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From 12th March having the following problems with Auctiva (for e-Bay Listings)- been a member for years.
1.Images are not showing as pictures, just icons. When I click the icon I get the full correct image.
2.Using the old Style Listing Page, the short listing details are stretched beyond the Right hand side edge of the page.
3.The short listing detail is not showing the thumbnail image, just an icon.
4. When I try to file a New Support Case or Check Open Support Case, all I get is "Navigation to the webpage is cancelled".
5. When I try to use the Live Chat with Customer Support, I get refused, stating My Plan does not cover telephone support? I was not trying to telephone.
6. Every page I log into comes up with the Security Box "Webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection".
All these matters just arose on 12th March - Can anyone help resolve these matters.
Many thanks
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Good to hear I'm not the only one. Let's hope they get it sorted. many thanks.
Originally posted by grannie on ebay:
Not a useful reply as I can't help you, Samedra. Only reporting that I'm having exactly the same problem. I'm thinking it must be a blip in the system and will be corrected quite quickly but without access to customer suport, can only hope that they read the forum entries.
Hi Community,

Thanks for helping to bring these issues to our attention. We are currently aware of some technical difficulties which are causing some Internet Explorer users to receive warnings of this nature on various pages of the Auctiva website and our technical team is currently investigating these issues and will resolve them as soon as possible.

I am not certain when we will be able to get a solution for these issues in place at this point in time, but I will update this thread to let you know when the issues have been addressed or any other pertinent information becomes available.

For the time being, I believe you will be able to work around these issues by temporarily switching to the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers instead, which can be downloaded at no cost from the following sites:

Mozilla Firefox: http://www,
Google Chrome:

We apologize for the inconveniences these issues are causing. If you need any further assistance with your accounts, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

Mike, I hate to say this, but I used Chrome yesterday and got error and could not log in. So apparently there is a chrome issue with this also.

However, this veers off another you know status of the java issues previously mentioned.

At this point from from what was previously discussed with java, we need to use internet explorer for image loading and go to another browser for listing, right??? A little confused on how this is going to work now?

Please update with which browser we can use to upload photos, as well as list.

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Hi lookandbuyme,

I am not aware of any current technical difficulties that should prevent you from logging into your account using the Chrome browser, but we did deal with a number of short lived issues yesterday so I think there is a good chance your inability to log in using Chrome was related to an issue that has since been resolved.

If you are still unable to log into your account while using Chrome, please contact our Customer Support team and tell us as much as possible about what you see on your screen when it becomes apparent you cannot log in and we will be happy to continue working with you on that.

Java has released some additional updates since several of their updates were flagged as potentially vulnerable so, as long as you are using the latest update (Version 7, Update 17), I don't feel you need to shy away from uploading images through Firefox or Chrome at this point.

Although content related warnings are being displayed on some pages of our site for users who are running Internet Explorer 9.0, the only issues I have heard of that may prevent sellers from using certain features specifically impact older versions of Internet Explorer such as 7.0 and 8.0.

In any event, I believe you should be able to use any of the three browsers we support (Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer) for both listing and image uploading, unless you are using an older version of Internet Explorer and warnings such as those mentioned on this thread are keeping you from using certain features.

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Hi Mike
I made the first post on this link. I am using Windows XP and IE8 (I understand IE9 wont work with XP). I am still experiencing the 6 items I detailed in the post, so cannot contact Customer Support. Can you tell me if any of these 6 items will be resolved if I continue to use IE8, or will I have no alternative but to use Google Chrome.
Everything was fine up to 11th March.
Many thanks.
Hi Ernie,

Yes, I fully expect that we will be able to resolve all the issues you recently started encountering when using Internet Explorer 8.0, but I am still not quite certain when we will be able to get a solution in place that will address those issues at this point.

I will update you through this thread when the issue has been addressed or any other important information becomes available. Until then, you should be able to work around these issues by using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

We are losing all of our information in the text box. And it doesn't matter if it is google chrome, firefox, or Internet explorer. I am paying people an hourly rate and then everything gets wiped out. I am not happy. I don't think this problem is being taken seriously enough. Look at this listing

NOTHING IS THERE! Am very very frustrated! HELP!!

Why hasn't there been anything in the flashing notifications box on the main screen. Seems like a lOT of people are having this problem and for every person reporting it, you know there is 10 more who haven't.

Hi Ernie (& Community),

I just received an update on this situation from our Development team and am pleased to report that we have just finished making an adjustment on our side of things intended to address the issue which was causing Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0 users to receive content security warnings on various pages of the Auctiva website.

I am not entirely sure these issues are fully resolved because we were not able to reproduce them reliably on our side of things, but you may want to try using your account through Internet Explorer 8.0 again at this time and see if things improved.

I am hopeful that this change will resolve issues 1, 3, 4 and 6 on the list of issues you mentioned in your original post, so it would be great if you can let me know if you are still experiencing any of those issues once you get a chance to try things out again.

Issue # 2 on your list is unrelated, but it is a known issue that we are working to address with an upcoming update of our site. On the other hand, the behavior you described in point # 5 is indeed expected because the plan you are subscribed to does not include Live Support.

Even though your subscription does not include Live Support, you should still be able to write to our Customer Support team at any time by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

Hi Peggys_Antiques,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing, but I am not aware of any current technical issues that would cause you to be unable to see the content of your listings. I even reviewed the specific saved listing you mentioned and I am able to see a description, images and everything else I would expect to see in a listing.

Given that I am unable to reproduce the behavior you described and cannot attribute this to any known issues, I recommend clearing your browser cache and then restarting your browser, then checking whether you are able to see the content of your saved listings once again thereafter.

If you continue to encounter the same issue thereafter, please contact our Customer Support team from under the “Help” tab within your account and we will be happy to continue troubleshooting this issue with you.

Hi Ernie,

Thank you very much for writing back to confirm you are no longer encountering these issues. I am pleased to hear that the changes we made yesterday afternoon addressed issue #'s 1, 3, 4 and 6 on your list as intended.

Although we had still not addressed issue #2 on your list when I last replied to you yesterday afternoon, we did end up releasing a solution for that issue earlier this morning.

We are not the only ones having these problems. See templates thread
posted March 14, 2013 10:51 AM
I'm unable to type my item description in the Item Description box in my template. None of my saved colors or fonts are showing in the box, either.
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we are still having problems today...with a box that says sorry you are encountering problems.....but the problem is very intermittent. Site is still very buggy.

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