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Can anyone out there help with an ongoing issue I have.

I have send 6 support tickets over the last couple of months and haven't received a reply to any.

When I upload pictures using Auctiva upload image tool from my phone or any device in my house (all mac) and I tried all 4 , they get mixed up.

So the order in which I upload them is not the order they appear in my auctiva picture folders. I sell small items such as coins that all look the same when viewed in the albums making it impossible to tell which pictures go with which listing.

I make sure they are all in order before I press the upload button.

Please note - I can't rename the pictures and just search for the named file as anyone with a iphone or ipad will know for some reason beyond comprehention Apple do not have a function to rename our own pictures.

I am so close to closing down my auctiva account and listing directly with ebay again, which is time consuming but not as frustrating as auctiva.

I have been using auctiva for years with no issues before Feb 2020 , this is also the time I changed from an SLR camera to using my iphone , cant see that being the issue as they upload direct to ebay without mixing.

Any help most welcome , would be nice if  an auctiva employee took some time to answer instead of just taking my money.



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Hello 1976alison,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into difficulty uploading images from your phone.  There have been a few scattered reports of similar difficulty with images not uploading in the order selected and our engineers are working towards a solution for this erratic issue.  I will update this thread when more information becomes available.

I also checked our support system using the information from the forum and for the account I located, I find only one recent case regarding this issue and prior cases have all received responses, so it is unclear what may have occurred for you, unless you refer to another account or a different email address.  We will also update you via that support case when we have more information regarding this issue.

Please be aware that at this time we are under a heavier support load than usual and we are also working with restrictions due to CV-19 so there is a backlog for the support queue.  Our agents respond to tickets in the order that they arrive and will respond initially to your query as soon as they are able.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

 - Craig

Hello again,

I am sorry to hear that this issue represents such a significant difficulty for you.  Our engineers are aware of the issue and are seeking a solution and I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding the issue becomes available.

Please be aware that if you cancel your Auctiva account entirely, we reserve the right to delete images stored in the account at any point after 14 days have passed from the account closure.  Should that occur, images in the body of your listings would no longer be available on eBay, but your Header image and any Optional eBay Gallery images would still show as eBay makes copies of those and then hosts them once they have been submit.  Please also note that we do have a Free Tools plan available where your account remains active and your existing data would remain intact.  Please feel free to add any questions you may have about this to your existing support case and our support team will be happy to assist you.

 - Craig

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