I've tried to ask Auctiva over a DOZEN times, if they are going to remedy the rash of listing problems we've been experiencing for months - particularly on Sunday nights - before we make the decision to start paying for this service. They have answered ZERO inquiries. I see that, literally, hundreds (thousands?) of people have posted concerns with this issue on the community boards, and I'm wondering if anybody has tried to get an answer directly from them, as I have, with any luck.
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jik--do you go back through the help link under community and then scroll down to click on the link to check status of ongoing cases?

some users mentioned that they have issues getting an email when there is a response from support. I always find it more efficient to link to the cases I have raised directly through the help link.
Originally posted by jik444:
That's a bold statement. What's your eBay name "AuctivaEmployee"?

That ? should be inside the ".

The pond I recently departed consistently screwed up scheduled launches. When it finally got started all the scheduled launches just puked out at the same time.

There are so many wimpy complaints here. I'm actually filled with anticipatory delight at the moment when all the freeloaders depart.
Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
They have answered ZERO inquiries
As I replied in your other message board post you haven't filed any support cases in more than 6 months. There is a file a support case link and check status of support case on the right hand column on our help page.

Thank you for accusing me of being a liar.

I have submitted over a DOZEN requests.

"Conveniently", as have many posts (according to hundreds of postings), the records seem to have disappeared, and ONE that remains, I see was "closed" without any notification.

I'm sure your legal department can explain the ramifications of the spoliation of evidence for you.

Now that I have your attention, let me ask you personally... will the delay in listing problems that so many people have voiced concern about here in your "community" be solved before we are forced to give you money for your service?
Thank you for keeping this public, and for the judicial admissions. And thank you for not answering the question of whether you will be taking care of problems brought to your attention, firsthand, before people pay money to a service that doesn't work. I'm sure my account will disappear "without being deleted" as well.
Care to elaborate on the types of problems you've encountered while scheduling?

The ONLY purpose I use Auctiva for is scheduling, nothing else. Don't use their image hosting, don't use their checkout or insurance. JUST the scheduling. And in doing that for about 4 years now, I've had minimal problems with that.

I've just signed up to pay my $10 a month to use this service. And I have no doubts whatsoever that I'll be able to do just that. Every site has issues, but a smart user learns to work around them and/or has backup plans, files a ticket or message and gets support.
The not-so-smart user goes off on a public tirade and expects to get support -- but gets none.

Thanks for making the change to the pricing structure. Makes economic sense now. Hope you guys are coming out OK from this. Smile
First things first, they are posting my items at less than 20% of the scheduled times. As you can see from hundreds of other posts, I am not alone. As for the "not-so-smart user" blast, I know you're not trying to attack me, the person who contacted Auctiva to remedy this situation, numerous times, before mentioning it in this public forum. I was the guy who has expected support from the people I contacted DIRECTLY. Unfortunately, still smarting from a failed business model, a CEO of a company chose NOT to respond through their internal message system, email me, or pick up the phone and call me, but to accuse someone of lying, one of the MANY people who posted the fact that they have not received answers to questions, that would help us make a value judgment decision on whether or not dependability issues would be resolved before we give them money to pay for, what is to hundreds if not thousands, a site that is ravaged with functioning problems. As for what has happened "publicly", all one needs to do is note that a legal speaking agent for Auctiva (i.e. the CEO) refused to answer a simple question three posts above yours. I can appreciate your concern for public forum, Richard, as that type of "PR" affects all of us in one way or the other (eBay feedback, for example - some people strive and embrace a 100% rating, while others may have, say, a not-so-impressive 99.8 or 99.7 or worse), and it may cost us business. Keep a list of your scheduled times, and then see when those items actually post. You'll see that the hundreds of community posts regarding the aforementioned scheduling problems are not unfounded. Good luck with your business. I'll be moving on to a company whose CEO doesn't attack people in community forums.

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