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Is anyone else having this problem again? I posted 5 new listings a few days ago, and now when I look at those listings in my "Saved Listings" folder, the description for each one is missing. I had the same problem a while back and had to cut and paste the details back from my live Ebay listings to the original saved listing. Please .... Please tell me that I'm not going to have to go through all this again. Right now I daren't look at anymore saved listings, just in case the description to those is missing too :-(
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Hi dudsfordudes,

That's very strange. I just opened a few of your saved listings that had been posted to eBay before and I was able to see the descriptions in each of the ones I viewed. I'm not aware of any current issues on our end that would account for this behavior, so my hope is that a browser error occurred while loading the page and caused the description portion not to load completely.

The first thing I recommend trying that may resolve this for you would be to clear your browser cache, close and reopen your browser, and then try opening your saved listings that exhibited this problem again.

If you continue to experience the same behavior after trying the above measure, I recommend contacting our customer support team about this using the form on the following page of our site:

ooops .. sorry I forgot to paste the html in.

  View <a href="javascript:LISTERVoid();" onclick="javascriptBig GrinETAILSRedirectDescEditor('../listings/descriptionEditor.aspx?isHtml='); return false;"> Full Size Editor</a>
<div id="ftctrl_DetailSection_WysiwygDesc">
<div><input type="hidden" id="ftctrl_DetailSection_fck_Description" name="ftctrl_DetailSection:fck_Description" value="<p><strong>Vineyard Vines Mens&nbsp;Donkey Club&nbsp;Belt.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;New with tag Vineyard Vines canvas&nbsp;belt.&nbsp;This&nbsp;is the&nbsp;Donkey Canvas&nbsp;Club Belt&nbsp;from Vineyard Vines and retails for $49.50&nbsp; This belt is made of canvas webbing with leather trim and a metal buckle.&nbsp; The design is&nbsp;donkeys wearing red, white and blue top hats. &nbsp;Please take a look at the enlarged photo's as they are part of the description. The photo's are of the actual item you will receive. Please ask any questions before bidding.</p><p><em>Please do not rely solely on tag size as pre-worn clothing may shrink from laundering or may be mis-marked. Please consider the measurements provided &amp; be aware that measurements are approximate.</em></p><p><strong>Size:</strong> 37&quot;<br /><strong>Total Length</strong>: 47&quot;(excluding buckle)<br /><strong>Width</strong>:&nbsp; 1.5&quot; <br /><strong>Fabric</strong>:&nbsp;&nbsp;Canvas &amp;&nbsp;Leather</p><p>All our items are 100% authentic, so you may bid with complete confidence. We are not affiliated in any way with Vineyard Vines.</p>" /><input type="hidden" id="ftctrl_DetailSection_fck_Description___Config" value="HtmlEncodeOutput=true" /><iframe id="ftctrl_DetailSection_fck_Description___Frame" src="" width="710px" height="300px" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>
<div id="ftctrl_DetailSection_TextDesc" style="display: none">
<textarea name="ftctrl_DetailSection:txt_Description" rows="10" cols="48" id="ftctrl_DetailSection_txt_Description" class="desceditor" onclick="try{newChanges();}catch(e){}"></textarea>

<span errormessage="Description" display="Dynamic" id="ftctrl_DetailSection_val_txt_Description" evaluationfunction="CustomValidatorEvaluateIsValid" clientvalidationfunction="DETAILValidateDescription" style="color:Red;font-size:0.8em;display:none;">Description</span>
Last night while playing on my laptop, my listing descriptions mysteriously re-appeared. Even though I STILL haven't had any response from my support ticket, I was relieved to know that my problem had somehow been sorted out, and that I'd now be able to get on with running my business.

SHOCK HORROR!! I logged in on my desktop this morning to get started, and all my descriptions have gone again Mad I logged in on my laptop and my husbands laptop and got the same result on those computers too.

So I'm now 5 days on from when I submitted my support ticket, with not a word from Auctiva apart from Mike's reply to one of my earlier posts. I had previously moved the smaller of my two accounts to Ink Frog, but resisted moving this one because of the amount of work involved. I've been with Auctiva for several trouble free years, but it seems that since the introduction of Auctiva Commerce, the site has been plagued by one problem after another. I'll be signing up with Ink Frog for a second account this morning.

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