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The problem here is with ebay who allow people multiple accounts.

I have suspected this going on with many items and once raised my suspicions with ebay about a seller I knew had more than one account (I suspected three). I got one of the bog standard responses ebay always send telling me this was perfectly OK. Why encourage something that gives people the opportunity to do this sort of thing. It should quite simply be one user, one account.
One down, only some hundreds of thousands to go ...

"eBay welcomed the conviction and said it spends over £6m a year on countering fraud on the site" said eBay; but you will notice that eBay did not detect nor report this matter to the authorities.

And, once again, is not that the nub of the problem? eBay is spending (only) £6 million annually to rid the site of “fraud, including buyer protection programs and employees whose sole job is to monitor infringement issues”.

Does that paragraph sound familiar? I could quote an earlier post of mine at
which referred to another eBay matter, the Tiffany v eBay case about another form of fraud on eBay.

Instead I will simply refer you to the reader comments that appear on the report of this particular UK shill bidding matter by “The Register” at

And for anyone interested generally in the matter of shill bidding fraud by unscrupulous professional sellers on buyers, fraud that I believe I can demonstrate is being knowingly encouraged and facilitated by eBay, and the damage that that can do to consumer confidence in the eBay platform, do see my introduction thereto at

Is it any wonder the eBay marketplace is struggling when compared to the others in this area?

Donahoe/eBay/PayPal: Dead Men Walking
How costly or difficult would it be for an ebay software coder to prevent multiple account holders to bid on their own auctions? The coding already exists for any eBay user to block any other user. I think this could go a long way toward reducing shill bidding. Of course, the problem of a different user (a relative or friend) bidding would not be addressed.

I also am wondering if the winning bidder (not the shill) has any recourse in the courts against unscrupulous sellers? I would hope so.

Seriously WHY would ebay want to catch shillers? They make more money by ignoring them. The higher the item sells for the more they make. I know I personally caught 4 before they changed and hid ID's. They shut all 4 of them down so know they were caught. They were sooo easy to catch back then. Two of them I baited telling them I knew they were shilling their own items and they admitted they did not want to take 99 cents or whatever for their items. I also caught one in Tennessee had his employees bidding on his items which was easy catch since they bid on EVERYTHING he had listed, I baited him and he admitted it. Ebay let him continue selling even though I sent them his note saying he was doing it! He is still selling and probably shilling today!

To me this is also a problem with ebay encouraging 99 cents listings by giving them frree. Sellers can't make money on 99 cent listings. They either have to shill their own items OR gouge on shipping in order to cover their fees, time, etc.

I am finding ebay lax in their rules all around now. I reported $50.00 ship rate on an item that costs less than 10.00 to ship within US. I reported 7 days each day of auction. Did this on other items too. Item closed and nothing done. They make the rules and to me encourage people to break them.

Of course, yes, I could get off if I do not like it, but I choose to stay because I make money there. I go where the money is even if the vendor does not enforce their rules.
lookandbuyme is 100% correct. eBay does not care about the law and actually laughs at the law. When the ebay boycott began in feb 08, one of the organizers told of how she found child porn on ebay. Of course she reported it; but, ebay did nothing about it. According to her after a two year fight ebay finally NARU'd the seller. Not because of the complaints. Not even because she called the FBI and the FBI told them to shut it down. Nope; they refused. It was because they finally got the media involved; and that got ebay moving.
Last year I emailed Lorrie and reported a seller who was claiming they had not received items, but then turned around and listed the items she hadn't received on eBay. For THIRTEEN months this lady had terrorized sellers, leaving negative feedback; claiming she had not received the item, and PayPal gladly refunded her money; leaving the seller holding the bag. For THIRTEEN months, sellers reported this lady to eBay. For THIRTEEN months, eBay let her rip off sellers. Within 4 days after contacting Lorrie, and threatening to take this documented information to the boycott media contacts, she was NARU'd; and I received a call from eBay "thanking me for bringing this to their attention".
Oh, and btw, just to make it clear, this lady had left 30% negative feedback in those 13 months. And her prior 4 years, she left 0 negative feedback. So why the sudden dis-satisfaction? That first month was May 2008, eBay's first month of the No Negative feedback allowed policy for sellers.

eBay refuses to follow the law, if it means they have to lose even a dime; unless of course the media is brought in. They can't have the media investigating them, now can they?

Join the eBay Boycott;
We;ve only just begun to fight!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by DreamMog:
"The problem here is with ebay who allow people multiple accounts."

I disagree your comment and here's why- The Multiple accounts not always necessary is "wrong thing" If we know that the law of shill bidding is felony and can put in jail foe it. All you had to do is read the eBay selling policy before start selling, the problem could avoided. In this case the seller has claimed " didn't know". It's matter of good ethic in selling practice. I have multiple User IDs, one for buying and one selling.
For anyone interested in eBay’s deviousness generally, and in particular eBay’s demonstrable and deliberate criminal facilitation of the rampant shill bidding fraud being perpetrated by many unscrupulous professional sellers on buyers, particularly on nominal-start auctions, an introduction thereto (along with some PayPal horror stories thrown in for good measure) can be found at
I think when people were x seller on ebay should think more carefully before jumping in the water. I was one of them who against eBay while all this " boycutt " non sense. However, I took my time to think over a long hard. The one thing I have missed that ebay is not a charity Inc it's a business just like any one()who want to successful in the business world. Yes we don
t some of way ebay does but so does any other business. We got to grow up and acting like an thoughtful human kind. There's no such thing as perfect world- Because, we see, ugly,pretty, fat, skinny, gay, straight, black,brown,white, different in colors, building and roads and etc as we see, like we can pick and what is best for your or my family. God gave us to use our ability to do things and think. We better get a grip and do things positively.Life is way too short.

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