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Firstly, I do not do HTML. I use
Auctiva's templates, which has been fine until about 6 months ago. This is regarding the Description. I do NOT Cut and Paste from Word, which I used to do (and life was so much easier back then!) A techie from Auctiva told me not to, so I type the description directly into the box. BUT, I have nothing but problems with the font/text size and type. No matter which font I choose, I will get another one!!!, and it will usually be very small. So first I have the wrong font, AND ALSO THE WRONG SIZE! And often one sentence will be XX-Large and the next Small, for no apparent reason. I often just give up and list a lousy listing, just because I don't have hours to struggle. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. If any one has had similar problems and found a solution, please let me know, thanks. Barb
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Hi Barb,

Got a suggestion to try.

When you're done typing the info into the box, setting fonts, etc., toggle the description box to HTML mode and back. If there are format problems, that should cause the description box to recheck the code and clear any code errors.

Generally, I'm only seeing odd problems when a paste into the box using other than the Paste Tools on the toolbar are used. That creates invalid code contructs (and your description does seem to match that problem). The Paste Tools actually add the required code to support the pasted text, etc. If you're typing from scratch (new listing page) each time, that is curious. That's why the toggle to HTML and back while you're working might reveal the cause (what drops?).

I've also seen a few problems with a small number of Auctiva templates that are overriding some font coding. I would need to check a specific template to see if it has any possible involvement with the problem(s).

Dear Danno, Thank you for your reply to my post on 6-25-09. As per your suggestion: I have tried to toggle from HML back and forth in the description box, but there is no difference whatsoever. I now just take a deep breath and allow extra time to make a listing without having a nervous breakdown. The font problem is still the same!! What you select in style or size is usually not what you receive. So I choose a font, put it in XX-Large and Bold, type in the listing by hand, and hope. The result in Preview is usually not the correct font or is in 10-12 point size. So I keep trying all the fonts until I find one that works, sort-of. If not, I put listing in Save As New and hope that by tomorrow the computer gods will have blessed my listing. Usually not, so I end up CHANGING THE TEMPLATE and try other font options. This is not fun.

IDEA: AUCTIVA COULD/SHOULD HAVE EACH TEMPLATE HAVE A FONT SPECIFICALLY ASSIGNED TO IT. This would solve all the problems, for me. I have a feeling that most sellers use HTML or others don't care what their listing looks like.

Your quote in your reply, "I've also seen a few problems with a small number of Auctiva templates that are overriding some font coding. I would need to check a specific template to see if it has any possible involvement with the problem(s." Have you done any follow up study on this?! Please inform.

PROBLEM #2. You mentioned that one could cut from Word (a description) and Paste it into the Description box - using the tool bar. I use the keyboard; should that make any difference? I have been told that the Word page must be a NEW BLANK page without any other pastes from other sources with embedded codes, which can screw up the transfer. If I could cut and paste, a listing would be a breeze. Please inform me of this as well. FYI: I was told by an Auctiva techie many months ago that cut/paste from Word was not wise, (probably because of embedded codes?)

In my past I used to be a graphic designer, so I hope that you can see my frustration on these issues.

Thank you in advance, Barbara

The toolbar has a Paste from Word tool which converts incompatible Word Document code (which is NOT HTML) to compatible HTML code. Could that be why you're having the font problem?

To paste without using that tool from keyboard would cause terrible problems (even with simple text it's a problem without using the Paste from Text tool). Note, when you use the tool, you get a popup box that assists with the conversion.

I would have to know exactly which Auctiva template(s) you are using to check if it has any conflict with older font code choices. Note, this was only a problem for those copying old <font> coded HTML.

Auctiva does have prechosen fonts and font sizes they use in each template; and, in general, they are a good match to the templates theme.

Dear Danno, thanks for your prompt reply. So to recap... are you saying to Cut from Word, (using Word's toolbar, and NOT the keyboard), and then Paste using the Auctiva Toolbar??? If this is true, Thank you for informing me! I will try a listing right away and see if this is the problem.

I do want to say that my current problems with fonts has nothing to do with cut and paste by any method, as I have been typing the description directly into Auctiva's box. I have been doing this for 6 months or so now, since Auctiva's techie said to do it so, to solve problems. It seemed to solve a few problems, but not the FONT problem.

So, you mentioned that Auctiva has prechosen fonts and font sizes for certain templates?? How and where can I find out this information? ... so I could inform myself before making a listing?
I hope that soon there will there be a way that you can know this BEFORE you make your description and choose fonts?? Because as it is now, if you start your listing from Top to Bottom, you choose your template AFTER you make your description - and choose your fonts.

In response to your inquiry re MY chosen templates: I use only 4 or 5 or them now, with occasionally an different one for a specific product. When I have time, I will take notes, names of specific templates and get back to you on this. Perhaps if I stick to a few/or maybe a dozen favorite templates that have PRECHOSEN fonts, I will be safe from this jungle. Do you think that this is a good idea for me? Thank you for your interest.

It's just the paste (for sure) that requires specific use of the description box editor's toolbar tool, e.g. the Paste from Word icon on the upper bar at left center with "W" on clipboard icon. That tool does a specific conversion for Word code to HTML code and adds correct format that prevents subsequent code rejection or drop-out.

In the template selector on the one-page lister, the Preview of an individual template will visually display the template on new page with it's default font, color, and size on sample text. To check the actual font used, would require checking the source in the template library. Easiest method would be to use the custom template editor on a specific template and locate the font family coded.

Normally, you can type plain text in the description editor box and apply font, sizes, colors, etc. from the toolbar menu. If that's not working correctly for a specific template(s), most likely there is a bug as cause that should be reported to Auctiva with a Support Case.

I've used dozens of the stock templates over the years and made many for myself and others. I've only seen VERY RARE situations, where there was a bug that prevented correct use (as described). Usually, they fix those quickly, so I'm not currently aware of one that's not working (don't have a list).

This is the problem I've been having on & off since May. I can create an entire listing from scratch (NO copy/paste) and it will look great. But when I preview it's back to default and tiny font. Sometimes when I preview it looks fine but when it posts it's back to default (grrr) and I have to try & revise thru Ebay before there's a bid.

Auctiva support did remove some code from my Item Details & that seemed to help for awhile, so did your suggestion, Danno, of toggling HTML and Standard, but there are a couple templates and/or picture positions that seem to defy any change. I don't think support knows exactly what to do here altho they've certainly tried.

And always, if I have to go back and correct spelling in a sentence, or whatever, it will automatically revert back to tiny default the minute I change one word. It's alot of extra work Frown
I am new to auctiva, and since I have been using it I have had the same problem. I type my listing from scratch, however the font and size I select are not shown true. I only use 1 hyperlink which I make large but get tiny text. I did check the HTML but this is new to me. When I preview, the text is the same - tiny. When I post to Ebay I have to edit to make it look decent. It does cost me a lot of time. Suggestions

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