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Hi could someone please check a couple of their items (maybe a newer listings or two and one maybe week old that posted to ebay)...please and see if their domestic handling time is showing up on ebay.

Just wondered WHY I was not getting ebay discount only to realize that is is probably because my listings DO NOT have a domestic handling time at ALL on them. I went into ebay to add them in bulk and it will not add them because it never posted with one at all.

My form on auctiva DOES have it on appears not transferring over.

If others are having this problem...please post so we know it is not just one lucky!

Will write support when regular staff is on, but if you are having issue post so we know more than one person is having this issue.

Auctiva, is this a reported issue? This is something most people would not check. I did not even know they would POST without a handling time.
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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for mentioning this observation. I had not heard of any issues that would cause this behavior previously, but I looked through a few of your listings and was able to see the Domestic Handling Time listed under the Shipping and Payments tab in some but not others.

I was then able to confirm that eBay does have your Domestic Handling Time on file for the listings it is not showing up in, so it appears there must be an issue on their end that is causing this detail not to show up in some listings.

Ebay requires that a Domestic Handling Time be included with all listings that offer any shipping services other than Local Pickup so, if the Domestic Handling Time was not included with the listings when posted, eBay's system would have rejected them and returned an API error.

I recommend contacting eBay's customer support team for further assistance with this issue if you have not done so already. I was able to find a thread on eBay's Community Forum where some other sellers were discussing this so you do not seem to be alone.

Thanks...I just hung up from support a few minutes ago...they said it appeared only on my end not theirs. She said, I would get email from tech support within 48 hours...but sure not going to wait on that. I am not sure person fully understood issue, so I am going to call back. Strangely, after investigating while on phone w/them, it shows up on foxfire, but not on chrome or internet explorer. It does appear to be their issue, as I have noticed other sellers some have it others don't.

I am going into change all of my listings to one day...thought I had previously done all of them. I did change all in ebay, but since not showing up hard to tell if it took.

The ones you may have seen that did not have ship time may have been old listings that sold and maybe they did not require it then....I hope.

But if ebay will not take without it then no worries here about ones that may not have at all.

Thanks for checking so fast....
Mike, am attempting to change now....and keep getting this? After waiting on it for over 3 minutes. Is there anything I need to be doing to get them to fix. I am going to find and replace and clicking on domestic handling putting in one day then continue...the DEAD after over 3 minutes.
When I did in ebay last night it took less than l minute to do 500 revisions. Is there a way to change these on your end by chance, to all ONE DAY???

I have not written support but can if needed....

An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues.
Options '

Hi lookandbuyme,

Based on what I observed with respect to your listings that do not show your Domestic Handling Time on eBay, I do not feel that it should be necessary to revise them. As I mentioned, I was able to confirm that eBay already has your Domestic Handling Time of 1 day on file for your listings I reviewed which exhibit this problem and it is just not being displayed for some reason.

I am not familiar with what you may see when you visit the eBay Revise your Item form for these items but, when I requested the details of each listing through the eBay API, the details that were returned included the appropriate Domestic Handling Time.

I am also not entirely sure what caused you to receive the error you mentioned when attempting to revise the Domestic Handling Times of your listings in bulk through your Auctiva account, but I feel it is most likely indicative that the system timed out during the request.

Assuming that is the case, I suspect you will most likely be able to work around the error by reducing the number of listings that you are attempting to revise at one time. I'm just not sure that revising your listings will resolve the problem given the information you are looking to add is already in their system.

If you need further assistance with this, please file a support case and we will continue working with you through that medium. Going into this any further will require discussing specifics from your account and it is preferable to do that through the support system.

I thought all listings HAD to show domestic handling time to actually hit ebay??? So quite confused on which ones may not show it? But last night I changed over 1100 listings in ebay to one day (don't know that they show..but did change and know that there is probably problem on their end)

However, I am going to be very honest here. I have worked on Auctiva find/replace changes without stopping, now since 2:55pm really steady and done 1100 listings and it is now 4:35pm and still not done, over 1 1/2 hours and I am less than 1/2 way done. This took less than 10 minutes in ebay system???

As mentioned before, time is money!!

I find this crazy, most of us use the system to save time...but this is not efficient at all.

Yes, I am sure your roads are not as wide as ebays roads, HOWEVER, you also do not have near the number of people on the highway that they do.

Something needs to be done to fix these speed and time out issues...WHY find and replace for 250/ 100 down to 50 now or whatever, if it can't be used.

This is like being at Walmart on Christmas Eve.....3 registers open and everyone scrambling to get to those registers causing stopped traffic.

Just my thought...this is NOT efficient at all!! Unfortunately, this has been going on for quite awhile.


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It seems Auctiva is not interested is earning more money, I offered to pay the $125 for something that should take an hour or two. Once they had it done they could have helped many other folks with the same issue I had. In the past I have begged them to raise their prices so we could have more functionality. Heck I'd pay an extra 3 or 5 dollars a month if things would improve. I'd even pay it into a holding account so we could see if things improve or not. I even offered to write the Business Design for them
Ed....I have seen your generous offers and they seem ignored. You know...a lot of us when through exactly what you and other community friends are going through, a mountain of work!!

I felt rather selfish posting about the domestic changes I wanted to it is nothing compared to your changes.

HOWEVER, I posted, the end ones mainly because EVERYONE does NEED to THINK...

??????? IF ebay has free list day or special list you think we will be able to post in bulk??? (frankly I gave up on that a long time ago for this very reason)

?????? IF ebay has a change they want made and lots of us have to use the find and replace....again, huge problem.

I tried to get changes made from 2:55 pm yesterday...last time I tried was aruond 2:00 am
and still would not go through. Just managed to get 20 more done....5 - 10 left to do and what do I get ERROR CODE. So can't even load 5 without error code.

I did write support last night at 7:30 p.m. and have not heard from them yet.

Maybe they can tell me how to finish this project that I was able to do 1100 listings in ebay in 10 minutes and auctiva...I am on HOURS and HOURS and it is still incomplete.

Auctiva? Honestly, I feel like I am in a home that is falling part stick by stick and see you building pools and patios rather than fixing the things that are falling apart.

Again, BRAND NEW THINGS....we LOVE them (sometimes) .....BUT NOT at the expense of getting things we need to do our jobs done without go arounds, changing browsers, etc.

Thanks and good luck ed and the others going through this...been there..feel your extreme pain
Auctiva...weekend is request put in at 7:30 eastern time 4:30 PST last night...after hours and hours of trying to complete this project which really should not be rocket science. This is part of a system that has been in use for a VERY long time now...and kinks such as having to load 5 at a time rather than the 250 it shows are absurd to say the least. Again it took over 1 1/2 hours to get same amount that it took less than 10 minutes to do on ebay system???? Something very wrong with this timesaver???

There has to be a LOGICAL reason and FIX for these error issues that I and others are having.

Please....please please...fix the error messages if we can't list any new and improved frills are not a help. We have to be able to post and fix our listings...or NONE of the frills help us.

Just saying.....

a couple of things, unfortunately none will make you feel much better.

1. the error notice that you got above is quite similar to the one i get when i access saved listings...just accessing the folder. it is the one that mike responded to the other day. engineers will look at it but no time soon.

2. i recently had to update saved listings because i made a change in one of my policies. i spaced it out over a week because the system did not like doing 250/time.

i know that doesn't help but at least you know its not just you.
Well....thanks for your words of encouragement

I did get note below from support while I was out.

I have gone ahead and escalated this case to our next level of support and they will get back to us as soon as possible.

This would make me wonder if they were not aware (before I posted it) there was a problem...but your note and other post...leads one to believe that someone is aware that this is a problem, a big one with no immediate plans to deal with it.

I was able a couple of times to do 250, after many error codes and hour and half got 1100 done, I divided up...and finally tried 2, 3, 4 at a time...and none would work.

So totally not working right now, yes, I could go in and do one at a time (would take forever, but really should not have to do that AND is sure an inefficient use of my time.

Auctiva...this appears to have been going on for quite awhile now....???

NOW...I do understand when you have a mass change that ebay mandates that there could be blockages....but this is not mandated and would not think from 2:30 yesterday till now the site is smashed with listers all at same time. (or is ebay running some super special that I am in the dark about?)

Thanks again...glad to know I am not the only one.
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