I'm a fairly new member, so I am finding things I didn't know I had. The latest is Showcase. I don't think I signed up for it, but I like it.
I went to revise an item and it was at the top of my picture area. Some have pictures, others not. But, when I go to view one of my auctions that I am not revising, that area is a blank.
So, I guess I need to find out how to set up Showcase or whatever I need to do. I like this feature. I hope it is free.
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After reading through this post, I'm disappointed by how Auctiva staff have time to ridicule their users but don't have time to fix the Auctiva malfunctions about which many of us have complained. Greater professionalism and competence from these Chico graduates would be welcome.
Frown I have been reading the posts,on this board,for the last week or so,and I have to say:" I COUD NOT BELIEVE,THE THINGS POSTED BY AUCTIVA".The comments,and words,used,were appauling!This is supposed to be a Professional Auction Host Company,to "Help",people "save money",on their auctions listed,and provide Courteous customer support,and use "Professionalism",in doing so.I was always taught,that "The customer is always right",even when they were not,and to treat them with the upmost respect;To give them caring and professional help with their problems and issues.I realize,that all the problems,cannot always be the fault of auctiva;nor the customer.Sometimes,it is the ISP,or a "bug" in the computer,or even problems with microsoft or windows.But answering,with such "tasteless",and vulgar language,is totally uncalled for! Giving sarcastic remarks,to a customer,is doing nothing,but making you look BAD,and your company.And sooner or later,if you continue to do this;and not care if your customers are upset or having problems,your business will go down hill,and OUT OF BUSINESS;Free or not! Word of mouth is the best or worst advertising, you can give someone or their company.If there is one thing I have learned,is that you do NOT insult,criticize,curse or ignore a customer who is upset,or not.GOOD Customer service will win,every time;And some genune care and concern;about their issues and problems.You should be ashamed of the things you are posted,on this board.It was rude,and tasteless,to say the least! If the problem is truly NOT the fault of auctiva,and exists somewhere else,the least you could/should do,is be kind and considerate,and let them know everything is being done to fix the peoblems,as quickly as possible,if you even care about this business at all.If you don't;then just be HONEST and tell them,and tell them NOT to send in a customer support case or complaint;because yo really don't care if it gets fixed or not; or if they are loosing money or not. You should realize,this may be the ONLY means of income,for some of us.....and when we cannot get listings posted,and have to spend days on end,trying to get some help with the problems;They are loosing money,that they may desperately need to pay a bill or something.My auctiva items have been doing well,and I hope they continue,to do so,even after I posted this.
Looks like Tom went off on a few tangents here. Just so you all know, the rest of us here are actually working on fixing the problems.

Currently our hosting facility seems to be having problems and we've got our IT guys trying to figure things out. Will keep you guys posted.

Tom;Feedbacks are "Opinions",not how a customer is treated.YOU don't know anything about them,and what does my feedbacks have to do,with the way,you post things on this auction board? There are "2-Sides" to very story,in feedbacks!When a buyer says something,in a feedback about me,afer I have tried to do ALL I could to "pacify" them,give them a refund,and more;they refuse anything you try to do,to make them a "Happy Customer",and they still leave "false statements",then I have a RIGHT to defend myself.Which NONE of this has anything to do with you,and the rude comments you leave about sellers and what they sell;or making "Rude"comments about feedbacks,that is NONE Of your business anyway.I complimented,auctiva,and said,that my auction listings were looking good and I was Not having any problems.I also said,it it could be the person's ISP,a "Computer BUG" or anything else,and may not have been the fault of auctiva.Talk abut retallation,LOOK in the mirror.You must be smarting off and insulting people,to cover up your own "screw-ups".I just said, you should be ashamed for the things you post on this board,and the vulgar language you use in doing so.Clean off your own door steps,and then worry about someone else!And I also said, that if you don't stop,and keep treating people like this,with your hateful,non-caring attitude,you are really going to hurt the reputation of auctiva. You obviously do NOT care anythin about customer service,only insulting others,to take the heat off of you.I had much rather pay for an auction host company,who doesn't have this kind of attitude;than to read your "LUDE" insults about others.If you can't stand the heat, get out of the Kitchen!All you are doing,is pushing people right out the door,and giving yourself a "Bad Reputation",and I guess you don't really care,or you would not keep doing it.I have lost more Positive feedbacks,than negatives Big Grin
Hmmmm, I am not even going to make an attempt at who may be write or wrong in this situation, but I will say that I think it is a total infringement of privacy to post feedback comments from someone's personal profile which would otherwise have no business being here. The issue here is the treatment many of us have experienced from Auctiva members the past couple of months and not the personal feedback comments left for or by other members who use Auctiva. I am horrified that anyone at Auctiva would do something so infringing. I am not personally concerned about other Auctiva users feedback, but the feedback that has been left on this board regarding Auctiva since I have experienced many of the same issues. Pointing out someone elses possible but unsubstantiated lack of customer service is no excuse for a lack of customer support, kindness and concern for your own customers. That is only curtailing the issue and not addressing what the problem was in the first place. This board has turned into nothing but a war zone for users and Auctiva support. How unprofessional to not maintain this as an area of support. The problems I have experienced with Auctiva over the past few months only continue to be reemphasized, and my faith that eventually all will be better are only further tarnished when I get to see Auctiva customer support members behave unprofessionally. I am a PAYING auctiva customer and I truly feel I have no value here.
I AM TOTALLY SHOCKED BY THE POSTS I HAVE READ IN HERE TODAY Confused The name calling by auctiva is totally unprofessional. I for one rely totally on my sales from ebay, yahoo, livedeals and my website, also have a gift shop. I employ 4 people. THIS IS NOT A HOBBY FOR ME! I have been with auctiva for over a year now, when I first signed up, the service was great, customer support was extremely helpful and courteous. In the last 6 months its been all down hill way to much down time, I couldn't even begin to tell you the thousands of dollars I have lost to due that, and still my main complaint was NO COMMUNICATION FROM AUCTIVA!! I'm not getting the service for free, I pay each month the max. and has a paying customer I wish to be treated as one. I have struggled to stay for the last few months, hoping things will get better because I really like the service they provide when its running. As for the showcase, I had 55 emails in an hour time frame telling me it took 3 attemps for them to go to that page for the pictures to load. Wanting to know if I was aware of the problem. This down time is costing me and I pay for the service you are suppose to provide, and after reading the posts in here from the members of auctiva, I see that they care very little about my concerns and are more into name calling. You may review my feedback on ebay since thats how you seem to answer back. I have never resorted to lower myself to that level, yes I have left negative feedback for non-paying bidders, all was exact. Never have I used name calling. Read my feedback! Really didn't want to start over again, but I will be lowering my payment package for the next month, and hopefully find another auction management service by the following month. One who understands the need for customer support!! I want to make this perfectly clear I am not leaving because of down times but because of the responses from auctiva and their lack of communication and caring of their paying customers. Red Face
And as for the 37 out of your 48 auctions in August that already closed, and didnt have our stuff in them and either 0 or 1 bids? Probably our fault too?

Ug. Maybe people just dont want to buy gag gift organic cow seeds for $2.75?

I'm sorry don't thik this was proper! In another area, you remarked that you wasted a whole 10 minutes looking at that customers auction. You missed the whole point! No I'm never happy when its down, that was not my complaint! ITS THE LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOUR RESPONSE TO THEM!!! I pay for a service, I understand that things happen and it goes down, customer service goes a long way during those times. Since I do pay for a service and even if I didn't I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE ANY ONE'S TIME.

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