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For those who DO NOT feel we should have to go to facebook, blogs, tweets, my space, or other online sources, to get any information here is a facebook link on auctiva site that some may be interested in. Since this is the COMMUNITY, you would assume these links would at minimum be put on here...My opinion, they should go on here before facebook, blogging, tweetering, my spacing, pinrest, or any other site they may put on. This is where most of us go to get our news I would think.

Yes, I re-logged in to see if it was on log page in...nothing.

Auctiva, I have personally asked several times to share announcements with the "community" and have been assured that that would happen.

Now off to read the page...
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This is response after I mentioned on facebook that it would be nice if on is response from facebook:

Auctiva Hi there. For urgent news and updates that we need our users to know about, we will post across all Auctiva channels (Facebook, Twitter, the Community Forum, the blog and the site). This blog post was not announcing any change in particular, but was a post regarding some of the background workings that go on at the company when we are working on updates.

I did write note back that was not responded to as i guess the above is pretty clear!! The community obviously does not need to know about the background workings at auctiva...OR that they are 3rd largest....etc. Frankly, I would WANT the community to know such things. But it is not my ....not my choice.

So...... I guess we have to use facebook for general interest announcements. Nothing like a split community...let's have 1/2 of our things going there.. and 1/2 on community. Guess there are reasons for this...but I SURE do not understand them. This could very well be avoided with an announcement page on auctiva that we can visit at our leisure if we so desire OR tell everyone..IF you want general information about our company you need to be on facebook.

Frankly, I probably should...but do not use my facebook for business. Main reason...I do not really want to sell to family and friends...and business and friends/family do not mix well. As far as their friends....that would be great..but if there is a problem then my friends may feel awkward. Just easier...and yes, I may miss a few sales...but may be worth the headache.

Would LOVE an announcement page somewhere...
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I don't use Facebook, at all.

I'm disappointed if Auctiva is using it to make their announcements and stay in tough with their users. I looked at this commuinity site here in making my determination as to what site I would use for my listings.

I have found a general lack of responsiveness here on the Auctiva community site by Auctiva. I don't know if they are tired of this old site and only want to use Facebook now or what. I don't spend time on both to be able to answer that.

I hope that Auctiva will invest in itself by posting here first rather than investing ni Facebook first.

Sounds like I need to search Facebook too for answers???
Many of us are more than disappointed that Auctiva doesn't utilize their own board the way they should and to make announcements, provide information etc to their customers on their own site.
Many have asked, suggested, etc and so far that doesn't seem to matter much.

There are a lot of us that don't and won't use facebook and we are not facebook customers, we do not pay facebook.

We pay to use Auctiva.

And many of us are too busy to play on social networking sites.

Providing Customer service has nothing to do with and should not be used for social networking opportunities.

Maybe if there was less time playing on Facebook we could actually get more issues resolved because lately there are a lot of them.
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