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Now won't work at all . .

We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the high volume of requests at this time, your request took longer than expected to process. Please retry your request again. If you continue to receive this error, please contact technical support referencing ID# 2184f5c4-a1df-4009-8fa8-842e967295b5. Thank you.

Phone support is not taking calls.

Been 6 minutes now and online chat is "Your request is important to us. Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly"
Hello All -

We were experiencing some technical difficulties earlier today, which should now be resolved. You should be able to resume using your account without encountering errors of this sort.

Should you continue to encounter difficulty, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab to let us know the specifics of what you encounter so we can look into it further.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

- Craig
Hello Madkat1,

While there was an interval where the site was reported as slow for some users afterwards, the technical difficulties causing the initial reports of errors was resolved yesterday before noon.

If you are still encountering troubles with any of the aspects of the site you mention, please file a support case from under the Help tab of your account letting us know the specifics of what is occurring for you so we can look into it further.

- Craig
It isn't just you! I have had problems with the site for days now. It is taking forever to load any page. I cannot upload photos ...JAVA just spins and spins forever. I called and talked to a rep. who I finally told, I'll check the problems out on my new computer and see if the problems persist. They DO! I cannot load photos with the new computer either so I isn't my computer causing the problems.

I have work to do and if I can't use this site, I'm out a lot of money. Auctiva, please check to see if you can fix these problems. Is the new Java a problem? Please check into instead of saying "It's not us!" Anybody else getting malware notices that have either gotten in to your computer or that is being blocked? I am not getting the notices on my new computer, but then Auctiva isn't allowing me to even do anything on it. So, now what? Any help here? Can the admin. on here check to see who I talked with earlier today and tell him I wasted a phone call and a whole day (again) trying to use this site and all I got was "It must be your computer." Nope! My new one cannot load anything either. It's YOU!
Hi LindaBelle,

I’m sorry to hear that you have been experiencing difficulties with our site over the last few days, but I am not aware of any technical difficulties on our site that would prevent you from uploading images nor block you from accessing certain pages on our site.

However, the Auctiva Uploader relies on Java and a Java update was released recently, so it is possible that these new issues you are experiencing are related to an issue with the latest Java update, especially since you are encountering these difficulties on multiple computers.

The first thing I recommend trying (if you have not done so already) is checking to make sure you are running the latest version of Java, which you can do by going to and clicking the provided button.

If you are informed that the version of Java you are running is out of date, I recommend updating to the latest version when prompted.

On the other hand, if you are informed that you are already running the latest version of Java, I then recommend completely uninstalling Java from your computers and then downloading and installing the latest version anew from

Once you have updated or uninstalled/reinstalled Java, I then recommend restarting your computers to ensure the updates take effect.

It is not particularly uncommon for some users to encounter image uploading difficulties when new versions of Java are released, and I am hopeful that one of these measures will resolve the issues you have been facing recently.

I also do not know of anything on our site of things that would explain the malware notices you are receiving on one of your computers but, given the circumstances, I do think it would be a good idea to run a malware scan to further explore whether it may have been infected with some malware.

If you continue to encounter similar difficulties after trying these measures, please follow up with our Customer Support team directly using one of the options under the “Help” tab within your account and we will be happy to continue working with you on this.

I have the new version of Java on both computers. I have run 3 malware scans from avg, malwarebytes, and spybot. I don't have a virus bc they are blocking these attempts to get on my computer. They all started coming in AFTER I updated Java through the Auctiva site. Java came in while I was trying to upload and wouldn't let me proceed with it until I updated. This is in the middle of my uploading photos and I had been uploading previously earlier that day. After that, have been bombarded with malware attempts coming in. I took it off. I then made sure I had the new version on the main computer and I could upload photos for a bit. Now...nada. I should be able to use Auctiva on my new computer and it is the same thing. I sat for 7 minutes just waiting for my saved listings to come up. Then, that took awhile for me to open a listing to work on it. This is not optimal service. So aside from the Java issue, I still can't get anything listed.
Hi Community,

Thanks for the additional feedback.

We have just made some adjustments that are intended to help alleviate the slowness that some of you have reported experiencing today, so hopefully you will notice some improvements shortly.

If you continue to encounter any further difficulties, please contact our Customer Support team directly from under the “Help” tab on our site and we will be happy to continue working with you.

We apologize for the difficulties.

Hi Community,

Thanks for making us aware of the latest image uploading issues you have experienced.

We did encounter some technical difficulties yesterday evening which prevented some users from being able to upload images successfully, but they should be resolved as of shortly after 7 PM PDT.

If you encounter any similar issues moving forward, please contact our Customer Support team directly from under the "Help" tab on our site and we will look into things further.

We apologize for the additional difficulties.

Well, here we go again.... I cannot get pages to load, when I try to save the listing, it just spins and spins. I have to wait forever for it to stop, and then when it does, it doesn't go out the way it should. I have to hit "listing" at the top to get it to go out as if it was saved.

What is going on? I hardly ever get to list without any problems anymore. It is not my computer as my other computer is doing the same things. Could we try to get this site working without the delays, glitches, etc.? I lose money by using Auctiva instead of making any.

I've cleared my cache on both computers trying to get it to work.

What is the problem now? Please fix it...
Hello community -

We have encountered some technical issues last night that have caused some difficulties on the site with connectivity. Our engineers are looking into the cause for this, but we currently have some measures in place that should allow you to work normally in accounts while this is resolved.

As for the issues prior to that time, if the continue to occur for you, please file a support case from the under the Help tab of your account letting us know the details of what you are experiencing so we can look into it for you.

- Craig
It's November 8 and problem still exists. I now have free listings on eBay and can't USE THEM. I am having the same problems as PSYCHMONSTER. Cleared cache, have the right Java, etc. It would be nice if your program was actually up and running for ALL of us who are just trying to make some $$. Telling us to file a case doesn't really help. Like most of the eBayers, I've been waiting for the free listings and now I can't use them. I'm beginning to think that there is one guy sitting on an old computer that took a webmaster course back in the beginning of the first Apple computers .... there has to be a fix. Please do it.
I am in the same position...I have over a hundred scheduled for today....I updated to latest Firefox and Java is correct..and when I error check it comes back error free but then I try and post and it tries to post to ebay as one GIANT screen of HTML code and just keeps spinning and then I get a FAILURE notice from Ebay "API WARNING" that I am trying to download info for foreign products that are not relevant to my suggestion is try and use Chrome or another OS...YOUR SITE IS BROKEN AND i WANT A REFUND !!! I am very PO'd with your site lately

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