBay site. Please also keep in mind that the new offering will allow larger images to be seen from the versions within the templates, so your buyers will be able to click on the images in your listings to see larger versions of the images.

We expect to have this available in the very near future and will update the forum as well as send out announcements regarding it soon.

- Craig
Hello community!

I am posting again here to let you know that we have updated slightly more than half of our templates to have the new supersize image tool available. So, using one of these templates, your users can click on the images and have the image display on the listing page at the size you originally uploaded, much like the prior supersize function, but without using a link off of eBay.

We will be updating the remainder of our templates to have this same functionality in the near future.
These templates have the functionality enabled now:
Alligator, American Pride, Antique Clock, Antique Flowers, Antiques, Aqua Ripple, Aquarium, Arcade Machine, Art Nouveau, Art Tease, ArtDeco, Artistic Flowers, Asian Bloom, Bamboo, Bamboo Parchment, Basic Blue, Basic Boxes, Black and Tan, Blue Planet, Blue Sky, Bookcase, Books, Business, Butterflies, Camo, Camping, Chrome, Circles, Clean, Clear Sky, Coastal, Collectibles, Color, Colorful Pattern, Colorful Squares, Comic Book, Country Kitchen, Country Lane, Curly Copper, December Snowflakes, Diamonds, Eco, Fairies, Fall, Field, Field of Sunflowers, Flames, Floral, Floral Silhouettes, Forest, Fresh Line Spring, Golden Dots, Gray Diamond, Gray Floral, Green Leaves, Halloween Graveyard, Home and Garden, Jewelry, Jewelry & Watches, Kitchen, Lavender, Lilies, Lone Tree, Magic Green Stars, Misty, Music Notes, Nature, Nautical, Palm Beach, Pastel , Pastel Halloween, Plain White, Professional, Rainbow Field, Red Honeycombs, Rose, Rustic, Scary Pumpkins, Scroll, September Fall, Simple, Simply Black and White, Smart Handhelds, Space, Sports, Spring Ladybug, Streamline Deco, Summer Sunset, Sunflower, Sunset, Tool Wall, Toys & Hobbies, Train, Tyres, Vintage Art, Vintage Border, Vintage Cars, Vintage Military, Violets, Vivid Lilies, Water Lilies, Water Waves, Wedding Day, White Wildflowers, Wild Flowers, Wooden, Happy Easter, Easter Vibes, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Celebrating Moms, St. Patrick's Day, Lucky

- Craig
I am using Auctiva for Ebay auctions and buy it now. It looks like the templates are just for stores. I do not need an Auctiva store. The reason I joined Auctiva was for the supersized image feature. It appears as though Auctiva does not know what to do now that the feature no longer works. Should I be looking for another image host or will a solution be available within a few days? Very disappointed about the loss of the supersized feature.
Hello Texx -

The listing templates do not apply to stores, but individual listings and you can access them on the Lister page by selecting the blue button for Select Template that is below where you add your price when creating a listing. Most of our new templates have a new version of supersized images built in to them (see list in prior post) and we'll have the other new templates updated with the same functionality in the near future.

These changes will not affect your already active listings, but if you select one of the new templates on a listing you are preparing to post and use one of the abovementioned templates, the images in your description area will supersize when clicked.

If you run into difficulty with this, please let us know the details of what you encounter in a support case and we'll be happy to assist you.

- Craig
So the new templates with a new super size image function does not apply to active listings in the old templates, especially the GTC listings.

Question 1 - Why didn't you have an alternative for the super sized images ready before you terminated the current super sized image feature? (you had an alternative for the Scrolling Gallery ready for the changes, why not the super size?)

Question 2 - if you knew you were not going to offer an alternative to super size images before its termination, why didn't you give us customers warning that there would be a gap in this service, in order for us to get ready and fix images we needed to fix before it was terminated?
Hello, I am still waiting for a response to the above.

I have been a paying customer of Auctiva for over 10 years, and I have 455 active GTC listings with an old template that you guys are not providing the new super sized images to. What am I to do? Do I have to revise all my listings as saved listings first with an different template, and THEN revise all my GTC active listings, ONE BY ONE??? OMG, this is catastrophic for me and sellers like me who have so many GTC listings!!!

Please respond.
Hello Texx -

The templates will support up to 24 images using the Auctiva Image Selection area of the listing creation page. If you wish to add further images to a listing, you can also use the Insert An Auctiva Hosted Image tool in the description editor to add any image you have stored in your Auctiva account directly to the Description area of your listings at full size.

We will not be able to move back to the prior supersize function as that utilized a link to a non eBay page, which is now a violation of eBay policy. The current function enlarges the images directly on the listing page.

seanice - it sounds like you may be using a customized template. Currently there is a known issue such as you have described when using a custom template. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on a resolution and will update this thread when more information regarding that issue becomes available. If you have run into when not using a custom template, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know some examples of where you see this so we can look into it further.

(javacentric, please see response to you same question in the other thread in the Listings area)

- Craig
Hi all, this is the Auctiva Support response I received with regard to becoming compliant with the ebay links policy. We all have 1000's of images attached to listings. I do not remember being notified that ads were being attached. Now it is our problem to fix. I suppose one must find out from ebay how may listing you can cancel without penalty. Then you would have to cancel and relist. I tried searching out the html. You literally have to go thru every single listing and cut and paste between ebay and Auctiva.

From: martinsylvester
Posted Friday, 9/15/2017 10:26 AM

Thank you for contacting Auctiva Support.

I have checked the provided listings and noticed that the listings have the Supersize image links in them which could be the issue as eBay no longer supports links in the listings that directs away from eBay.

We have now replaced the Supersize image links and now it does not have any ads in it or it does not direct the user away from eBay. All your new listings that you post will have the replaced version of the Supersize image links in them that are compliant with eBay's link policy.

For the mentioned listings, you can either end them on eBay and then post them again from your Saved Listings page in Auctiva or you can get the HTML from the Saved Listings page (it will pull up the resolved templates) and use that HTML on the Revise Your Item form on eBay to update the listing - here's how:

- Locate the appropriate listing on the Saved Listings page and click the <HTML> icon next to the listing.
- Highlight and copy the HTML that appears in the pop-up window.
- Visit the item on eBay and click the “Revise your item” link.
- Scroll down about 1/3 the page to the “Description” section and click the "HTML" tab on the editor.
- Delete the html that is already there, paste the copied html in its place, and save your changes.

However, eBay has some restrictions on revising a listing and that is defined at Please refer to this page to find if eBay will allow you to revise the listing.

In case, you come across any further issues, please write back to us with the details so that we can investigate further.

Meanwhile, if you have any further questions or concerns pertaining to your account, please feel free to write back to us.

Auctiva Support.
Hello westshorecc -

if your primary concern is to be compliant with the eBay links policy, the tool we have running for all accounts will remove the link to the old supersize page from active listings that are eligible for revision on eBay. The images would no longer supersize since that functionality is no longer allowed by eBay, but the links themselves will be removed where possible.

If you wish to have the new version of the supersize images added to your listings, please be aware that the new functionality does comply with eBay's new links policy and these images do not require a link to display. However, it is tied to the use of our new templates, so one of these templates would need to be applied to your listings for the images to supersize. At this time, we have no tool that is able to change out or add a template to an already active listing, so the steps for taking care of this on a listing by listing basis are the correct ones.

You can apply templates to Saved Listings in bulk if you wish to end active listings and then post them again from your Saved Listings using one of the new templates

Our engineers are looking into creating a tool that would allow templates to be added to already active listings and I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding such a tool becomes available.

- Craig
To add to my earlier reply; I spoke with eaby customer service. I am given to understand that eventually all external ads will be removed from listings. This is to assist sellers by reducing competition on outside sites and fraud and hacking incidents. They are also suppose to remove the bar that shows similar items from other ebay sellers. Eventually. With regard to the links policy, you still have to either cancel and start over or hunt up the replacement html. ebay is suppose to add more reasons for ending a listing to reflect sellers trying to comply with the new links policy. This is supposed to be done in the next week or so. An email will be sent.
So they are aware that a lot of listings will have to be cancelled in order to be in compliance. Fun times ahead, folks.
I have tried the steps prescribed above, exactly as they are listed. However, nothing changes on my listings. No new templates are pulled up that resolve the supersized image issue. Even after all of the steps are completed, my auctions look exactly the same as they did before. The template is the same, the photos are the same, unable to be enlarged.
Hello westshorecc and BookCapitol -

in each of the cases you describe, we'd need to have a look at your accounts and some of the listings that are encountering the difficulties you have described in order for us to see what may be happening.

BookCapitol - please be aware that changes to your Saved Listings have no effect on the active listing, so if you have updated your saved listings to use a new template you will need to use the HTML from the Saved Listing to update the active listing on eBay as we have no tool to add templates to active listings in bulk. You can update the active listings as follows:

- Find your listing in your Saved Listings folder, make any necessary changes, and save.
- Click the Get HTML button to the right of the item on your Saved Listings page with the icon: </>
- use the Select All button and then copy the HTML in the popup window that shows
- Locate the item on eBay and open the "Revise Your Item" form.
- Scroll down to the "Description" section and then make sure that it is on the HTML tab.
- Delete the existing description HTML, paste the copied HTML in its place, preview your changes and continue and confirm your changes.

If this is not the issue you have run into or you are having trouble with these steps, please do let us know the details of where you run into trouble and some example listings in a support case so we can look into it for you.

- Craig

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