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Frown Why would I lose $ because a buyer has buyer remorse, I do not want buyers like that returning to buy again! I can do without losing $ to crappy buyers like that over & over. It actually boils down to giving buyers even more entitlement issues if they can return for any reason ! They buy they keep it unless it arrives broken ! I am not Walmarts or Target & I will not ever offer unconditional returns for any reason buyer feels like Mad If that makes me a bad seller so be it then! I am not losing money due to buyer stupidity of not knowing what they are buying or asking any ?'s before buying. I sure wish all those sellers who offer that kind of return policy would stop trying to push their own agenda, buyer is always right no longer applys. You want to lose $ fine but not all sellers want to lose money. That kind of policy can put you right out of business too.
I just checked really fast but my sales looks as good with maybe more sales. I have more FB Just as good if NOT better DSRs. Also way more items listed too 600 verses my 3000 on average active listings. I must be doing something right huh ? and it ain't because I am selling stuff for a $1 either. I charge handling fees, do not accept returns & have NOT left FB for any buyers for OVER a year now LOL so 1 way of doing things is not the ONLY way you can be successful selling on ebay or anywhere else !
As far as NOT leaving FB for buyers some buyers have actually bought from me because I do not leave FB anymore they actually appreciated that! And TOLD me so too as they know I will not send countless emails begging for FB or 5 star ratings to them like some sellers do. Buyer FB received is worthless, Buyer FB Left is Priceless ! 1 day recently I shipped 25 packages out & out of those 25 buyers, 22 of them have NEVER left FB for anyone either kind of like a niche market for me with buyers who are like me about leaving FB. It happens regular basis too at least 1 to 4 buyers every time I am shipping items that do not leave FB for anyone. If it ever bites me in the rear 1 day fine but I really do not care that much even more every day about FB & @%^& Stupid greedbay DSRs that are nothing but a smokescreen to get rid of sellers & make more $ from sellers. Run your business as how you see fit, not how any ebay koolaid drinking cheerleader says you should do it. Until a couple bad buyers last month Cool I even had 3- 5.0 DSRs & 1- 4.9 on S&H none the less when I am not 1 of the cheap losing $ on shipping sellers
Thanks for reading my article!

Part of the reason I wrote this article is because, as a buyer, I am getting more and more frustrated with sellers who don't take returns. It makes me not want to shop on eBay.

I agree that some sellers must adhere to strict return policies. However, I sell primarily clothing and collectibles and almost never get returns. That is why I encourage people who do not take returns to try taking them and see what happens.

You stated that you have about 5xs as many items listed as I do, and that your sales are comparable. There is a possibility that you would be selling more if your return policy were different. If I suddenly had 3,000 items listed, I would expect my sales to triple or quadruple.

In regard to feedback, my feedback is automated. Up until recently, I had it set to "leave positive feedback when a buyer leaves positive" but since sellers cannot leave negative feedback, I have eBay leave positive feedback as soon as someone pays. As far as I'm concerned, automating feedback is the way to go.

Thanks again for reading, and don't forget to check out my blog, The eBay Life!

I agree with your comment about buyers returning items because of remorse or because they failed to read your listing; those buyers will go as far as reporting it as 'item not as described', and when you prove to eBay that it is as described they still want you to issue a refund. I understand the position that eBay is in when they must appease both buyers and sellers; they figure that if you get your item back and the buyer gets their money back then all should be well. What I don't agree with, is the fact that because that buyer filed a report (although proven false) it still counts against you when they rate your 'Top Rated' performance. Luckily, those buyers with remorse are few and far between, so chalk it up to the pros and cons of doing business and don't spend the money until after the time that you state on your return policy has expired.
Unfortunately, the return policy means NOTHING. People can return even if you say NO RETURNS and they do.

I have 3 day to let me know on most items and am pretty liberal with that. But people will return much later without letting me know and get refunded.

Buyer will say missized when measurements are in listing and item is not mis-sized. they will make up anything.

Ebay system is very one sided to say the least.

I offer a unconditional return policy. I just say they pay return shipping and I don't refund shipping costs they paid in the auction. I have had 2 returns in 5 years. Here's the thing, ebay or pay pal are going to force you to give a refund no matter what if the buyer wants one. I figure I will offer one and increase a buyer conversion AND some people will ask return something and if you don't give them a fight they forget to return it and you don't have to give the refund. If you fight them, they are more likely going to make sure you get the item back AND give you bad feedback. I don't care what other sellers do, but I would be more likely to buy from a seller that offered a return policy. In fact if the listing says specifically NO RETURNS I click back and find the same item from someone who does.
I am not sure what you sell, however, I was selling prom dresses mostly at one time. Unconditional returns meant buyers assumed they could wear and return after prom. (altered, dirty, etc.) So I put 3 days, but do give leeway mainly depending on if they just say size does not work, or if they make something up that I know to be untrue. That gives buyer time to try on and see if it fits. But not to wear to their event usually. I do not refund any shipping costs (unless item is defective when returned) however, those that want their shipping costs back, just go through ebay and they refund original amount with shipping. (so buyer only has to pay one way shipping) Now I rarely have issues on formals, I can't remember last formal that one even asked for return on.

I frankly do not buy based on sellers return policy for two reasons, no matter what that "policy" I know "real policy" and only use if item is trash when I receive it and totally not as described. However, I do not restrict my purchases to sellers who will take returns, as they are usually selling cheaper than those who do) I am not going to pay return shipping on anyway. My real policy on buying is "can I sell it if it does not work (size, color, etc.) for what I paid for it? If not and I am not 100% sure of size I do not buy. Most of the time I have found I can make money on items I am not happy with which has been added bonus.

As far as feedback, I have found that basically unless I offer FULL REFUND, (including shipping BOTH ways) period they may (or may not) leave decent feedback but low star rating in every area that is not always true.


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